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sundae school.

The Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco has been hosting free virtual Sundae School events for California residents. My sister and I got in on the fun! And it was so cute; we were in a session with a Girl Scout troop so my Sis and I felt like the big kids. We gathered all of the ingredients and materials to make one serving of ice cream. 1 gallon resealable bag 1 sandwich sized resealable bag 1 mug 1 kitchen towel 1 bowl 1 spoon 1 set measuring cups and spoons 1 cup whole milk 2 tablespoons granulated sugar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 3 cups ice 1/3 cup salt Any toppings (I brought out Trader Joe’s chocolate chunks and walnuts) Optional: powdered mixes (for an ice cream flavor other than vanilla) There was some time for intros and as our host (Professor Cherry!) walked through how to make ice cream, he shared fun facts about California milk and the science of the ice cream making process. We put the milk, vanilla, and sugar in the …

ice cream social.

Ice Cream Social was the sweetest event! My friend Tally Sue of Shweet Shtuf and I popped up shop at Mischief in Oakland for an afternoon of ice cream treats and craftiness. We set up shop in the Mischief backyard which they had just fixed up. And we decorated with honeycombs, ice cream balloons, and a giant soft serve lamp. Special treat: The Laurel District Association sponsored the snacks. We had ice cream sandwiches and fruity popsicles. Yum! My set up! I had a whole line of ice cream themed pennants and wall hangings for sale, plus surprICE CREAM pints (versus my usual ‘surprise boxes’) in actual pint containers and felt succulents in cups and cones! It was Tally Sue’s very first pop-up so it was super exciting to share the moment with her. Her stuff is the cutest. Tally Sue sells her plushies wholesale in a few shops, but Mischief is the only California store. (Exclusive!) She also makes avocados, clouds, tooth fairy pillows, donuts and so much more. For the pop-up she made …

ice cream pawty.

Happy First Day of Summer! Here’s a fun idea for a summer day, or any day really – an ice cream pawty! My friend Laura threw an ice cream pawty for her pup Pebbles! Laura set up human snacks plus puppy ice cream and toppings. How cute are these emoji labels for the puppy toppings? Per crafty friend protocol, I helped with some of the decor set up. We strung up garlands, and scattered ice cream and Pebbles head photo props around the pawty. I also helped with making signs. OoOoo, and check out this suspended centerpiece she put together, too – honeycombs for the win! Ice cream time! The human ice cream was catered by Tucker’s in Alameda. We all got two scoops plus all the toppings we wanted! The humans had fun, and I think the pups did, too! Happy birthday, Pebbles! Let’s recap the last pawty, too.


I visited the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco. So, here’s a bunch of pink photos! We arrived with ice cream pennants in hand reppin’ our favorite ice cream flavors. Before you enter the installation you are grouped with strangers and you have to come up with a team name. Behold: Team Toffee Ooh La La (minus two girls who didn’t want to hang out with us, lol)! I was named team leader, which was kind of stressful even though I consider myself a hype girl, ha! Too much responsibility; I just wanted to play! There were over a dozen rooms and attractions to enjoy – mostly in pink! There were ice cream fun facts on the walls, a ring toss where you can win a free scoop of ice cream (Protip: Let them know if you’re celebrating something awesome like a birthday and you’ll snag a free scoop without having to win one.), a juke box room with ice cream tunes, mochi ice cream to sample, a pink letter magnet room for spelling …

ice cream dates. 

Ice cream date on a chilly afternoon in the Bay Area? Yea, why not! Some lovelies and I ventured to Little Giant in Oakland for an afternoon of sweets. You can try a few flavors before committing, but I always end up with either coffee or dark chocolate (or both!). I had, you guessed it, the coffee ice cream…with chocolate sauce! It sure was photogenic. This lovely had her cranberry sorbet in a cone. Oh, and robots. Fill in the blank. My favorite ice cream shop in the whole wide world is ______.