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mischief maker. 

If you haven’t heard the news, I’m a mischief maker. I’m the featured maker at mischief! Semantics… My Feed the Fish co line gets a special area of the store and I get to hang out and craft all day when I’m in-shop. I love my lil set-up! It changes a little when I’m in the shop so I can sit near my stuff. I am most especially proud of my banner bar, which has been a longtime dream of mine. I finally found the right display for it, and this pop-up was the perfect place for it’s debut! I’m about halfway through my ‘residency’ now and already so much has happened. I’ve learned more about shop-life, brainstormed crafty projects with shop owner Laura, and completed a lot of custom projects in store. What’s extra fun is that I get to interact with the customers and show them how I make what I make. I’m also teaching a few workshops throughout the month. A huge, huge thank you to owners Laura and Julien (the OG …

west elm local.

I had back to back events at West Elm – a workshop on Saturday and a pop-up shop on Sunday! It was my first time selling my Feed the Fish co. wares in store. Looky looky looks! My favorite part of setting up at West Elm is using their table as part of my booth display. I’m a big fan of using legit tables (e.g. not folding tables) for my crafty display. And it was only a little weird when people wanted to test chairs around the table I was using. What was way less awkward was taking product photos with all the lovely items in store. Dreamy… Thank you, West Elm, for supporting small independent makers! Have you checked out your West Elm’s local wares and pop-up shops? Share below!

shop feature: gather.

One of my favorite neighborhood shops is located in the Hayes Valley of San Francisco. Why is it my favorite? Because whenever I’m in the store I want to buy everything…everything! Annnd, owners Daisy & Christian are the sweetest! You really can find something for everyone at gather. Clothing, jewelry, housewares,…. Plus, there are workshops – I hosted one back in September and just attended one my friend taught last month. I’ve got some Feed the Fish co. goodies in shop, too. Aw yea… Stop in and see what all the excitement is about!

taco tuesday.

Happy Taco Tuesday! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a really long time. I’m launching a new garland via my craftstyle brand Feed the Fish co. Each order comes with a taco six pack. The shells come in three colors: wheat (above), flour (below/left), and corn (below/right). And you get your choice of fillings: meat, lettuce / guacamole, sour cream, cheese, tomato, you pick! This garland reminds me of my San Diego grad school days. Taco Tuesday was serious business back then. Now, I like to get my tacos any day of the week from Tacos El Autlense in Albany. Mmm, tacos. Where’s your favorite place for Taco Tuesday? Share below! And grab your forever tacos here.

garland challenge part two.

Month two is complete! I honestly cannot believe I’ve kept up with my garland-a-day project. I was already feeling behind on day four, and now I’ve posted sixty garlands since the start of the year. Here’s a look back at my February garlands. Which one is your favorite? Be sure to follow along on the daily on Instagram. Comment below if you have a garland request, too!

fun with flags.

I love working with Feed the Fish co customers on custom celebration decor. Here’s a peek at some pennants I’ve been recently asked to make. A couple of weekends ago I vended at Stockmarket in Stockton, a handmade & vintage show. There were all sorts of wonderfully curated items. I of course had to make some pennants to represent the area and show some city love. My Stockton pennants got a lot of ‘awww’ and ‘that’s awesome’. One show-goer ordered a custom GIANT pennant. Ok, technically these pennants are regular sized, but compared to my usual sized pennants on a stick, these are gigante. She’s going to hang this up in a school office. What a nice way to sport city and school pride. This trio of pennants was for a lovely young lady named Paloma who recently turned 13 and had a bowling party! This was a super fun way to decorate the night. Talk about Kodak moment; these make the perfect accessory for a colorful photoshoot with your bestest friends. Shops dig my pennants, too. Gather in …

craft closet.

A couple of months ago I had the brilliant idea to empty out our walk-in closet and turn it into a craft supply store…er, space. Sure, we ended up keeping our clothes ALL OVER the bedroom floor until we purchased wardrobes, but the mess was worth it. Now, our bedroom is just that – a bedroom! And, assuming my craft supplies are put away nicely, the craft closet door can shut and hide away all of the boxes of fun supplies. On my bookshelf I’ve stored “high use” supplies – things like paper, glue, ribbon, and punches. Up top is where I keep my “low use” supplies, seasonal items, and booth displays. The larger storage containers on the right are home to my packing supplies, workshop materials, products for shows, and “craft queue.” In the corner I’ve stored craft tables and bigger display items. Sterilite made a lot of money off of me. I absolutely love their storage containers. They are durable, stackable, easy to open/close, and see-through – no need to label. On my bookshelf, I …