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what she orda?

Custom goodies! Here are some of my recent felt projects. A felt succulent garden for FtF fan Nicole. A ‘Baby Stuff’ garland for my friend Ana of Pure Alma. She makes baby stuff. A bandana cape for my friend’s pup Zoe. I finished the rope ends with cord to keep it from fraying. A flower garland for my friend Melissa on her wedding day! A trio of pennants for a birthday celebrant who loves plants! A Cal pennant for a new Golden Bear. Go Bears! Yay! More Feed the Fish co goodies on my crafty biz website and Instagram.

good stuff.

Hi. I worked on some stuff for FtF fans! Baby Pennants. My usual baby pennant pack got an upgrade (bigger flags!). I created these A’s theme monthly photo session pennants for my coworker’s new babe. Lucky 13. These pennants were a special request from one of my weaving students. She wanted to surprise her daughter and daughter’s friend with pennants for their 13th birthday. They picked them up at my SF Etsy Indie Holiday Emporium booth. She prepped a sort of scavenger hunt activity where they received gifts at certain booths. How cute! SPP. Hubby’s tennis bros needed some FtF bling. “SPP” stands for San Pablo Park, their home court. “Fight!” is one of the sayings their teammate says during competitive matches. The next season doesn’t start until April but we ready! Luca. My friend ordered a baby pennant pack and name pennant to gift to a friend. The color palette is everything. Plant Daddy, Yaaas Queen. Such fun custom wall hangings! I like when people ask me at shows if I have a certain …

felted necklace.

I had leftover felt pompoms from my Awreatha project so I decided to make pompom necklaces for gifting! This is a fun and easy DIY to add to your holiday make list. You will need: felt pompoms (I used 1″ poms) beading wire (at least double the length of your felt pom pom row) sewing needle chain (at least 20″ per project so it fits over people’s heads without needing a clasp opening) crimp beads (2 per project) wire cutters scissors crimping pliers Line up your felt pompom design. Measure out two pompom design lengths of beading wire. Begin threading your pompoms, leaving even tails on both ends. Cut 20-24 inches of coordinating chain. Thread bead wire through a crimp bead, through the last chain link, then back through the crimp bead. Crimp the crimp bead to secure the wire. Sew the bead wire tail through the first pompom then trim. For the other side, thread bead wire through crimp bead, through other end chain link (make sure the chain isn’t tangled), then back through …

holiday wreaths.

For my last Feed the Fish co crafty workshop of the year, I taught my felt flower class, holiday wreath style, at Mischief. All set up for the holiday fun! My students: three generations of crafters – My good friend Angel, her mom, and her daughters. They made such beautiful creations! The youngest made a wreath for a mouse. And now they are holiday ready! Thank you to Mischief for hosting! It’s always a fun time getting into crafty mischief. Hope you can come craft with me sometime in 2020! Keep posted on all of my crafty workshops on my crafty biz page.

special projects.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about special projects. So, here we go! Flower crown. First up, a custom flower crown in peaches and pinks. My panda makes a good model. Golden Gate bridges. Shweet Shtuf asked me to cut felt Golden Gate bridges for Karl the Fog plushies. So many bridges! These are available for purchase and are made to order. Pennants. I got a pennant request for a bouquet of graduation pennants – one design for the middle school graduation year and the other for their future high school graduation year. Super fun! Plus a custom pennant request for a Georgetown College alum. Go tigers! And my friend who works for the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Control Branch at the California Department of Public Health requested this custom #syphilisishard pennant for her coworker. I was given artist’s choice for colors so I made it super colorful. Paper signage. Here’s a paper sign I whipped up for an office baby shower. I practiced my calligraphy cutting. Wall hangings. Here’s another colorful project – a …

sunny side up eggs.

Ok, now this is just silly. Sunny side up eggs for an Easter morning breakfast egg hunt. How cute would these be as Easter brunch table scatter? All you need for this craft are yellow plastic eggs, white felt, and scissors. Glue is optional. Open up the plastic eggs and cut off a piece of felt to fit the “yolk.” Cut a squiggly circle-like shape for the egg white. Press the half egg onto the felt to “stamp” on the circle shape. Fold the felt in half to cut a slit in the felt. Cut out the middle circle using the impression as a guide. It doesn’t have to be a perfect circle, but try to stay within the circle outline (if you cut around the circle the egg white might not stay securely on the egg yolk). Insert the “egg yolk,” fill with treats, and close. Sunny side up! Happy early Easter! And happy Easter breakfasting/brunching!  More Easter egg ideas here, here, here, and here.

pineapple eggs.

Here’s another Easter egg decor idea. You can use a similar concept as my cactus eggs to create pineapple eggs. Materials: Plastic eggs in shades of yellow (you can also spray paint your eggs) Permanent marker in brown or gold Felt in shades of green Hot glue Scissors How to: Create pineapple crowns with felt. Start with a rectangular piece of felt, ~2” tall by 4” long. A longer piece will result in more leaves. Cut out triangles from one side to form a zig zag pattern. Roll and glue to seal. Hot glue pineapple crowns to the tops of eggs. If you don’t like the positioning of the crown, allow the glue to cool completely, pull off the crown, reposition and re-glue. Draw ‘v’ shapes with marker to resemble a pineapple pattern. Allow to dry. Separate the crown leaves for more volume. Then fill with sweet treats and gift. Hurry, name the best pineapple you’ve ever had! Mine is Maui Gold ‘imported’ from Hawaii! Juuiiiicy…. There’s one more Easter egg post comin’ soon!