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golden anniversary.

My parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! To commemorate this milestone occasion, we threw a little party. Per unspoken protocol I was in charge of some of the details! Here’s a look at the welcome table. Framed Photos We printed and framed a few ‘through the years’ photos to display. Guests loved these. Here’s a snap of one of my all time favorite photos of my parents circa 1965 when they were still in the ‘courting’ phase of their relationship. Guestbook We knew we wanted to have a guestbook for friends and family to sign. My sister found this accordion journal in her crafty stash. We thought it’d be perfect for multiple people to sign at once. The guestbook sign read: “Please write us a note about what LOVE means to YOU.” I was hoping that guests would subliminally read “LOVE YOU.” ūüėČ Plus we had pens in all the colors so guests could write and draw in all the colors of love. Escort Cards For escort cards, I used watercolor paper cut to …

hey hotcakes. 

Mini pancake breakfast time! Last week I got to spend some QT with my sis, bro-in-law, niece, and nephews. And since it was the weekend before Valentine’s Day, we thought we would treat ourselves and have sweets for breakfast! We made a¬†Martha¬†pancake recipe, with blueberry and chocolate renditions. We tripled the recipe. We probably had enough pancakes to feed 8-10 for breakfast; we fed seven, and had plenty leftover for snacking on later in the day. Adult tip to keeping pancakes warm while cooking the rest of your batch: keep them in the oven at 200F. (I feel so grown up!) While we were cooking up pancakes, my nephew and niece personalized each place setting with a handwritten place card and custom chocolate chip or blueberry plate art. We laid out all the toppings: blueberries, bananas, strawberries, almonds, chocolate chips, granola (current fave: Love Crunch with dark chocolate and coconut slivers), syrup, and whipped cream. We had bevvies of choice: guava juice, apple juice, coffee, and tea. Dig in! My niece ‘won’ the pancake challenge …

that cupid hit me. mmm mmm.

Love is in the air and Valentine’s crafting is in full swing. Here’s a simple DIY that you can use as a Valentine’s greeting or party decor. Materials & tools: Wooden dowel / pencil / stick Colorful paper Decorative tape Adhesive (glue tape recommended) Scissors Step 1:¬†Cut out two hearts (or two triangles) for the arrowhead and two tail shapes.¬†These can be any size, but note each heart pair and each tail pair should be the same size. Step 2: Glue the arrowhead and tail to the dowel. Attach the corresponding arrowhead and tail so that the dowel is sandwiched. Step 3: Cut the tail fringe. Step 4: Add decorative tape. Add as much or as little as you wish! Step 5: Spread the love. Cupid’s got nothin’ on these arrows!  

love notes. 

For all you lovelies looking for Valentine’s greetings for your gal-pals, besties, and favorite hottie, I’ve got you covered! I designed a trio of cards for Valentine’s this year: Hey Lady Friend, My Foodie Valentine, and Spicy Pepper Hot. My Foodie Valentine is currently in the running for a Darby Smart design contest through Sunday, February 7. Vote it to the top!¬†And click below for some¬†for free printables! Love Notes Heart Paper

origami hearts.

Today’s DIY is brought to you by super nachos from Casa Latina¬†and Missy Elliot’s pumped up performance at the Super Bowl Halftime show (what a treat!). Valentine’s is just around the corner and I’ve been prepping for a few themed crafternoons. I’ve got hearts on the craft brain and thought I’d share this origami favorite. I used to fold these origami hearts in junior high back when my besties and I wrote notes to each other every day. Remember those days? Even though we saw each other during the day, we managed to fill pages. I still have my box full of handwritten notes, each one hand-folded and filled with so much love. Whip out some paper – notebook paper works perfectly – and get to folding! Scroll through the gallery below for the complete tutorial. Do you have a favorite origami project? Share below!

i’m five.

Sometimes I feel like a five year old. Sometimes I want to wear mismatched, yet fully coordinated, outfits. Other times I want to craft with slap bracelets and fuse beads.¬†Sometime was¬†tonight! I had purchased some fuse beads for a family craft workshop last year — Oh, excuse me, over purchased —¬†and the leftovers had¬†been sitting in my supply pile since. Every time I saw them I tried to think of something to make, but always just came up with keychains. Well, tonight, since I was already in the Valentine’s craft mood, I whipped out my beads and made hearts. Lots of them. Can I just say, I loooove Valentine’s Day crafts. It’s my favorite holiday for creating things (yes, more than Christmas!). It’s hearts everywhere and so many puns! But back to the fuse bead hearts… what did I end up doing with them? I strung a few together on nylon cord¬†to make a garland, of course. I’m thinking a heart mobile and gift adornments are in order as well. And there you have it, …