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jasper and gold.ย 

Michaels held a free collar necklace making event, and the first fifteen guests scored a free gift. I’m a sucker for freebies so of course I went. Plus, I was hoping to pick up a jewelry tip or two! I might have arrived early to shop and be one of the first in class to snag a seat and a prize. They gifted us a Glam and Go bag and a create necklace – perfect for all crafty days! It ended up being a small class so they gave each of us a freebie second helping. Double score! I dabble in jewelry making, but I never officially learned, nor have I ever made a bold statement piece like a collar necklace before. This class was a good introduction to larger bead/stone use. I chose the above green stones, which we’re guessing are of the jasper variety. Michaels provided the rest of the materials and tools for our projects. Our instructor for the evening was Cindy, an avid beader and overall fun lady! She’s got an awesome collection of …


Happy Valentine’s Day! This year, I decided to keep the tradition alive and hostย Hearts and Crafts 2017 at work. Thanks to Studio DIY for the inspiration, my co-workers got to craft in style. Conversation heart piรฑatas for all! These make the cutest Valentine’s decor; and they’re perfect for gifting! Materials and tools: paper mache heart boxes, crepe paper streamers, glue stick, scissors, alphabet stickers. Optional materials and tools: awl, darning needle, ribbon/string. Step one: Cut hella fringe Glue one side at a time from the bottom up. Start by glueing a piece of non-fringed crepe paper to the bottom of heart box lid. Overlap with fringe until you reach the top. Trim excess crepe paper. Repeat for the sides of the lid and the back of the base. For the sides of the base, wrap with non-fringed crepe paper. Add alphabet stickers with your phrase of choice. Optional: Poke a hole at the top of the heart with the awl. Use the needle to string the ribbon through the hole. Tie a knot. All the …

golden dishes.

I was in the market for a ring dish, but I thought hey, why not make my own? Here’s what ended up happening… Materials & tools: Decoupage glue – Art Minds is my favorite brand (from Michaels) Contact paper – I chose gold. (Remember when I made my treat containers?) Dishes – Surprise! I found these in the kitchen section of Ranch 99. Scissors Foam brush How to: Cut out shapes. Try triangles, squares, lines… Peel the protective coating off the contact paper and stick onto dish. Apply an even coat of decoupage glue. Allow to dry. Repeat. Simple shapes make these jewelry dishes look real fancy. I like the Art Minds decoupage glue brand over other brands because it’s more matte and not sticky feeling when it dries. Tahdah! A place for my rings to live for when I’m not suppose to wear them. Now you try! ๐Ÿ™‚  

california love.

A lot of people seem to have a theme for their wedding and I never really thought of having one for ours until we started making all of our wedding crafts. The Hubs and I wereย both born and raised in California, we met at Cal (Berkeley), and our love is California grown, so California Love seemed most appropriate. Plus, I love all things heart shaped.ย Here’s a peak at our wedding favors: laser cut California bottle openers with a tiny heart in the Bay Area. I wish I could take credit for making these, but I actually found them on Etsy. When I came across the California bottle openers I got super excited. What was even more exciting is that the maker – Julian of Sheety Metal Gifts – is based in our city of residence. If I wasn’t making it myself, supporting handmade businesses was an important element I wanted for our wedding. Here are the bottle openers fresh after the laser cutting stage. After cutting, the little Californias went into the metal tumblerย for polishing. …


One of my favorite chocolate candies growing up was Junior Mints. This was my go-to movie snack back in the day. I don’t eat them that much these days, but when Valentine’s rolls around, I get uber excited about the heart shaped Junior Mints. I always get a pack for myself and a pack for my sister. I mean, they are heart-shaped! You know me and all things hearts. It’s the same chocolate outside and ooey gooey inside, except… Some of them haveย red filling! Why this excites me, I don’t know, but it does, and every year I look forward to biting into this sweet treat. What’s your favorite Valentine’s candy? Share below.

love handmade.ย 

I’m busy wrapping up Valentine’s surprises. How about you? Cupcake toppers are a fun way to add a little pop of color to your Valentine’s treats. If you plan to make your own, all you need are wooden sticks, felt, hot glue, and scissors. Here are a couple of ways to add cupcake toppers to your packaging. Washi tape that sucker on. I love washi tape; you could say I hoard the stuff. I mix and match colors and patterns because pretty much anything goes. My inner four year old rejoices! The boxes I’m using here are old stationary boxes. I tore up some tissue paper to hide the treats inside and finished with scrap yarn. You can also insert a topper into a cute can/pail/jar. I found these tins at Target. These are filled withย matcha love green tea and treats. Of course you can also use cupcake toppers for, well, cupcakes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

that’s so knit!

Arm knitting! It’s a thing and I learned how to do it. My friend and I took advantage of a free arm knitting class at Michaels last month. I tried regular knitting in the past but always had trouble keeping the yarn on the knitting tools. Using your arms is so much more doable for me, and way more fun. Plus, you can finish a project in thirty minutes or less! Our instructor helped us pick out yarn and then led us in a step by step tutorial. We had infinity scarves in no time! We call this our ewok style. After class we bought more yarn. So. Much. Yarn. And made so many more scarves – perfect for winter gifting! Or opening up your own arm knit wear shop. What new crafty skills do you want to learn this year? Share below!