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pom pom and tasselry.

For my last crafty event of the year I teamed up with my crafty friends of the Loome and Mischief to host a pom pom and tassel craft night compete with holiday cocktails. There was yarn everywhere and it was fantastic! Vilasinee of the Loome shared all her pom pom and tassel wisdom. All the pom poms and tassels! We also had mini pop-ups and a gift wrap decorating station. Aww, take me back to craft night! It was so fun I continued the pom pom and tassel merriment with my fambam over my Christmas break. Behold, pom pom and tassel mastery at Christmas Craft Camp! My Mommy got super fancy with braided straps. We also added beads, brass, and wooden rings. Who’s ready for more pom-tass in the New Year? Me!!!

tiny trees.

Happy Christmas season! We had a mini Christmas tree decorating contest at work. My coworker gifted us with tiny brush trees and challenged us to decorate them for Christmas. I raided my craft supply stash for some mini tree decor inspiration. I gathered seed beads in pinks, felt, and snowflake confetti. I started with a garland of beads. Then I made a tree skirt out of felt and snowflake confetti. I added another garland. And finally some tiny bells. My coworkers decorated with a Feed the Fish co sticker, pushpins (so clever and functional!), a skateboard, and buttons. When it came to judging…Basically, I won. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Thanks to my coworker Monise for this fun idea! I might need to recycle this project for next year, too.

broad room.

Welcome to Broad Room! I made a pennant for the occasion! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The Broad Room is a community, co-working space. They host tons of creative workshops, wellness events, pop-ups, and social activities. I got to participate in their first annual Holiday Market! Behold, my lil set up. I was among one of twelve vendors invited to set up shop. I love participating in crafty events in new spaces! Smaller events are really nice, too, because I get to walk around, meet the other makers, and be a shopper! I was especially super excited to meet Leah of L Nickson Designs.ย She makes crocheted adorableness; spot her stuff below. There was also a taco truckย and a raffle! I contributed some felt goodies – a Pizza Me wall hanging with a trio of matching pizza pennants. Before heading to the craft show I made a shopping list! This is super helpful when your main focus is selling, but you also want to get some gift shopping done. I made sure I wouldn’t miss out on all the fun …


Hubby and I headed to 4th Street in Berkeley for Bouquet Market. It was our “wherever we want to go” date day and I picked an outdoor market for obvious reasons, but also because it would let us enjoy the fresh air and walk a bit after lunch. Bouquet was held in the north parking lot, which is usually where I park when visiting 4th Street so I was only a little upset I actually had to look for street parking. Ha! In any case, the market had a mix of handmade and vintage finds. There was mostly clothing, jewelry, and home goods. I enjoyed seeing all the textile prints and colorful displays. I saw my friend Roxanne of Roxanne Roxanne Designs, but everyone else was a new-to-me vendor. There was music and a food truck, and we went home with a pumpkin & almond candle by Tule Fog. Yay, shopping small!


I took a zipper class at Hello Stitch and it was amazing! Our instructor – Michelle of Hummingbird Textiles – made it super easy to follow along to make a zipper pouch. Class was BYO fabric and zippers. I brought a few choices for fabric and zipper combinations, but I decided on using my kitten fabric from Japan (thank you, Joy!) for the outer fabric and fabric leftover from wedding crafting for the liner. We got to use these amazing machines – they were so quiet and so smooth. And they have an automatic bottom thread cutter! We measured and cut our fabric. Then we ironed and sewed, and got expert help along the way. I decided on adding “tabs” to finish the zipper ends and a strap. The process/steps are relatively simple, but what I need to work on is the actual sewing and getting used to guiding fabric through the machine. For the class, it did help to know sewing basics, but Michelle is super helpful if you have any questions. I had …

flower coasters.

Remember when I pressed flowers on Earth Day? I finally made something with them: coasters! Materials and tools: Pressed flowers (My friend Kayla of Impressed by Nature has fun, easy to use flower presses!) Decoupage glue (My favorite is ArtMinds – a Michaels brand – because it doesn’t leave a sticky residue which means you don’t have to put a top coat of sorts. It also comes in a glossy version.) Tiles (I found these at Home Depot) Foam brush How to: You can plan out where you want your petals to go, or just go for it! Brush on a layer of glue. Add petals. Coat tile with an even layer of glue. I like to coat on at least three layers of glue. Allow to dry between layers of glue (10-15 minutes), then allow to dry over night after adding the final layer of glue. Note that some of the petals changed color or bled – the hydrangeas and the bougainvilleas in particular.ย If I were to do this again I’d stick with yellows …


These weaving weirlos. An unbeweavable weaving brunch party with my ladies! We had snacks for creative energies – a bagel bar, a cheese plate, and a French toast bake, plus mimosas! And we had yarn play time! Yarn in all the colors…because I’m a hoarder, er, yarn enthusiast. Custom made looms and tools, and these awesome Get it Girl keychains laser beamed by my friend Laura. I loved sharing some creative time with my ladies. Beauties made by beauties! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I imagine this will be the first in a series of skill shares. A little birdie whispered that amigurumi is next! Can’t wait! How do you craft time with your peoples? Share your fun creative tales below.