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glitter party.

Glitter. Bad. Glitter glue. Good. My friend Angel gifted me a jar of Pixie Paste. The glitter doesn’t get all over the place. Win! You can make things sparkly. Also win! And it comes with it’s own brush! What, no clean up? Triple win! I took it for a test drive and made some gift tags. I painted wooden tags with acrylic paint and added the glitter glue after the paint dried. This stuff is pretty great. There’s no weird glue smell but it takes a while to dry, especially thicker layers. Let this sit overnight. And guess what, it comes in four other glitter combos! Pixie Paste glitter off, anyone? What sparkly new projects have you been working on? Share below!

crafty reuse.

Alameda field trip to The ReCrafting Co! The shop was mostly yarn and fabric, but they also had collections of stamps, buttons, punches, beads, how-to books, and crafting tools. This was my first visit to the shop and I was super impressed. It’s a reuse and consignment supply shop so I was expecting a lot of digging through items to find ‘something good.’ But to my pleasant surprise, most of the items were new or like new with original packaging. It was so easy to find what I was not looking for. ūüėČ Any used items like these knitting tools were gently used and in great hand-me-down condition. And the yarn and fabric stash sorted and neatly displayed. In case you’re wondering what I went home with: three skeins of yarn to add to my collection! Lovers of yarn and fabric crafts, this is a must visit!

them youngins.

Earlier this week I got to teach my felt succulent garden workshop to a group of high school students as part of their¬†intraterm program. What a fun group of youngins and a fun week filled with self reflection and art exploration. I normally teach adult workshops; it was fun to hang out with the high school crowd (and realize how long it’s been since high school…). Not once did I hear a “I can’t do this” or “I’m not creative” which is what I sometimes hear from grown up groups.¬†A huge reminder to just be in the moment and not fear a mess up or something not looking like what you think it should look like. Though they were quiet, they were sooo into what they were doing, playing with different designs, manipulating the materials, and creating some awesome pieces of work. Such a creative group! I wanted to share their process and projects because I was super proud of their work! Thank you to Rare Bird for inviting me to teach and to the …

makers studio.

Right next door to Rare Bird is the Rare Bird Makers Studio which houses a creative workspace for workshops and events, as well as a couple of artist studios in the back. I’ve been fortunate enough to team up with Rare Bird to teach some of my felt workshops in the space and host a felt flower crown bar. I love the open space and especially admire the custom built tables; they are on wheels so it’s easy to change up the space for each event. It’s a welcoming space with tea for all, a place to store your bags and jackets, and lots of inspiration all over. Catch the latest events online.

forever gardens.

West Elm invited me to host a workshop as part of their West Elm Local events. I love crafting at West Elm – beautiful design all over the shop, great natural light. It’s perfect for feeling the crafty feels and taking lovely photos afterwards! For this event I taught my felt succulent garden class, which is currently my favorite class to teach. Look at this glorious mess. I teach three ways to make succulents and the results are always so good! I love it when my students impress themselves, too. I stumbled upon some uber cute mushrooms to share during class. They add a lil somethin’ somethin’ to the felt gardens, don’t you think? I like to share that you can decorate other things with felt succulents, too. Pillows, baskets, so many things! I can’t wait to teach this workshop again!  

sticker pumpkins!

Decorating pumpkins with stickers is a less mess, more color, less spooky, more cute kind of Halloween craft. All you need are stickers and pumpkins. Select pumpkins in any shape and size but note that pumpkins with some flat surfaces may work better with stickers. I love using these enamel dot and rhinestone stickers. The¬†enamel dots¬†come in an assortment of colors, often already in a fun color palette! Place stickers however you like! Make patterns or make it random.¬†Mix and match and spread the mini pumpkins all over! Pumpkin decorating versus pumpkin carving. What’s your preference? Share below!¬†

r√©pondez s’il vous pla√ģt.

We got married! (Oh yeaaaa!!!) So now I get to share all the wedding crafts!! (Hell yeaaaa!!!) Today I’m sharing our wedding invitations. Though there are amazing professionally made invitation designs out there, this was the one wedding detail I had to DIY.¬†We made simple invites + RSVP cards in blush, ivory, and sparkle. (In my world, “sparkle” is a color.) The most time consuming part was designing the invites as getting the spacing right and printing is generally a challenge. We designed our invitations in Comic Life (this is as fancy as we get) and used both black and brown ink. The brown ink almost looked like a rose gold on the blush paper. ::drool:: The front of the invitation received a love stamp and was¬†heat embossed with a mix of copper and gold powder. We also added a hand drawn heart. ‚̧ I love this detail because it gave the invitation some texture. It was also really fun to mix the embossing powders. The back of the invitation had all the wedding festivity …

coworkers who craft together!

This Valentine’s season I¬†invited¬†my co-workers to get crafty; I packed up some supplies and we had a¬†lunch time card-making station in one of our conference rooms. Don’t worry; it was boss approved! ūüėČ And then I made them all hand model for me.¬†Loving all the cards they made! Hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s crafting season! I definitely still have hearts on the brain, but what’s new? xoxo

confetti sparkle glitter time.

I’m still swooning over Valentine’s DIYs, but really, who says we can’t craft with pinks and reds all year long? I love using confetti when sending notes to friends; you know, just enough that it adds sparkle and party feelings, but not too much that it creates a mess. It’s a delicate balance. Also, they add a nice touch to¬†photos. In my last post (minty!) you can find confetti all over the place. I found these jars of happiness in the craft section at Target. Yes, Target has a craft section and, I must say, they’ve got a pretty good selection of quality items. I seem to always find something to add to my collection. Pour out some sparkle everyday! Can’t get enough sparkle? How much is too much? Comment below!

that’s so knit!

Arm knitting! It’s a thing and I learned how to do it. My friend and I took advantage of a free arm knitting class at Michaels last month. I tried regular knitting in the past but always had trouble keeping the yarn on the knitting tools. Using your arms is so much more doable for me, and way more fun. Plus, you can finish a project in thirty minutes or less! Our instructor helped us pick out yarn and then led us in a step by step tutorial. We had infinity scarves in no time! We call this our ewok style. After class we bought more yarn. So. Much. Yarn. And made so many more scarves – perfect for winter gifting! Or opening up your own arm knit wear shop. What new crafty skills do you want to learn this year? Share below!