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bella vita.

Last weekend I had a Feed the Fish co Valentine’s pop-up at Bella Vita in Oakland. I set up a my 4-foot table with pennants, wall hangings, and flower crowns. And I brought lots of Love Day goodies. I met a few fans and made new crafty friends! Mimi from Hello Shiso was there – she creates the cutest clips! And Alina from Petals Poured Candles – she makes soy candles in so many scents! If you haven’t been to Bella Vita, you need to visit! The owner, Jennifer, curates the most fun items for her shop. Clothing, accessories, lots of gift ideas, and things for the littles…. Lots of local love happening here! Check out the dreamy inspo wall, too! Thank you to Jennifer of Bella Vita for inviting me to spend a Saturday in the shop, to all the supporters of local who braved the cold and the rain to shop small, and to my crafty lady constituency who always comes to see me at my crafty events! Feeling all the love!


I visited the Oakland Museum of California to check out their latest exhibit: “Respect: Hip-Hop Style & Wisdom.” I hadn’t visited in a number of years, but I remember really liking my last visit because they curate exhibits that speak to local experiences and they do a great job creating interactive experiences. There was a lot of soul, storytelling, and local love in the Hip-Hop exhibit. They showcased Hip-Hop’s influence on fashion, art, and – crafts? For real, real –  look at this tapestry! When you think of “Hip-Hop” you might only think “music” but Hip-Hop is also …a platform …a culture, an identity …grafitti art …a lifestyle …all the Bs …local …creativity, talent …healing …knowing who you are and telling your story …making an impact Who knew you could dedicate a whole exhibit to Hip-Hop! PS, yes, they also had boom boxes and turn tables on display. There was also an interactive element where you could dance, flow, and practice your DJ skills. (Which I totally would have done if I wasn’t a germaphobe …

shop feature: rare bird.

First shop feature of the year: Rare Bird in Oakland! I hadn’t visited until I taught my first class here last Fall, but Rare Bird has been around for over seven years now. And no wonder, shop owner Erica has curated an amazing collection of goods from all over. I visit and feature a lot of local shops, and to some, it may seem like the same old stuff, but each one really has it’s own style and personality. Rare Bird definitely packs a lot of patterns, boho-fab looks, and can be a shop for everyone. There are goods for the home including candles and wall art, a selection of menswear, these awesome speakers (made by Erica’s partner Matt!), goods for plant lovers, creatives, chocolate snobs, and so much more. And I love, love, love the women’s clothing and accessories collection. I cannot get enough embroidered dresses and tunics, and pretty patterned pouches! Next time you’re in the Piedmont area, give Rare Bird a visit!

kitchen things.

Stumbled upon dejumo in Old Oakland. Nearly died. I mean, look! Bamboo, olive wood, recycled glass, … stoneware, marble, … seashell, horn, … teak, mango wood, acacia… gold things! OMG! This is what my kitchen dreams are made of. Can I giveaway everything in my kitchen and replace them with this store? I’m super-mega heart eyeing. Is this your cup of tea? Shall we take a trip to Oakland together to touch all the goodies? 

shop feature: mischief.

My crafty biz has a new stockist: Mischief! Mischief opened in the Laurel District of Oakland last month and it is looking all the cute. Owner Laura, and her Hubby and pup, run the shop and have curated a colorful array of locally handmade goods. I am loving the simple layout and design of the shop; it really makes the products pop! I made a few custom pennant and wall hanging phrases for Mischief. Spot them all in shop! The pennants are scattered about and the wall  hangings live on this wood board. I totally need a display like this for craft shows! There’s a workshop space in the back and each month the store will be transformed to feature one or two artists of the month. Have you stopped by yet? Go, go, go!

truffles and bonbons!

Truffles anyone? Me, me, me! I recently took a truffles and bonbons class at Oaktown Spice Shop. The instructor was none other than the owner and founder of Endorfin Foods – Brian! He makes the smoothest chocolate bars sans milk! (You must try the Turkish coffee bar!) I’ve made truffles once before; they turned out smooth and decadent, but they were on the softer side and would lose their shape quickly. I brought all my questions to class and learned lots of important tips and tricks. We even learned some truffle making hacks like making the ganache in a blender with a heat gun instead of using a double boiler, and using an infrared thermometer to read the ganache’s temperature instead of a candy thermometer (it’s way cooler!). Brian demoed how to make ganache and he brought some premade/precooled ganache for the hands-on part of class. We learned how to flavor the ganache, what types of liquids to use, and what the ganache should look like while it’s being made. Then, with gloves on (and being …

spice girl. 

Tell me what you want, what you really really want. I wanna (hah), I wanna (hah), I wanna (hah), I wanna (hah), I wanna really, really, really wanna…go to Oaktown Spice Shop and buy all the things. 😋 I’ve heard lots of great things about the Oaktown Spice Shop, and it lives up to the hype, y’all! If you weren’t a fan of cooking before, this has to be the store that turns you. There are so many kinds of cinnamons, peppers, salts, vanillas, herbs, and spice blends…so much inspiration everywhere. It’s like the Berkeley Bowl of spices. #eastbaylove The aroma is rich. As soon as you walk in you will be enrobed in a patina of fine spice dust. Mmm. You can purchase individual bags or jars of spices, or pick up a prepackaged gift box – think curry blends, BBQ rubs, or chai time mixes. Aside from the quality products, I love the displays of jars and baggies. Don’t you wish your spice cabinet could look like this? This is definitely a stop for …