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saturday market.

I miss weekly farmers markets at work (they were discontinued), so whenever Hubby and I get a chance, we visit a local farmers market! Most recently we visited the Downtown Berkeley farmers market. I hadn’t been in years. There are ready-made foods, lots of fruit samples, local honey, flowers, and services like table massage. But you know me, I’m there for the PROOO-DUUUCE. Today’s bounty: zebra tomatoes, malunggay (OMG this stuff is so hard to find!), basil, radish, tiny eggplants, pears, and peaches. When I shop I usually don’t have a recipe in mind; with a farmers market like this it’s easy to be inspired. If you ever shop this market, you can also treat yo’self to the bounty of restaurants in the area. We went to Imm Thai for lunch and Asha for treats. You’re bound to run into street festival, too; there’s always something happening around the Downtown Berkeley area. Always looking for farmers market suggestions. Share your favorites below!

folsom is hot.

Hubby’s Tennis Team went to District Championships this year (again, yay!). Their schedule was a lot better than last year’s schedule which meant there was time for a farmers market trip in Historic Folsom. The market is held every Saturday 8-1PM, and there’s a parking structure for easy and ample parking. The market is a good size, maybe 30-40 vendors and they had a nice mix of fresh produce, ready to eat foods, handmade items, and services like knife sharpening and chair massage. I wanted to get all the produce, but since we were traveling I just admired all the yummies. I mean, look at these luscious tomatoes! Hubby opted for a post-tennis match chair massage and, since it was 100 plus outside, I opted for a java chip popsicle from Tahoe Pops. Yezz. For food, there was a vegan food truck, Filipino food stand, lemonade, tamales, and coffee. I picked up a chicken tamal and a chile relleno tamal, plus a 24oz iced chai. Yezz, again. Gotta keep cool in the heat. For handmade …

tokyo farmers market.

The Tokyo Coffee Festival we visited happened to be next to a farmers’ market, and you know how much I love farmers’ markets! This one was held at the United Nations University campus in Aoyama. There were a handful of vendors – lots of veggies and fruit, local honey, flowers and plants, and food trucks. Everything was perfectly packaged, neatly organized, and super adorable. Look at the carrots! Why are they so chubby and cartoon-like? Also spotted: wasabi! Yay, produce! Where are some of your favorite farmer’s markets? Share below!

will stop for farmer’s markets.

While we were in Alameda over the weekend, a farmer’s market caught my eye. So we swung by and drooled over all the fresh fruits and veggies. This market is relatively small, with maybe 20-ish booths, including some pre-made food booths, but was filled with lots of fresh produce. September meant lots of kale, peppers, cucumbers, peaches, plums, and berries…and so much more. We snagged some Indian and Thai eggplants and Thai basil. Mmm, the basil made the car smell so good. Generally speaking, if I see a place that catches my eye while driving I will stop if there’s an easy parking space near by. Who else stops for farmer’s markets (side-of-the-road markets count!), too? Share below.

mobile farmer’s market.

Yay, it’s about time I feature the mobile farmer’s market truck that comes to my work. Every Wednesday “CiCi” the truck rolls in with a bounty of fruits, veggies, dried goods, and flowers. It’s a highlight of the week every week and I always find something colorful and fresh to bring home. The truck is part of Fresh Approach whose mission is to connect communities with healthy food options from local farmers, and to share food and nutrition information – like fun recipes to try with produce that’s in season. This week’s bounty: strawberries, squash, peppers, cucumbers, and eggplant. Yum! What are some of your favorite farmer’s market stops and finds? Share below!

tuesday market.

I love me some farmers markets. I finally visited the Tuesday market in Berkeley put on by the Ecology Center. I was very pleased. Lots of people walk to/from the market, and street parking is easy, too. My first stop was flowers. I only like flowers that don’t have that ‘flower smell’ and there just so happened to be dahlias – they just smell like plants. (That should go on a shirt.) Aren’t they gorgeous? Heck, I might just come back the Tuesday before my wedding next year and use these as my bouquet. Just put a ribbon on it! Onto the food. There are a few booths with ready-made foods including gluten- and soy-free baked goods by Triple Heart Bakery, Andy and Cindy’s Thai food, and vegetarian Mexican cuisine by Flacos. The star of the market is definitely the fresh produce, though. I mean, look at these veggies! Long okra, the cutest and chubbiest bitter melon I’ve ever seen, and beautifully vibrant red tomatoes. The selection is amazing. What is your favorite farmers market? …