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knits & knots.

Here’s the yarn store I mentioned in my last post! Knits and Knots is filled with all the things! I’m not a knitter or crocheter, but I do love me some locally dyed yarns for special tassels and weaving work. When I stumble upon a yarn shop while on vacation I always ask where to find the special yarn. Shops usually carry one or two local brands. Here, they carry Storyteller yarn. I’m always inspired by the projects on display. Sometimes I wish I had this kind of craft patience. The shop also carries giftable items ~ cards, DIY kits…. PS And they are located behind Wildwood so you can get a double dose of shopping small! Do pretty yarns make you swoon, too? Share yarn tales below!

crafty reuse.

Alameda field trip to The ReCrafting Co! The shop was mostly yarn and fabric, but they also had collections of stamps, buttons, punches, beads, how-to books, and crafting tools. This was my first visit to the shop and I was super impressed. It’s a reuse and consignment supply shop so I was expecting a lot of digging through items to find ‘something good.’ But to my pleasant surprise, most of the items were new or like new with original packaging. It was so easy to find what I was not looking for. 😉 Any used items like these knitting tools were gently used and in great hand-me-down condition. And the yarn and fabric stash sorted and neatly displayed. In case you’re wondering what I went home with: three skeins of yarn to add to my collection! Lovers of yarn and fabric crafts, this is a must visit!

craft closet.

A couple of months ago I had the brilliant idea to empty out our walk-in closet and turn it into a craft supply store…er, space. Sure, we ended up keeping our clothes ALL OVER the bedroom floor until we purchased wardrobes, but the mess was worth it. Now, our bedroom is just that – a bedroom! And, assuming my craft supplies are put away nicely, the craft closet door can shut and hide away all of the boxes of fun supplies. On my bookshelf I’ve stored “high use” supplies – things like paper, glue, ribbon, and punches. Up top is where I keep my “low use” supplies, seasonal items, and booth displays. The larger storage containers on the right are home to my packing supplies, workshop materials, products for shows, and “craft queue.” In the corner I’ve stored craft tables and bigger display items. Sterilite made a lot of money off of me. I absolutely love their storage containers. They are durable, stackable, easy to open/close, and see-through – no need to label. On my bookshelf, I …