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plant friends.

Happy Spring! I completed my first full week of working from home, and it’s Day 5 of the mandatory shelter in place in the Bay Area. Luckily, I do have some company – my Hubby (who is off from work at least through the end of the month) and my plant bebes! Here’s a little plant update from my indoor plant friends. There are 18 total; 23 if you count the ones that I’m trying to revive/propagate. One. Sansevieria laurentii (snake plant). This one came from my parents’ backyard. I named him Green Mamba. He’s fairly tall now; showing off some of the lil sprouts. Two-Ten. In the kitchen/living area I have Calethea roseopicta, Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ plant), Calethea lancifolia (rattlesnake plant), Calethea ornata, bamboo, sweet potato leaves (rooting them!), marimo (moss balls), Peperomia obtusifolia, and Hoya carnosa variegata. Eleven. Next to the TV I have a Ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig). I recently gave him a trim because I wanted to propagate him, but I’m not sure if I did it correctly. Also, his …


For a while Hubby was concerned about putting holes in the wall to hang art since we rent our place. But over the years he’s warmed up to it, especially since we’ve started a collection of art prints and other funs. My first “art” was a paper geometric heart, hung up with tape. This was pre-being ok with poking the walls with nails. It added a nice bright and colorful focal point in the living room. Also, it was super easy to make (the hardest part was making it look level on the wall). Also pictured: Chubby Cat by The Little Red House and a triangle shelf I made with Wood Thumb. The first wall holes we made were to hang this duo of Rifle Paper co art prints. And then we started purchasing prints while on vacation. From our Pacific Northwest adventures: letter pressed cards from Seattle (I love framing cards!) and a bike print from Portland. And from our mini-moon: a Lake Tahoe love print. Plus, that’s us in cartoon form – a drawing/watercolor by the talented Genevieve Santos. I’ve also been …

garcia garden: winter edition. 

Home for Christmas means more time admiring the garden and it’s bounty. Here are some lovelies from the front yard. ‘Twas a sunny 59 degrees. This sago palm has been growing in same spot for 30+ years. I have a picture with it the day after it ‘snowed’ in Duarte. No more functioning fountain because of the drought, but it makes for a beautiful succulent garden. Tall palms live here, too. And poinsettias because Christmas. My Dad ‘reddened’ them by keeping them in the sun during the day and in complete darkness (i.e. covered with a cardboard box) at night everyday for over a month. More succulents and colorful blooms! What blooms in your garden? Share below! And check out the backyard, too.