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patio plants.

Hubs and I finally started working on our garden. I’m hoping we keep it up and actually grow things / keep things alive. Wish us luck! Here’s what we have so far: Talbos ng kamote (sweet potato leaves). My Mom picked a bunch of leaves from their garden. We placed them in water so they could grow roots before planting. I enjoy watching roots grow; it’s like I’m doing something right even though all I did was put them in water. Nature is magical that way. We’re excited to have plants we can harvest and eat! Succulents. Here’s what’s left of my succulent plant garden that I almost killed. (I know, I know…succulents are supposed to be easy.) I’m more excited about the ceramic pot I got from a nursery in San Diego. It’s made by local ceramicist Susan Aach. I am in love with it and I’m hoping to grow my fun garden container collection as we add to our patio garden. Mystery plant. This plant just showed up and decided to grow. We’re going to let it. It looks …

garcia garden: winter edition. 

Home for Christmas means more time admiring the garden and it’s bounty. Here are some lovelies from the front yard. ‘Twas a sunny 59 degrees. This sago palm has been growing in same spot for 30+ years. I have a picture with it the day after it ‘snowed’ in Duarte. No more functioning fountain because of the drought, but it makes for a beautiful succulent garden. Tall palms live here, too. And poinsettias because Christmas. My Dad ‘reddened’ them by keeping them in the sun during the day and in complete darkness (i.e. covered with a cardboard box) at night everyday for over a month. More succulents and colorful blooms! What blooms in your garden? Share below! And check out the backyard, too.

garcia garden.

My parents celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary this week! 🙂 Through the years their home has gained the reputation of the “party house” because there is always good food, welcoming arms, and this glorious garden full of blooms, fruits & veggies, and love. Here is a peek at the garden I grew up in. I had my 18th birthday bash here, my parents renewed their vows here on multiple anniversaries, we’ve spent many nights BBQing here or having weekend brunch. It’s all good times in the Garcia Garden. There are also guavas, avocados, oranges, persimmon, numerous herbs, succulents, lemons, limes, calamansi, peppers… Sometimes there’s squash, avocado, loquat. It’s always changing and ever growing. When I grow up, I want to have a garden like my parents. 😉 What grows in your garden? Share below!

meet buddy.

Everyone, in your best Mr. Narwal impersonation, say hello to my new succulent plant “Buddy.” (Yes, I name my plants.) I love, love, love Cactus Jungle in Berkeley for their wide selection of cactuses (or cacti. Fun fact: both are acceptable!), knowledgable staff (seriously, I cannot stump them), and loads of inspirational succulent art (like vertical gardens). I’ve purchased plenty a gift here at the Jungle, but this time I was shopping for a little something for me. Best of all, as someone without a green thumb, the staff at Cactus Jungle will repot your succulent, provided you are purchasing a plant that day, and will give you a tutorial on plant care, specific to each plant, of course. I’ve been told to water after one week, so at least we know Buddy should be alive this time next week. Wish me luck! Any green thumbs out there? Share below on your most prized plant! Or, if you’re like me, share below on what you wish you could successfully keep alive!