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flower power.

Yay! Flower crown workshop fun at Mischief! Even shop dog Toto was in on the fun! I had three lovelies in class today. We shared favorite flower stories and created beautiful felt blooms together. Tahdah! Gill D’s art was the perfect backdrop for this photoshoot. Thank you to Mischief for hosting and congratulations to this new class of felt floral gardeners. Can’t wait for my next workshop in the shop!

we be stampin’.

My friend Laura B. (of laurabsewin) and I had a stamping night. We carved out stamps and hand stamped some fabric for future sewing projects. But first she whipped us up a meal from Hello Fresh. Craft energy! Then crafts! It had been four and half years since I picked up my block printing supplies. I really should do this more often. Carving out the stamps is super satisfying (like picking a scab!) and I enjoy seeing patterns and designs come to life. Here’s my materials list: carving blocks fabric ink linoleum cutters foam brushes paper plates paper pencil fabric, pre-washed brayer and printing plates (optional) First we drew designs for our stamps. I was initially thinking gingko leaf but that got hard real fast. I ended up carving out a monstera leaf and a trio of half circles – one solid, one striped, and one rainbow. Laura cut out a sea lard, a triangle, and a 3D cube. You can draw directly on the carving block, or you can draw on a piece of …


Every month Modern Macrame hosts a knot along; I participated in July’s Knot Along: the Circle Game. For this project I used 11 inch and 3 inch hoops and 4 mm cotton string. Modern Macrame provides the pattern for free with purchase of all the supplies. Sweet! One bundle of rope creates one 11 inch project and part of a 3 inch project. It was fun to mix the colors, too. I purchased a few extra hoops in case I wanted to make more, and I totes did. This was a simple project (easy to follow!) and it was great for practicing horizontal double half hitch knots. The cotton string fringes easily, too, with just a comb. Check all the projects from this Knot Along on Instagram with #mmknotalong4. Some people turned them into plate chargers and table decor. I’m thinking these would look nice on a circular mirror. (Gift idea!) I’ll definitely be crafting along more with Modern Macrame. I want to get my macrame game strong and work on more rope projects.

weave party.

I threw a little weaving party at West Elm. I taught a Weaving Basics workshop and had a few of my weavings for sale. Plus snacks! We demoed the Anton solid wood dining table plus bench and the Ellis dining chair. Every time someone considered buying the table I said it was good crafting table. 🙂 I set up my yarn rainbow. And some treats. My friends Connie and Laura were my students today. With special guest – Pebbles (she demoed the Trinket Pouf ;)). West Elm paparazzi took some candid and not so candid photos of us. Finished weavings! Thank you to Laura and Connie for spending the crafternoon weaving with me! I hope to host more of these!

plant potions.

I’ve taught classes at Rare Bird but can you believe I’ve never taken a class here until recently? What? I know! I signed up for Plant Potions with Tracy Chocholousek, co-owner of Rare Bird and founder of White Sage Wellness. It was so fun to join class here as a student. And Hubby joined me, too! The space was set up with a beautiful plantscape. It looked like we were going to sit down for a multi-course meal with wine pairings. Yum. Tracy started class with a brief lesson in scents and we participated in an herbal ally meditation. I enjoyed this – we had to experience a plant, it’s scent, how the scent made us feel, and what it tasted like. I chose rose geranium – the leaves had a subtle sweet smell and made me feel calm. After the exercise, we got to smelling! We smelled all the essentials oils available for mixing, working our way through scent groups and taking notes on if we liked the scents or not. Tracy had a …

marbled leather.

My last class (😭) at Craftcation was leather marbled keychains, and it just so happened to be taught by Sadye Harvey of Temerity who teaches at Makers Mess. I attended her marbling night craft happy hour earlier this year and loved it, so I was excited attend another one of her classes.   We used a lot of tools and materials for this project. Vegetable-tanned leather Trays Water Carageenan (a thickener) Acrylic dye (for leather) Paintbrushes Alum (a mordant) Resolene (a dye sealant) Foam brushes Precision knife or scissors Ruler Leather punch Rivet and rivet press anvil Mallet Key rings First, we cut out leather shapes. For shapes with a straight edge, I used a precision knife and ruler. For other shapes, I made a soft outline with a skewer stick and then cut with a precision knife. For anything that would become a keychain, we made sure to include a 2-inch tail at the top of our designs so they could be attached onto the key rings. We punched holes using a leather punch. …

sunny side up eggs.

Ok, now this is just silly. Sunny side up eggs for an Easter morning breakfast egg hunt. How cute would these be as Easter brunch table scatter? All you need for this craft are yellow plastic eggs, white felt, and scissors. Glue is optional. Open up the plastic eggs and cut off a piece of felt to fit the “yolk.” Cut a squiggly circle-like shape for the egg white. Press the half egg onto the felt to “stamp” on the circle shape. Fold the felt in half to cut a slit in the felt. Cut out the middle circle using the impression as a guide. It doesn’t have to be a perfect circle, but try to stay within the circle outline (if you cut around the circle the egg white might not stay securely on the egg yolk). Insert the “egg yolk,” fill with treats, and close. Sunny side up! Happy early Easter! And happy Easter breakfasting/brunching!  More Easter egg ideas here, here, here, and here.