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flower garden crowns.

I taught an expanded version of my felt flower crown workshop earlier this month. It was a special class because it was the first time in Feed the Fish co history that my Mommy and Niece were able to attend one of my events. They live in Southern California and all of my events so far have been in Northern California. Yay for virtual crafting! For this class I picked out a Boho Garden color palette from Benzie Design. It is by far my favorite color palette of felt. If you haven’t already discovered Benzie Design, here is your introduction. It’s like the butter of felt in all the dreamy colors. This was the sample I made for class, as modeled by Panda. See all these floral beauties in their floral beauties! Plus some sweet sentiments. I’m so happy everyone enjoyed class! My friend was inspired to create local flowers for her crown! If I could, I would make grand flower crowns all day. Felt flower crowns for all!

you want it, you got it.

More custom requests for my crafty biz keeping me busy this summer! Mask Up My crafty friend Vince ordered custom letters in Barnum font for his mask project. Excited to see these pop up in his mask photoshoots. A Trio of Lovelies My friend Angel dreamed up this trio with fancy fonts and added tassels. This has got to be my favorite order of pennants ever. Big Bro / Lil Bro Name pennants for the big bro and the lil bro. A cute idea for a growing fam! Fundraiser Pennants I felt (hehe, felt) like I should use my craft skills for some craftivism. All sales from any custom persist, love, or vote pennants will be donated to Black Lives Matter and ACLU. Unite! I made this Unite pennant with a trio of fists and it gained traction on Instagram, so I decided to sell them with half of sales going to The Conscious Kid. Off to Grad School My public health friend ordered these goodies for one of her staffers at the HPV Impact …

diy kits.

Some of my ‘vending at craft shows’ energy has been put into creating DIY kits for easy gifting and crafting. In all my years of designing workshops, I had yet to design a kit! I have released three new kits since April and I’m so excited for all of them. Check them out and tell me what you think! #1 Aloha Felt Flower Clips First to launch were my Aloha Felt Flower Clips. These were very much inspired by my hula days. I loved all of the floral and leafy head pieces I got to wear during performances. These are a great everyday alternative to my felt flower crowns, and it makes for a simple, quick, fun, and beautiful DIY. I had blue bags in my packaging stash so I designed the kit to fit the bags. I developed step by step instructions, and figured out how to create a compact felt stack both to fit the bag and to allow for lots of color options for the clips. Packaging everything up is definitely my …

makin’ stuff.

Craft shows aren’t happening, but I’m still busy making felt goodies! Here’s what I’ve been up to lately for Feed the Fish co. Pennant Party at Jenny Lemons I taught pennant making with Jenny Lemons for their virtual craft night. All participants received a pennant kit and craft night snacks, and I demoed a few shapes and letters, plus tassels. I was also the featured maker in their shop for June so they sold my Hurray and Yay! pennants as part of their special edition grad packs and featured my pennant craft on their blog. Vote – Resist – Yay! I received a special request to create pennants that faced the other way. This was kind of a trip to make, but they turned out perfect! Flower Crown Update My friend Dia spotted one of my crowns and requested a different floral pattern. So instead of making a new one, I gave this lavender-inspired beaut an update, keeping the crown shape, but re-organizing the flowers and adding more leaves. Frolicking ready! The Graduate It’s always …

pennant party!

I hosted another interwebs event for my crafty biz: live pennant cutting! Sometimes for in-person events, if there is electricity and space available at my booth, I’ll create pennants on demand. I had never done one live on the interwebs before. There’s a first for everything during shelter in place! I took preorders and took suggestions from the audience, too. I showed some samples, prepared a few blank pennants, and had a box of scraps and my scissors ready to go. First up was a duo of 2020 pennants for a high school and college grad. And a plant lady pennant for, well, a fellow plant lady! I created a shop tiny pennant for the SF Etsy first ever virtual show (I co-hosted! You can watch the recording online.) and some pandemic-inspired pennants: good vibes, let’s stay in, and it’s ok. I also cut out a love and a yay pennant, two of my best sellers. But the request of all requests were these yay pennants complete with 3D toilet paper roll. Super fun! And …

more felt goodies.

I’ve been keeping busy making a few custom felt goodies! Floral Clip This design was greatly inspired by my hula days and all of the colorful floral clips I got to wear during my performances. My friend Tiffany ordered a custom clip for her lil one. I hadn’t made these in a while so it was nice to revisit this design. And, fun news – I’m planning to turn this into a DIY kit so you can make your own anytime, anywhere! Stay tuned. Better Late Than Ugly Another crafty lady friend, Sarah, ordered a custom wall hanging to add to her Feed the Fish co collection. Keke, this is perfect for any vanity! I like receiving requests for custom wall hangings. There’s a lot more room on the wall hangings versus the pennants so people get super creative! Sister District Marin Felt Suite One of my repeat customers works for a local democratic political organization and she wanted some Feed the Fish co flair for her group gatherings. She ordered a garland for use …

what she orda?

Custom goodies! Here are some of my recent felt projects. A felt succulent garden for FtF fan Nicole. A ‘Baby Stuff’ garland for my friend Ana of Pure Alma. She makes baby stuff. A bandana cape for my friend’s pup Zoe. I finished the rope ends with cord to keep it from fraying. A flower garland for my friend Melissa on her wedding day! A trio of pennants for a birthday celebrant who loves plants! A Cal pennant for a new Golden Bear. Go Bears! Yay! More Feed the Fish co goodies on my crafty biz website and Instagram.

good stuff.

Hi. I worked on some stuff for FtF fans! Baby Pennants. My usual baby pennant pack got an upgrade (bigger flags!). I created these A’s theme monthly photo session pennants for my coworker’s new babe. Lucky 13. These pennants were a special request from one of my weaving students. She wanted to surprise her daughter and daughter’s friend with pennants for their 13th birthday. They picked them up at my SF Etsy Indie Holiday Emporium booth. She prepped a sort of scavenger hunt activity where they received gifts at certain booths. How cute! SPP. Hubby’s tennis bros needed some FtF bling. “SPP” stands for San Pablo Park, their home court. “Fight!” is one of the sayings their teammate says during competitive matches. The next season doesn’t start until April but we ready! Luca. My friend ordered a baby pennant pack and name pennant to gift to a friend. The color palette is everything. Plant Daddy, Yaaas Queen. Such fun custom wall hangings! I like when people ask me at shows if I have a certain …

holiday wreaths.

For my last Feed the Fish co crafty workshop of the year, I taught my felt flower class, holiday wreath style, at Mischief. All set up for the holiday fun! My students: three generations of crafters – My good friend Angel, her mom, and her daughters. They made such beautiful creations! The youngest made a wreath for a mouse. And now they are holiday ready! Thank you to Mischief for hosting! It’s always a fun time getting into crafty mischief. Hope you can come craft with me sometime in 2020! Keep posted on all of my crafty workshops on my crafty biz page.


Hooray, huzzah! I’m so excited that my weaving workshop has been picking up. The Fall/Winter is the perfect time for this cozy craft! I absolutely love teaching this workshop. Also, I really, really love creating yarn rainbow displays! Here are a few snaps from my last two classes – @ Craft + Work In my workshop I review all the tools (we use my brand loom and tools!) and materials needed to create a tapestry weaving, how to prep a loom, variations on the tabby/basic stitch and rya/tassels, and how to finish a weaving. Everyone leaves with a finished (or nearly finished!) piece. @ Mischief It’s always fun to see what everyone creates with just two weaving stitches and a rainbow of colors! Are you a be-weaver? Share below!