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sensory bins.

My friend Robin of Messy Play Kits asked me to create a few felt pieces for her new sensory bin kits. Eee, I love making cute things like these in bulk because they are fun to photograph. I made three shapes — Picnic Baskets I made 50 picnic baskets for her Picnic Sensory Bin. The original design was a 3-inch cube, but we made it even smaller (2-inch cube) for extra cuteness. Somehow, they fit perfectly in this box for shipping out to Robin. Each sensory bin includes one of five picnic basket colors. I might need to make these as little treat bins moving forward. Suns and Rainbows I made 50 suns and 50 rainbows for her Weather Sensory Bin. An additional 50 suns will be used for an upcoming bin — can you guess what the theme will be? Thank you to Robin for inviting me to collaborate on these projects! It’s so fun to see all the kits she comes up with; her ideas keep on flowing and keep the littles (and …


Crafty announcement today! I’m launching my line of weaving looms! We’ll call it a soft launch since they are currently only available to my workshop students (find me at Mischief on March 24!). I collaborated with my friend Laura to create a Crafterateur brand loom. Version 1.0 was dreamt up last year. Now we’ve (hehe, weave) finalized the shape, features, and colors! And now it’s here! Dare I call this a craftera-tool? (Yup!) The starter pack comes with the loom, a long needle, and a comb. The booster pack comes with two short needles, a shed stick, and a shuttle. I also have hanging sticks, and each piece is Crafterateur branded and approved. All looms and tools come in peach, pink, and jade, and the looms can be used in either portrait or landscape for varied weaving sizes. What do you think? Who wants one? 🙂

gallery art.

I was recently asked to contribute to an art installation collaboration for a local art gallery. What?! I know, so official. I only had one night to think about my contribution so I decided to just show up and let art happen when I got to the studio to create my piece. The installation was to be a collaboration of Bay Area artists to showcase “Oakland.” Eighteen artists were invited to design foam boards to be installed on a metal structure that rotated the boards. Artists Nick Dong and Corrie Messinger were the masterminds behind the piece and we were invited to Nick’s Oakland studio to create. Walking into a legit art studio was the cheese balls (and I love cheese balls!). Lots of space and natural light, all the art supplies and tools you could ever need…amazing. The piece I created is called Fly. It started with a sketch. I was inspired by a butterfly and wanted to incorporate the whimsy of their wings. I went back and forth with colors and feelings. After all, people were going to have …

food presents.

Food presents make some of the best presents! My cubicle neighbor gave me some homemade chutney this week. I immediately opened it up and inhaled. It smelled so fresh, and she mentioned it would be very spicy. I couldn’t wait to prepare a meal to be complimented by the chutney. That night I grilled some white fish, seasoned lightly with with onion power, salt, and pepper; sautéed broccolini (from the farmers market food truck!) with turmeric, coriander, onion, garlic, salt, and pepper; and steamed some quinoa. I topped it off with the beautiful bright green cilantro chutney. The intense flavors of garlic and the subtle apple cider vinegar gave the chutney a perfect balance of sweet and salty. The spice – just right! It was enough to surprise your taste buds and then make you want more of it. It was so good, the fiancé went back for seconds, and then finished my plate. I suppose I will need to start placing orders with my co-worker. Feature a favorite condiment below, and by favorite I mean so-good-you-want-to-drink-it-straight.