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glitter party.

Glitter. Bad. Glitter glue. Good. My friend Angel gifted me a jar of Pixie Paste. The glitter doesn’t get all over the place. Win! You can make things sparkly. Also win! And it comes with it’s own brush! What, no clean up? Triple win! I took it for a test drive and made some gift tags. I painted wooden tags with acrylic paint and added the glitter glue after the paint dried. This stuff is pretty great. There’s no weird glue smell but it takes a while to dry, especially thicker layers. Let this sit overnight. And guess what, it comes in four other glitter combos! Pixie Paste glitter off, anyone? What sparkly new projects have you been working on? Share below!

confetti sparkle glitter time.

I’m still swooning over Valentine’s DIYs, but really, who says we can’t craft with pinks and reds all year long? I love using confetti when sending notes to friends; you know, just enough that it adds sparkle and party feelings, but not too much that it creates a mess. It’s a delicate balance. Also, they add a nice touch to photos. In my last post (minty!) you can find confetti all over the place. I found these jars of happiness in the craft section at Target. Yes, Target has a craft section and, I must say, they’ve got a pretty good selection of quality items. I seem to always find something to add to my collection. Pour out some sparkle everyday! Can’t get enough sparkle? How much is too much? Comment below!

hearts & crafts – part two.

After my Valentine’s pop-up, it was time to relax and recover from the heat. (Direct sun and heat make me so tired!) My fiancé and I picked up some take out and watched the NBA All Star event. I know it doesn’t sound that romantic for Valentine’s Day, but sometimes it’s just nice to be couch bums together. (PS We want to go to Toronto next year to see it live, but eep, negative degree weather! We are truly spoiled in California.) We tried a new-to-us Thai restaurant and stuffed our bellies with basil fried rice, pumpkin curry, pad Thai, and Thai iced teas. After food, I was so into doing nothing that I forgot I was suppose to make some masquerade masks for our evening out. Oops! I whipped up some last minute creations for the pair of us with a couple of plain masks, glitter, ink, feathers, and gems. His mask took all of two minutes to decorate. He wanted a black mask so I dug through my craft supply stash and decided to use stamping ink. …