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makers studio.

Right next door to Rare Bird is the Rare Bird Makers Studio which houses a creative workspace for workshops and events, as well as a couple of artist studios in the back. I’ve been fortunate enough to team up with Rare Bird to teach some of my felt workshops in the space and host a felt flower crown bar. I love the open space and especially admire the custom built tables; they are on wheels so it’s easy to change up the space for each event. It’s a welcoming space with tea for all, a place to store your bags and jackets, and lots of inspiration all over. Catch the latest events online.

color factory. 

I got excited when I heard about the opening of the Color Factory in San Francisco because the founder owns a party goods business which gets all my money. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how the artists would highlight and interpret colors. I also thought that seeing photos on social media would spoil the experience, but it really was an interactive museum with many had to be there features. It turned out to be unexpected, amazing, and inspirational. All the colorful sites + tips for your visit: One. 575 Sutter Street, San Francisco Get a nice view of the building stripes from the north side. Then fall in line thirty minutes before your selected ticket time; you might get to go in a little earlier! Two. Rainbow stairs to registration + Photo Stop #1 The color guards let you in slowly so you can get a ‘We’re the only ones in the museum’ feel. Nice touch, Color Factory, nice touch. Head down the rainbow to the registration area, enter your email for a photo card, and …

shop feature: tender loving empire.

On my “I fell in love with Portland because of this” list is local handmade shop and record label Tender Loving Empire. The first time I visited TLE was in Fall 2011, before I kick-started my Feed the Fish co line. I must have been super inspired by all the handmade awesome in shop! On my second visit to Portland, I made sure to stop in again. The shop was just as exciting as the first visit. I even modeled for them. 😉 For this most recent visit, I made a TLE a flag! #fangirlallday And, I was so excited to see my crafty friend’s plush cuteness in store. You can spot Tally Sue’s raindrops, Oregons, clouds, Voodoo doughnuts, and sunny side up eggs all over the shop. I hope I get to visit again sooner rather than later. I’m also itching to visit their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th locations throughout the city. Any must-see stops on your Portland wishlist? Share below!

fabric fieldtrip.

Fieldtrip! So, I’ve been sort of planning a wedding. The only thing I’ve really decided on is a color scheme. I figured a trip to the fabric store for swatches could inspire potential wedding crafts so I spent Saturday  afternoon working my way through a couple of Berkeley’s finest. I was on the hunt for rose golds, blushes, ivories, pops of gold, and black accents. My first visit was Stone Mountain & Daughter. I’ve been here on many occasions, and every time I visit I wish I was a lot o’ bit better at machine sewing. There are so many beautiful cotton prints, and they even have a great selection of scrap fabric. I often times forget my reason for coming in and get distracted by all the colors, textures (particularly the faux fur), and sample projects. My second and last stop was Discount Fabrics. So. Much. Fabric. In bulk! I imagine if I was a fashion designer or an upholstery enthusiast, this would be my playground. Again, completely distracted from my main goal, but I came across …