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shop feature: morningtide.

I’m all about being in-the-know when new businesses open in the community. When I heard Morningtide was in the works, you know I was all over it! This was another one of those ‘I found out on Instagram’ moments. The owners posted sneak peeks into the shop before doors opened. I couldn’t wait for the soft opening. Morningtide carries high-quality women’s clothing and accessories, home goods, body products, and select food items (like QUIN candies; mmm, my favorite caramels…). You could tell the owners have a personal relationship with each artisan by the thoughtful ways they display their product and highlight the artisan’s story. I visited during their soft opening and met one of the owners, Lisa Fontaine. And get this, I was their third customer! So cute! They were serving homemade red velvet mini cupcakes to celebrate, too. Yum! I can’t wait to see the shop grow and continue to celebrate independent artists! Some notes: The Morningtide grand opening party is on Saturday, September 16 and their online shop launches in early 2018.

good morning. 

Hubs and I have started a coffee shop tour! It’s easy to get stuck in a routine, or stay home because pajamas, but it really does feel good to get dressed for a coffee shop date and some strolling. Also, it’s nice to go somewhere together when it doesn’t involve errands or getting something done. We get to sit and talk with each other without distractions or responsibilities (even though some of the conversation might be what needs to get done when we get home. Ha!). Explore along with us! Hal’s Office in Albany, California We ventured to Hal’s, a new kid on the block. Sit by the window on a sunny morning and take fancy pictures, people watch, dragon watch (yes, we saw a dragon pass by – it was Lunar New Year weekend), dog watch. The workers get excited when you order mochas “for here” because they get to practice their coffee art skills. Check out this beauty. We tried the cherry pastry and the sausage & cream cheese croissant, both by Firebrand. And to …