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crafty ladies reunite.

My meet ups with my crafty lady crew have been on hiatus since Galentine’s Day, but we recently reunited on the interwebs. One of us got a laser cutter so she created and shipped wood initial painting kits to all the crafty ladies. Yes, she even picked paint palettes and filled tiny paint pots for us, and made instructions! (We fancy.) I looked forward to the meet up all week and was excited to spend some creative time together with my friends, but then I was extra surprised and excited to find that our crafty ladies reunion turned into a surprise crafty bebe shower for me! So sweet! They even got Hubby in on it and he sneakily picked up snacks and presents that my friends prepared for the night in. We played games (guess the baby and a very creative scavenger hunt – we had to find some handmade items and the oldest thing in our fridge), chatted, snacked, and I loved seeing everyone’s decorated space. I spy some Feed the Fish co goodies! …

galaxy grandma.

My friends and I threw a grandma shower for our soon-to-be-grandma friend Sahskkia! The theme: Galaxy Grandma (because her grandson’s name was inspired by a constellation). We reserved a table at Riggers Loft in Richmond. They have a large space next to the water. The table we reserved was already beautiful (solid wood!) so we only decorated with a few additions – golden faux candles and twinkle lights, some fun signs that my friend printed out, gold star table scatter, and a plate of cupcakes for the centerpiece (more on the cupcakes in a later post!). We had wine for the table, but some also tried other beverages. Plus, there was a taco truck. Instead of typical party games, we had our own watercolor paint night. The idea was to create galaxy cacti, inspired by Aima Kessy of Dainty Rebel, to continue with the galaxy grandma theme.¬†Clearly, I was most excited for the crafty portion of the evening (so many photos!). Beautiful! What a fun place to host a celebration! In addition to awesome staff, …

donut worry.

Next up in work parties: a baby shower donut bar celebration! We picked up plain and sugar donuts, plus donut holes. No need to make fancy glazes; we shopped the ice cream topping section for ideas. Caramels and hot fudge work well; also, crushed nuts, shredded coconut, chocolate chips, crumbled cookies, and sprinkles. We also served cold brew coffee and iced masala chai with a few milk varietals to wash down the sweets. The coworkers got to creating their one-of-a-kind donuts! Of course we needed appropriate signage and decor as well. We put up a “Donut worry, Sam” sign for the dad-to-be, plus creepy baby photos; and scattered large paper sprinkles on the table. And we can’t forget the cute baby gear presents!¬†Enter butt paste and nasal aspirator! My work party crew and I are getting really good at this social event planning thing. Looking forward to planning our next celebration!