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ink paintings.

I attended Craft Night at Jenny Lemons with guest artist Kristina Micotti. Hubby joined me, too, and we made it a date night. We signed up for a 30 minute session, which means you jump right into painting! Kristina provided a brief introduction and showed a few techniques for using India ink. I am in love with this stuff. It’s like when you have a fresh black marker and the lines you draw are so richly black. Ahh… For inspo Kristina demoed quick paintings, and she also suggested a few things to Google. I searched for fat cats. Hubby searched for a cute panda. I also painted my Pilea plant and some art supplies. The paint is so basic, but so satisfying to paint with. It’s actually surprising how much texture and style you can give your piece with one color and one brush. It was so fun to paint alongside Kristina (she painted her dog!), and Hubby, too, duh. Can’t wait for another fun craft night!

ink stand.

On vacation, I craft. 🙂 While in Tokyo I heard about a creative space called Ink Stand where you can design your own ink color. Lucky for us they had space for two while we were in town. We arrived a little early for our color appointment so we admired the space and all of the color inspiration on the wall. Ink Stand has a laboratory feel – the staff wear lab smocks and everything was clean. The glassware also added to the feel. We worked with beakers and glass stirring rods. Also, the staff use those magnetic lab stirrers to mix larger amounts of ink. Ink science! Each station has a 17-pigment selection (plus a dilution solution), mixing cups, a glass rod (for stirring), a paper pad, a pen (for note taking), a glass pen (::ahem:: a $300 handmade glass pen, for testing your inks), and a menu with a color blending chart. Each setting was neatly organized – the placemats had outlines for where everything was to be placed! At the beginning of …


Impress your friends and family with these fancy note cards! I always thought that this look was achieved with watercolor paint, and it can be, but I learned another technique with stamp ink and a foam sponge. Grab some thick cardstock cut to size, scratch paper for making a mess, inks of choice, and a foam sponge – you can also use a make-up sponge. Load up your foam sponge with ink, then blot and drag, or drag and blot, until you get a gradient to your liking. How easy is that? Allow the ink to dry and then write a sweet note. Tip: For the above look, fold your paper first, then add ink. Extra credit: Punch a hole and use as a gift tag. Stamp on a message. Round the corners for a smooth finish. Hang it up and call it art. Try it out and share your end result on Instagram. Tag @crafterateur for a feature.