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the other rbg.

My “craft fame” brought me to this hidden gem: the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek! I was invited to teach a crafty workshop in the garden this spring so I came for a tour of the workshop space. If the weather is good I’ll be teaching out on the patio with garden views; if it’s cold we’ll set up indoors in the new event space. After my crafty workshop tour, I got to explore the garden! It is a beauty! The Bancroft family owned over 400 acres of Walnut Creek. The property was a fruit farm in the late 1800s and was passed down for generations. Eventually, the family sold much of the land and the last of the fruit trees were cut down. Philip Bancroft, Jr, encouraged his wife Ruth to take over the land with her plant collection. Apparently, she owned so many potted plants – she was an original plant lady! The garden now sits on 3.5 acres, and their original family home still sits on the property (you can see …

garden frolics.

What to do when work flies you home for the weekend, it’s sunny out, and your parents are big fans of the outdoors? Frolic to the nearest botanical garden! My Dad packed his fancy camera, we donned our big hats, and we were off to the Los Angeles Arboretum in Arcadia. It was my first visit to the garden, which is surprising because I grew up less than ten miles away. You can easily spend a whole day wandering around. We only stayed for a couple of hours and saw a little more than half of the garden, but we discovered so many unusual and beautiful plants, and took so many pictures. The garden is sprinkled with various sculptures and decor, but we also happened to go while they were setting up for an Art in the Garden exhibit so there were whimsical pieces throughout. My Mom had fun modeling and I enjoyed impromptu garden lessons. The wildlife were fun to spot, too. Until the next family mini-vacay! How do you like to spend your family afternoons? Share below!