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keep moovin.

One of my goals in life is to go on more hikes, so when my friend suggested a last minute one, I was all over it. We ventured to Tilden Park, entering via the Tilden Nature Area (by Little Farm). My friend made sure we got in some nice views and a good sweat – that means uphills! My personal goal was to walk for at least 5k; we did 10k! (And then I drank a well-deserved Thai iced tea afterwards. ;)) There were lots of wildflowers, and I stopped to take photos of my favorites (of course!). We saw a dam, a lake… …and my share of cows for a lifetime. Apparently the cows roam free and feed on the land. There was a herd that was walking on the same trail as us; we  let them pass by while we waited on the sidelines. I was legit scared and ready to run if needed, but they just moseyed right on by. Excited for my next hike. There is so much to explore. Where are …


I’m a big fan of sunrise adventures. They are glorious! Behold, our sunrise adventure to Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands. We started our adventure walking through a tunnel and entering what seemed like a scene out of Lord of the Rings… It was super foggy and we didn’t expect to see much… So I took to taking photos of the plants. It was already bright on Hawk Hill… But then nature pulled through and we saw the most amazing sunrise, beginning with a peachy/orange glow. Pictures, of course, don’t do this sunrise justice. Which is probably why my camera battery decided to die midway through my photo taking so I could simply enjoy the view. 😉 Above: the tunnel we came out of + the trail we walked to see the views. Below: early morning wefie filled with excitement because coolest sunrise ever! West Coast, where are your favorite spots to see sunrise? Share, share, share!

dim sum and den sum.

One if my wishes for this year and for life in general is to spend more time outdoors. Lucky me I’ve got friends who love the outside, too. My grad school ladies and I explored Ed R. Levin park in Milpitas earlier this month. It was gorgeous out. There were only a handful of people roaming around; it was so peaceful. There are lots of trails and fishing areas, and apparently it’s a great spot for hang gliding… After our trek we ate adorable dim sum just a few minutes down the road. Nature (and dim sum) day complete. Have you explored the outdoors lately? Share your new favorite playgrounds below!

eagle creek trail. 

I could hardly wait for this trip to Portland because I was going to go there with my adventure buddy – my Hubby! I was so excited to explore the Portland natures with him! Apparently, for our minimoon we hiked Eagle Falls trail and on this trip, our anniversary trip, we hiked Eagle Creek trail. Whaaaat? Pictures don’t do this trail justice, but imagine waterfalls, cool breezes, greenery all around, crossing creeks, … We made it to Lower Punch Bowl Falls, where stopped for a banh mi snack. We love us some dining waterfall-side. Next time, we want to do a day-long hike to Tunnel Falls and maybe check out some other trails, too. What are some of your favorite hikes? Share below!

green things.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! To get into the festive spirit I thought I’d share photos of all things green and little stories from my life. Wear your greens. My name, Erin, means “peace” and is the poetic name for Ireland. This is easily a top reason for why St.Patrick’s day is a fun holiday for me. In preparation I like to take out my green clothing items and make sure I put together a pinch-proof outfit. I’m still relatively new at my job so I doubt anyone would actually pinch me if I wasn’t wearing green; plus, that’s got to be a violation of sorts, but you never know… Eat your greens. Kabocha squash is one of my favorite foods. Ok, so technically it’s orange, but it’s green on the outside! I love it in pinakbet and pumpkin curry, but I never think it’s a high enough ratio of pumpkin to the rest of the dish. When I make pinakbet it probably ends up being half kabocha. Yum. Look at all the green. The Bay …