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ink paintings.

I attended Craft Night at Jenny Lemons with guest artist Kristina Micotti. Hubby joined me, too, and we made it a date night. We signed up for a 30 minute session, which means you jump right into painting! Kristina provided a brief introduction and showed a few techniques for using India ink. I am in love with this stuff. It’s like when you have a fresh black marker and the lines you draw are so richly black. Ahh… For inspo Kristina demoed quick paintings, and she also suggested a few things to Google. I searched for fat cats. Hubby searched for a cute panda. I also painted my Pilea plant and some art supplies. The paint is so basic, but so satisfying to paint with. It’s actually surprising how much texture and style you can give your piece with one color and one brush. It was so fun to paint alongside Kristina (she painted her dog!), and Hubby, too, duh. Can’t wait for another fun craft night!

sample sale.

Jenny Lemons had a sample, seconds, and vintage super sale earlier this month. I snagged tickets to the VIP shopping hour for a less crowded shopping experience and first pick at all the goodies! There were lots of Jenny Lemons clothing for sale, plus other local designer goods like Nettle Studios and Harumi K. Also, limited edition Frankie (that’s Jennie’s pup!) tops. Jennie and co served light bites and bevvies, too. These mini cinnamon buns were so tasty. And everything in the shop was 20% off. Ooh la la! Shopping spree! Can we talk about these supah cute ceramics, too? In June, I’m scheduled to design the Jenny Lemons window display and host a pennant workshop for craft night, so I had a little pennant photoshoot after shopping. Eee, can’t wait! Support small! Support local! Support handmade! And more Jenny Lemons fun to come in June! 🙂


I took my first class at the Jenny Lemons shop! My friends Sarah and Connie and I took ceramics with Viv of Mud Witch. (PS When you sign into your first class Jennie hands you the cutest punch card – a fruit punch card. OMG so smart!) Viv taught us about different types of clay, how to handle the clay so it doesn’t explode in the kiln (important!), and how to build our pieces. We each got a slab of calico clay and started off with a basic pinch pot. My nails were too long so I had to get creative in my pinching technique. There were different tools available for smoothening out, scoring, flattening, and cutting our clay, too. We learned to score and attach pieces of clay together, and that using too much water can dry out the clay. We learned coil building, too, which seems like it might be an easy skill to pick up, but it is very time consuming. When we liked the shape of our pieces and if they …