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las vegas: art and design.

This year’s girls trip brought me and my friend to Las Vegas. I used to visit a lot as a kid (my grandma liked celebrating birthdays here). I never really understood why people liked to come back, but now I realize it’s because you can’t possibly see the whole thing in one weekend. It’s like Disneyland. On this trip I was really fascinated by all the newer casino designs and attention to detail, and all the art! Here’s my Las Vegas Art and Design Lookbook! Our Hotel (Planet Hollywood) Even the tub tile was art. Chandeliers We spent a lot of time in the Cosmopolitan because they had all the food we were interested in consuming. But I’d stay for the chandeliers! Hotel Lounges The Cosmopolitan also had this cute Alice in Wonderland themed lounge. We spent two meal times here. My favorite detail: the cat on the ceiling. Ceilings, Walls, and Floors Make sure to look up, down, and all over for design inspo. Shopping This is by far my favorite H&M. There was …


For a while Hubby was concerned about putting holes in the wall to hang art since we rent our place. But over the years he’s warmed up to it, especially since we’ve started a collection of art prints and other funs. My first “art” was a paper geometric heart, hung up with tape. This was pre-being ok with poking the walls with nails. It added a nice bright and colorful focal point in the living room. Also, it was super easy to make (the hardest part was making it look level on the wall). Also pictured: Chubby Cat by The Little Red House and a triangle shelf I made with Wood Thumb. The first wall holes we made were to hang this duo of Rifle Paper co art prints. And then we started purchasing prints while on vacation. From our Pacific Northwest adventures: letter pressed cards from Seattle (I love framing cards!) and a bike print from Portland. And from our mini-moon: a Lake Tahoe love print. Plus, that’s us in cartoon form – a drawing/watercolor by the talented Genevieve Santos. I’ve also been …

le petit elefant.

Yays! I visited my friend Genevieve – owner and designer extraordinaire at le petit elefant – at her first open studios event of the year. It was super major cute! Her space is set up like a shop and is also where she creates and does all her biznaz tasks. I love seeing Genevieve’s work at crafty events, but at her studio you get to see the entire collection – shelves and shelves of awesome! Greetings for every occasion, original art, prints, books, … And my fave section: the sticker table! Oh look, more stickers! And more cards and stamps! I grabbed a few items to add to my collection, and a few cards and gift items for loved ones. Can’t wait to gift all the cute! Until next visit! Have you visited any maker studios lately? Share below!

color factory. 

I got excited when I heard about the opening of the Color Factory in San Francisco because the founder owns a party goods business which gets all my money. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how the artists would highlight and interpret colors. I also thought that seeing photos on social media would spoil the experience, but it really was an interactive museum with many had to be there features. It turned out to be unexpected, amazing, and inspirational. All the colorful sites + tips for your visit: One. 575 Sutter Street, San Francisco Get a nice view of the building stripes from the north side. Then fall in line thirty minutes before your selected ticket time; you might get to go in a little earlier! Two. Rainbow stairs to registration + Photo Stop #1 The color guards let you in slowly so you can get a ‘We’re the only ones in the museum’ feel. Nice touch, Color Factory, nice touch. Head down the rainbow to the registration area, enter your email for a photo card, and …

we be craftin’.

Local Take‘s second location turned one year old last month. To celebrate, they hosted a fun garden pop-up and crafty party for the community. They invited me to pop-up shop… …and to host make and take station. I grabbed my felt scraps and hot glue and we made felt brooches and clips. I had a few sample designs out, but people could make anything they wanted. Check out all the fun and creativity! Unicorns, ice cream, pet portraits… Thank you to everyone who stopped by and got crafty with me! And a big congratulations to Local Take for one year in the books!


Baseball season is in full swing (Hehe, swing. See what I did there?) and Bedford Gallery asked me to make some pennants to sell at their merchandise counter during the showing of their exhibit Safe at Home: A Short Survey of Baseball Art. The exhibit, which runs through June 12, features artists from both near and far, and baseball memorabilia. As a featured vendor I got to attend the opening reception amongst the artists. Another fun treat! There were baseball snacks, too — peanuts, cookies, pretzels & mustard, and hot dogs! And the crowd was bustling, filling the whole gallery. As we were heading out after the event, it was super exciting to see someone walking out with a few pennants in hand! Are you rooting for your home team? Share below!

printmaking in action.

I took my first printmaking class last week. It made my brain hurt, but I also learned that if you just let things happen you can create some unique pieces! The lovely Suzi Garner taught the workshop at Sticky Art Lab, where I sometimes volunteer and teach craft demos. We suited up with aprons, had a quick tutorial and off we went to create and experiment. The concept of “printing the negative” was a hard idea to grasp. There were many a confused face, but by the end of it all we had an idea of how this printing business worked and were pleased with our final pieces. Here’s my piece after three runs through the press. I punched out hearts from cardstock and the octopus was a template courtesy of Suzi. The frizzy blobs were made using torn pieces of textured paper. I started with a light yellow, followed by a coral hue, and finished off with a seafoamy color. I personally loved mixing the colors. We used Akua soy based pain which felt greasy, but washed …