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Local Take invited me to teach a Halloween-themed craft station as part of the Castro Art Walk. Twas the perfect time to make TERRORiums, terror-ifying air plant terrariums! This was my first time teaching a workshop with living plants. I had to do a bit of research so I could pass on plant care knowledge to all the crafters. I even made a care sheet! I set up rocks and pebbles, marbles, moss, glow-in-the-dark filler, mini pumpkins (to make jack-o-lanterns), skull beads, plastic spiders, mini chalkboards (to make tombstones), and the cutest Halloween food picks for people to use to decorate their terrarium. Everyone got super crafty! Clever tombstone sayings, skull towers…!! Check out all the TERRORiums! Real talk: I don’t think I can make any other kind of air plant terrarium. It must always be Halloween themed.

sticker pumpkins!

Decorating pumpkins with stickers is a less mess, more color, less spooky, more cute kind of Halloween craft. All you need are stickers and pumpkins. Select pumpkins in any shape and size but note that pumpkins with some flat surfaces may work better with stickers. I love using these enamel dot and rhinestone stickers. The enamel dots come in an assortment of colors, often already in a fun color palette! Place stickers however you like! Make patterns or make it random. Mix and match and spread the mini pumpkins all over! Pumpkin decorating versus pumpkin carving. What’s your preference? Share below! 

tricks and treats! 

I found these cute paper treat cups at Target. They are great on their own, but I decided to give them a Halloween make over. For this craft I picked out orange and green felt and cut out pumpkin shapes to fit one side of the treat cups. Attach the stems onto the back side of the pumpkin with hot glue. Apply hot glue to the back of the pumpkin and attach to the treat cup. Tahdah! You can also try candy shapes, ghosts, bats, … or add some jack-o-lantern qualities to your pumpkins. Don’t forget to add your favorite tricks or treats, too! The countdown to Halloween has begun! What other tricks do you have up your sleeves? Share below!

best dressed.

My favorite parts of Halloween are dressing up and making treats. Today, I thought I’d share some of my favorite costumes and themed food from the last few years. I’ve never purchased a ready-to-go costume before. Growing up, my Mom made my costumes; and then I started concocting my own once I left the nest. One of my best costumes was when I dressed up as a Magic Mic. No, not like the movie, but like the karaoke microphone. I’m also really into wigs. They are so itchy, but so fun! I bought this afro wig just to own and it came in really handy for this costume. I already had a black top and bottoms, too. I grabbed some sticker paper to create the numbers for my top. And viola, mic drop. Another fun costume: super fruit! Last year, I dressed as a strawberry. I already had a red dress and boots from previous costumes. I purchased red fabric for the cape, added felt seeds all over, and crafted a stem headband. I really like making costumes from things …

light it up!

Here’s a fun one for you Halloween lovers: glass lanterns! It’s perfect for all ages, makes a great family craft, and they’ll look so good on your window sill, front porch, fireplace… anywhere! For this DIY you will need: A glass jar, any shape Decoupage glue (my favorite brand is Art Minds) Foam brush Dish for glue (cover with foil or plastic wrap for easy clean up) Tissue in festive colors Black paper Scissors Pencil (optional) Halloween shape templates (optional) Lights (battery operated works nicely) How to: Tear or cut tissue into strips, squares, or shape of choice. I recommend keeping your pieces small/thin, especially if your glass jar has curves. Apply glue to your jar using the foam brush, place a piece of tissue on the jar, and apply another coat of glue on top of the tissue. Repeat until the entire jar is covered in tissue. Make sure all of the pieces get a nice coat of glue. Cut out your Halloween shapes. Bats, ghosts, haunted houses…whatever you like. You can also print …

I’m melting…

I just discovered this technique to fuse designs to candles. I had to share! Also…23 days until Halloween! The best part about this craft is that you probably have all the supplies and materials already. Supplies & tools: Candle, any size Tissue paper, white Markers, any color Scissors Hair dryer (or heat embosser) Decide on your design and get to drawing. The finer your marker the more intricate your designs can be. (Protip: Place your tissue paper on some scratch paper in case the ink bleeds through.) You can also print out a design via inkjet printer or use stamps & stamp ink. Trim your design and decide on placement. Then, add heat (don’t burn your fingers!). You’ll see the tissue paper melt into the candle. It’s like magic! If you have multiple tissue pieces add them one at a time. And boom, done. What other designs would you fuse on to candles? Share below!

it’s geometric. 

It’s October. It’s October?! Where did the year go? Before we know it it’ll be 2016. Ahhh! Let’s enjoy the rest of the year even if it’s going by way too quickly. There are so many fun days to be excited about, like Halloween. And I’m not talking about the super scary or super sexy Halloween, but the cutesy, let’s decorate pumpkins and make our own costumes type of Halloween. That’s my jam. Halloween color palettes are also my jam, especially this one — black, orange, purple…and neon green and sparkle (in my world sparkle is a color). I found packs of these paper straws in the dollar section at Target and could not resist. I’m not a big fan of drinking out of paper straws (They get a little mushy and it feels like I’m eating paper, and who eats paper? O_o), but I’m all for crafting with paper straws. I chopped a few up and created some 2D and 3D shapes. For a basic triangle bunting, cut three pieces for each triangle. They …