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make a wish.

Yay! We had another crafty lady togetherness night (remember kumihimo crafty hour?). I brought a wish bracelet craft to share and friends brought additional supplies for friendship bracelet making. Spend your summer making these with all your besties! Wish Bracelets Materials: Hemp cord Seed beads size 6/0 Ruler Scissors Clipboard or tape to hold cord in place For 6 inch wrist/bracelet you’ll need: 3 strands of cord measured to 16 inches 8 beads (you can add less/more) Line up all three cord strands. Tie an overhand knot at one end, leaving 3 inches of lose cord. Braid cords until you have ~2 inches of braid. Continue to braid, this time adding beads as you braid. String on a bead after every left cord moves to the center and “lock” the bead in place with each right cord moved to the center. (Or the reverse.) Continue this pattern until you braid on all 8 beads. Continue to braid cord without beads until you have another 2 inches of braid. Tie off this end with another overhand …

crafty hour.

My crafty lady friends and I met up for a crafty lady crafty hour. We met up at Casa Latina, one of my preferred nacho places because they get the chip to topping ratio right all the time. 😉 First we ate foods; then we did the crafts. My friend brought pom pom trim guides / kumihimo cord makers by our friends at the Loome. We made kumihimo cord keychains. Materials are simple: yarn, key ring + clasp, scissors, and optional beads and needle. Tahdums! Check out the kumihimo cord tutorial we followed on the Loome. Finally, a crafty lady crafty hour in the books! It’s so nice to hang out with my crafty ladies not at a craft show – even tho that’s fun, too! We’ll have to make this a regular thing.