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winter wreath.

Happy first day of winter! To celebrate, I’m sharing a winter wreath I created in Haia Sophia’s most recent wreath workshop at Rare Bird. Haia reviewed materials and basic wreath construction. We used 12-inch metal hoops, 24 gauge floral wire, and an assortment of foliage – some fresh and some dried. It was pokey class so we wore gardening gloves. It was so fun working with all the materials – acacia, fir, straw flowers, pinecones, …; it smelled so fresh in the classroom. Haia helped me create my dream giant wreath! It might be a little too big for my front door, but I love it! Thank you to our winter wreath guide Haia of Canopy Floral – check out her amazing work! Do you adorn your home with winter wreaths? Share your favorite door decor below!

holiday wreaths.

For my last Feed the Fish co crafty workshop of the year, I taught my felt flower class, holiday wreath style, at Mischief. All set up for the holiday fun! My students: three generations of crafters – My good friend Angel, her mom, and her daughters. They made such beautiful creations! The youngest made a wreath for a mouse. And now they are holiday ready! Thank you to Mischief for hosting! It’s always a fun time getting into crafty mischief. Hope you can come craft with me sometime in 2020! Keep posted on all of my crafty workshops on my crafty biz page.


Hooray, huzzah! I’m so excited that my weaving workshop has been picking up. The Fall/Winter is the perfect time for this cozy craft! I absolutely love teaching this workshop. Also, I really, really love creating yarn rainbow displays! Here are a few snaps from my last two classes – @ Craft + Work In my workshop I review all the tools (we use my brand loom and tools!) and materials needed to create a tapestry weaving, how to prep a loom, variations on the tabby/basic stitch and rya/tassels, and how to finish a weaving. Everyone leaves with a finished (or nearly finished!) piece. @ Mischief It’s always fun to see what everyone creates with just two weaving stitches and a rainbow of colors! Are you a be-weaver? Share below!

melon basketry.

Get this – all woven baskets are handmade. Mind blown. So the next time I pick up a woven basket I’ll think about all the work and care that was put into making that piece! And that brings me to my latest obsession: melon basketry! Melon basketry is one of those skills I didn’t know I wanted to learn until I saw the Handcraft Studio School workshop offering. When there was a date that worked for me, I signed up right away and waited with much anticipation! Our instructor, Michele Hament, creates baskets with natural materials like reed (what we used in class), pine needles, and kelp. I arrived as she was setting up… She brought some samples, too. For this class we learned how to make a melon shape, but there’s also an egg basket (aka butt basket), and options to create smaller or larger basket bases. First things first, a refresher on how to create a god’s eye weaving. This is the technique we used to attach the handle to the rim of …


My window display at Mischief inspired a new workshop series: pajaki (pah-yong-kee) chandeliers with a modern twist! Pajaki chandeliers are a traditional Polish folk craft designed to brighten up the home with bold spring blooms during the long winter. They are made with natural straw and paper is used to create pom pons and flowers. For my workshop series I’m teaching how to construct the chandeliers with paper straws and decorate them with felt flowers (the modern twist!) instead. Here are some snaps from the last workshop! I begin class with pajaki construction. We pick out straws and coordinating paper and build the chandeliers together. Then a brief lesson in felt flower making and a show-and-tell of different ways to complete the chandeliers. Shop owner Julien constructed rope hangers in the studio space specifically for this class so our chandeliers could hang as we build them. Sweet! Student work! 🙂 I’ll be back at Mischief at the end of the month to teach a yarn pom pon and tassel version of this workshop. You’re invited, …

everybody gets a pennant.

I was invited to lead a community group social at Square HQ! Everyone got to decorate a pennant with their community group name and extra goodies like gems and tassels. I precut all the letters and mini Square logos, and matched them up with a coordinating pennant. At the event, I laid out the pennants and envelopes with phrases on a welcome table. It made it feel like a fancy dinner party with name cards. I set up each table with all the things to get crafty – hot glue, gems, felt, yarn, scissors, tassel makers, fabric markers, and safety pins. Everything they needed to create their pennant was in the envelope, but if they were feeling extra, they could create tassels, cut out felt (some made mini flowers!), color their pennants, decorate the back, anything! All the fun creations and all the fun people! Yay! Thank you to Kelly of Square for inviting me and organizing the event, and to all the community group reps for getting crafty with me!

succulent wreaths.

I debuted a new class at Rare Bird this year: felt succulent wreaths! I gotta say, this has got to be my favorite iteration of my felt succulent class. Here are some recaps from the first two workshops Set up: each station gets a grapevine wreath, a stack of practice felt, instructions to keep, a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, and a surprise goodie envelope (it’s got a lil Feed the Fish co keychain!). Plus there’s community felt, stencils, fabric markers, and samples. Inaugural class! Such beautiful creations! While they made their wreaths, I made a special request miniature wreath. In class two I had a sister trio join, and then it turned out that they knew the fourth student, too. It’s a small crafty world! So many gorgeous succulents! In this class, while students were busy crafting, I made a sample wreath for a quicker (smaller) version of the workshop. I’m obsessed! I’m hoping to teach this workshop again in the Fall/Winter. I’m also planning to create a few smaller wreaths to …