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red, white, and indigo.

I love me a good party theme pun, so when Fourth of July rolled around I was like, um “red, white and indigo?” Yes! I invited some friends to join me for an afternoon of casual indigo dyeing. My friend Laura laser beamed a bunch of shapes for me out of acrylic. I had been dyeing to use them. They are brilliant! And since they are clear you can see some of the color change on the fabric. The big reveal…     Not a lot of pictures here because I was busy having too much fun. Mostly I just wanted to share my pun with you. 😜 I leave you with these fun patriotic donuts. And this video…     Until my next pun party! Hope you all had a fun, happy, and spectacular 4th! Check out my previous posts about indigo dyeing, too: Ready, Set, Indigo / Indigo Magic

ice cream pawty.

Happy First Day of Summer! Here’s a fun idea for a summer day, or any day really – an ice cream pawty! My friend Laura threw an ice cream pawty for her pup Pebbles! Laura set up human snacks plus puppy ice cream and toppings. How cute are these emoji labels for the puppy toppings? Per crafty friend protocol, I helped with some of the decor set up. We strung up garlands, and scattered ice cream and Pebbles head photo props around the pawty. I also helped with making signs. OoOoo, and check out this suspended centerpiece she put together, too – honeycombs for the win! Ice cream time! The human ice cream was catered by Tucker’s in Alameda. We all got two scoops plus all the toppings we wanted! The humans had fun, and I think the pups did, too! Happy birthday, Pebbles! Let’s recap the last pawty, too.

confetti crown crew.ï»ż

For the opening reception of my pop-up at Mischief we threw a confetti crown party. (Throwback to our 5th birthday!) And I make my own confetti now thanks to a super cool paper shredder that cross cuts paper into tiny pieces. This time I used a colorful neon paper assortment on it’s own; next time I’m thinking I should add some sequins and metallic bits. Let the colorful mess commence! Sparkly everything, colorful gems, and hot glue make for a fun crafternoon. ​ Huzzah! We are still finding confetti bits around the shop and I’m not even mad about it. 😎 Thank you to friends, old and new, for celebrating with me!

liquid gold.

A table number how-to! I used these for my parent’s golden anniversary celebration. Now I want to put liquid gold on everything! 1. Cut paper to size. I used watercolor paper because I like the weight and texture, and cut sheets into 3in by 4in pieces using a paper trimmer. 2. Paint on liquid gold. In a well-ventilated area (seriously, this stuff smells like spray paint), brush on liquid gold to your hearts desire. It’s best to keep the liquid gold away from area you want to write on — the pen ink will fade into the gold a bit. Allow to dry for a few minutes and paint the other side. The paint dries quickly, but I would let these air out overnight or longer. 3. Write table numbers. Black permanent marker works nicely, but be careful not to apply too many layers because it may bleed through. Smooth out the edges of your numbers with a thin black marker. 4. Display. For my parent’s party, I used escort card holders as table number …

bestie’s bach in the bay.

Bestie got married last weekend and it was…PURPLE! 🙂 But before we celebrated nuptials, we celebrated Bestie’s Bachelorette in the Bay! The bride’s request: calm fun. Yes, it’s a real thing! She was in town for a conference and it just so happened to be the week of the presidential election so we were all feeling a bit…exhausted. We decided on an evening of tea tasting, painting/glass fusing, and eating! Keepin’ it rated G, y’all! The tea tasting room at Teance is all the calm. Our tea guide is officially my tea hero. He knew so much about the various teas we chose for our tasting, and he put up with all of our tea inquiries. We tried nine teas, learned to properly steep and taste each one, and we left with some of our favorites. We could have easily spent hours here, but we needed to run off to the next adventure: glass fusing and ceramic painting! Brushstrokes is my favorite painting studio, and Bestie is super creative so we thought she’d enjoy a visit …

my florist friends. 

My Crafty Lady Crew is the best and with their powers combined they created beautiful things for our wedding, including all of the reception floral decor. Dreamy… Before the wedding I met with our lead florist – our friend Kristin. (She also sets up the best magazine-worthy meal spreads.) When we were looking at flowers, we discovered we had the same taste, or should I say smell, for flowers. We both like the flowers that either smell like nothing or are on the sweeter side. Anything too fragrant, like roses, and lilies (especially lilies!) smell like death to us. Long story short, I knew I would be happy with Kristin’s floral selection because they wouldn’t smell like anything! Visually, I wanted whites, greens, and soft pinks in our centerpieces. Kristin shopped around for some stems at local farmers markets, but she also gathered some lovelies from her garden! We used Ball mason jars plus old mini yogurt glassware with offwhite ribbon and handmade-by-Kristin ceramic hearts on cord. And just look at how these beauties turned out. They completed my tablescape dreams. …


One of my favorite things in the world is watching fireworks. Sparkles… Lucky me, there happens to be a holiday for that. Since 2009 my fiancĂ© and I have watched the fireworks display at the Berkeley Marina (Fun fact: This is also where we got engaged last year. Another fun fact: We just celebrated our one year engagement anniversary – Do normal people celebrate those?). Lots of people come out to sit on dirt and rocks to watch the show up close. There’s really no other way to do it. There are food vendors and rides and games for the littles. The first time we watched the show we were total noobs. We wore shorts and basically shivered all night; it is the Bay area after all, in the “summer.” We’ve since learned our lesson and have made some upgrades. We now dress in warm attire; we’re serious about wearing snow jackets, closed toe shoes (I prefer boots with fur), gloves, scarves, and beanies. We also come ready with our travel chairs, blankets, and neck …