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te fiti @ comic con.

On our second day at Comic Con we dressed up as Te Fiti and Te Ka, the island from Moana. I based my costume inspo off of the Funko Pop characters so accessories were on the cute side – ahem, Te Ka’s fires were adorable instead of menacing. For Te Fiti I created so many flowers for the crown, dress, and a bag. I also made Te Fiti’s heart with felt. I found a green caftan dress and discovered armpit pads in case things got extra sweaty in San Diego (these are popular among stage performers!). I opted for gold sandals, did my hula hair so it was nice and fluffy, and added flowers to the base of the caftan. And of course I needed a purse to carry Comic Con goodies; I thought if a Hawaiian island had a purse it would be a straw bag for sure. For Te Ka my nephew wore all black and splattered his top and bottom with red, orange, and yellow paint to look like lava. I made …

spring into mischief.

This past weekend I set up my window display at Mischief in Oakland! Over the past few months I schemed, I sketched, and then cut, glued, and made it all come to life!  Early sketches: I created five pajaki chandeliers, nine felt flower bouquets filled with over sixty blooms, five fringe garlands, and lots of flower crowns for the two-window display. Literally translated, pajaki means “spiders of straw.” Don’t Google “pajaki” on it’s own; always search for “pajaki chandeliers” – or you’ll be in for a frightening treat. You have been warned! The paper chandeliers are traditionally part of Polish Christmas celebrations, but they are so colorful and sweet, I think they should be around year-round, especially during the Spring!  You’re seeing 40+ hours of work here (maybe more, I didn’t actually keep track, but I’m on season five of Parks and Recreation now)! I’m so excited that it all came together in the windows. As I was setting up, a customer came in and said “It’s so spring-y!” – Success! Pajaki chandeliers are usually made …

felt marathon.

Earlier this week I hung out at Rare Bird for back to back felt workshops. First, I debuted a new project: felt flower wall hangings. I’ll be teaching this class at Craftcation 2019, too! And then I was back for another College Prep Intraterm session with my felt succulent gardens project. I taught this class last year and was excited to hear that they wanted me to teach for a second time! As always, my students are amazing and I love to see what everyone creates in class! Everyone’s project turns out completely unique to their style. Look out world, we have a new cohort of felt gardeners! And now it’s time for a shameless plug: Learn to create felt blooms and succulents with me at one of my future workshops. Check my schedule on You can also request a workshop for your private event!