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OMG, I went on a Handcraft Studio School workshop spree! There are just so many things to learn! I’ve been wanting to take a class with Jennifer Laursen of Tilt Leather all year and I finally got to sign up for her leather pouch class. All the tools and materials! The hardest part was deciding on which leather and coordinating zipper and thread to use. Jen brought some leather she marbled, too. I decided on basic brown for the pouch, undyed leather for the tabs, a black zipper, and mustard cord. A classic look! Jen precut the pouch leather for us (since this takes some time with a large class). We still got some leather cutting experience as we cut out the tabs for the sides of the zipper. We used double sided tape to hold pieces in place as we made sewing holes and sewed our pouches. To my surprise, we learned how to hand sew leather. I wasn’t expecting this, but I enjoyed it! Also, it makes working with leather more accessible, now …

melon basketry.

Get this – all woven baskets are handmade. Mind blown. So the next time I pick up a woven basket I’ll think about all the work and care that was put into making that piece! And that brings me to my latest obsession: melon basketry! Melon basketry is one of those skills I didn’t know I wanted to learn until I saw the Handcraft Studio School workshop offering. When there was a date that worked for me, I signed up right away and waited with much anticipation! Our instructor, Michele Hament, creates baskets with natural materials like reed (what we used in class), pine needles, and kelp. I arrived as she was setting up… She brought some samples, too. For this class we learned how to make a melon shape, but there’s also an egg basket (aka butt basket), and options to create smaller or larger basket bases. First things first, a refresher on how to create a god’s eye weaving. This is the technique we used to attach the handle to the rim of …

new kid on the block.

Handcraft Studio School moved to my ‘hood! Owner Marie is the sweetest and she invited the whole community to fill the space with laughter, friendship, and tacos (which is pretty much the best combination of things you can bring together đŸ˜‰ ) for opening night. The space fills with light and there are many spaces for creating. There’s a kitchen, a backyard area, and a walk-in food fridge turned office space for Marie. Come and check it out for yourself! Many blessings and fun times in El Cerrito, Handcraft Studio School!


Next up on my Summer Skills List: indigo dyeing. This time I dragged my friend Danielle! đŸ˜† We took class at Handcraft Studio School in Emeryville with Alexa of Euclid and Jayne. We learned all the basics and had the best time experimenting with different techniques. The class fee included two pillow cases and one tea towel, and we were encouraged to bring some extra small items to dye as well. I brought two infinity scarves and another tea towel to complete the set. (Dharma Trading sells some great items for indigo dyeing!) You don’t need much to create beautiful designs, but you do need some space for getting messy. We used pieces of wood, rubber bands, clamps, and a ladle. Yes a ladle! Before: After: The final colors were a few shades lighter after I rinsed the excess dye and ran it through the washer and dryer. Check out all the lovelies made by my classmates! Now I want to indigo dye everything. I see blue sheets, dresses/skirts, and giftables in my future!