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wedding bells.

Call me hippy dippy but I didn’t want to litter the park with confetti, biodegradable or not. Actually, I toyed with the idea of gathering fallen leaves from the park, punching them into confetti shapes, and having guests toss themĀ at the end of the ceremony. I think we’ll save that craft for another time. Instead, we decided on lace tambourines! We love music. The Hubs plays the guitar, I love singing back up, and I could really get into a karaoke song when I’ve got one of those light up tambourines. These lace tambourines seemed quite fitting for our park celebration. The how to: Gather your craft crew, a cat, and all the supplies – embroidery hoops, fabric of choice, bells, thread, sewing needles, and scissors. Fit the fabric onto the hoop, trim, then sew on bells to your heart’s desire. Many crafty hours later: a collection of tambourines ready for ringing in the new Mr. & Mrs. Share a favorite confetti alternative below!