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work hard, clay hard.

The September craft night at Jenny Lemons was all about clay! It was also my Mommy’s birthday so she and my sister joined craft night, too. Our instructor was Faye Kendall, a fiber artist based in the East Bay; she walked us through how to make air dry clay mobiles. Jenny Lemons shipped over clay and an India ink pen. We gathered additional items like a rolling pin, a mat/cover for our workspace, and toothpicks or other utensils for making marks and cutting. First, a lesson in clay. Then, how to create slats with cardboard to get a even thinness across your clay. We then rolled out our clay. I used a dowel. Some used actual rolling pins or glass bottles. Faye demoed carving out shapes and creating holes in our mobile pieces. We had to wait for the clay to dry before we could paint and assemble our mobiles. While we continued to create shapes, Faye used the rest of class to talk about design and where she draws inspiration from, as well as …

ink paintings.

I attended Craft Night at Jenny Lemons with guest artist Kristina Micotti. Hubby joined me, too, and we made it a date night. We signed up for a 30 minute session, which means you jump right into painting! Kristina provided a brief introduction and showed a few techniques for using India ink. I am in love with this stuff. It’s like when you have a fresh black marker and the lines you draw are so richly black. Ahh… For inspo Kristina demoed quick paintings, and she also suggested a few things to Google. I searched for fat cats. Hubby searched for a cute panda. I also painted my Pilea plant and some art supplies. The paint is so basic, but so satisfying to paint with. It’s actually surprising how much texture and style you can give your piece with one color and one brush. It was so fun to paint alongside Kristina (she painted her dog!), and Hubby, too, duh. Can’t wait for another fun craft night!

paint sesh.

Hey universe, I want to be a surface designer. Just putting that out there as a life goal. In the meantime here are some watercolor doodles from recent painting sessions. I received a special request to create lantana-inspired watercolor paintings. I tried painting them from different angels. I also played around with painting succulent-like images. This was a fun color blending exercise. I love the portability of watercolor. I have a small pouch I carry with my Case for Making watercolor palette and brushes, plus a small jar for water. Unlike all my other crafty interests, watercolor doesn’t require electricity or a lot of space. It’s so convenient! On another watercolor outing, I used this cool postcard watercolor paper deck I got at Jenny Lemons. They are cut to postcard size and the backs are preprinted with postcard address lines (plus a spot for a stamp!). Brilliant! These paintings were inspired by the nearby plant life in the Elmwood neighborhood of Berkeley. Create on the go much? Share your favorite creative outings below!

what a color.

More watercolors + cafe shenanigans with Hubs. This time around I’m taking my Pinta PH handmade watercolors out for a spin. These paints are made with Philippine rocks and soils. Amaze. Look how adorable! I almost didn’t want to open the packaging because they were so cutely wrapped. 😜  Each pot is labeled with colors in Tagalog so every time I open up the box I can do a vocabulary review. And the pots are magnetic, too, so it’s easy to take these paints on the go. I’m no watercolor pro (yet! ;)), but these paints are amazing — lovely, bold, and vibrant! Timeless Coffee, Berkeley / Plants and Mirror Images Devout Coffee, Fremont / More Plants It is safe to say I am addicted to these watercolors and to painting plants…and perhaps also to visiting new cafes. But these are all good addictions, right? 🙂 What’s on your current skills-to-improve-upon list? Share below!