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tea | shop hop.

My friend May of Timmy Mays hosted a studio sale at her maker space along side Cinq and Kaoru Sanchez so my friend Joy and I made a crafty lady date out of it. First stop: Malaya Tea Room in Alameda. Malaya is the cutest tea room I’ve ever been to – ever! Seriously. All the other tea rooms are too stuffy and old feeling. The space was so inviting and beautifully decorated. Even though most of the plants were fake, they still brightened up the room. The tea and snacks – brilliant! Especially the chicken curry sandwich and warm scones. I felt like I was on vacay. They even offered to take our photo on our way out. Then, to the studio sale! May has her studio space at Phoenix in Alameda. I had a pop-up here a few years ago and it’s supah fun. May creates leather goods including bags and belts, and also intricately painted wearable art! And this is her pup Mycroft, the shiest pup I ever met. Plus, jewelry by …

head west.

I headed west to the Head West Marketplace, a monthly marketplace by West Perro. The market was held at Hangar 1 in Alameda, but they also host events in Oakland and Berkeley. It was a beautiful day to be outside! There were makers, food and drink, music, and beautiful views! It’s so fun to be a shopper at these events. The vibe was calm, chill, and welcoming. And I appreciated the size of the event, too. It wasn’t overwhelming with the number of vendors, and I felt like I got to take my time strolling around. We had tea from the Steep Jeep – adorbs and delish! And pizza from Lucia’s. Look at the cute pizza oven on wheels! We took a peek inside the distillery, too. There’s a tasting room, bar, and retail space. What a lovely afternoon! I even picked up a free shirt at the Steep Jeep and some cards from my new crafty friend Regina of Doodles Ink. 🙂 PS Great news! I’m going to be a featured maker at the …

will stop for farmer’s markets.

While we were in Alameda over the weekend, a farmer’s market caught my eye. So we swung by and drooled over all the fresh fruits and veggies. This market is relatively small, with maybe 20-ish booths, including some pre-made food booths, but was filled with lots of fresh produce. September meant lots of kale, peppers, cucumbers, peaches, plums, and berries…and so much more. We snagged some Indian and Thai eggplants and Thai basil. Mmm, the basil made the car smell so good. Generally speaking, if I see a place that catches my eye while driving I will stop if there’s an easy parking space near by. Who else stops for farmer’s markets (side-of-the-road markets count!), too? Share below.

august in alameda.

My crafty biz is featured for the entire month of August at Modern Mouse in Alameda. I have a pennant for my feelings: YAAAS. It’s always fun visiting owners Matt and Mynt at the Mouse and I’m excited for this month-long collaboration. Here’s a before, during, and after of my display. It took me just over an hour to get it all together. I did my very best to style the area like a store instead of a craft booth, to make the wall of stuff both interesting and easy to look at. My stuff is an explosion of color so I limited some of the items I have on display in attempts to not crowd the space. Here’s a close up tour plus some insider shopping tips for your visit! Wall hangings are hanging on a cool extendable rack that Modern Mouse let me borrow. Plus, you can view all the phrases and color variations in the baskets on the bottom shelf. There are 14 designs to choose from. Some come with a pom …

crafty reuse.

Alameda field trip to The ReCrafting Co! The shop was mostly yarn and fabric, but they also had collections of stamps, buttons, punches, beads, how-to books, and crafting tools. This was my first visit to the shop and I was super impressed. It’s a reuse and consignment supply shop so I was expecting a lot of digging through items to find ‘something good.’ But to my pleasant surprise, most of the items were new or like new with original packaging. It was so easy to find what I was not looking for. 😉 Any used items like these knitting tools were gently used and in great hand-me-down condition. And the yarn and fabric stash sorted and neatly displayed. In case you’re wondering what I went home with: three skeins of yarn to add to my collection! Lovers of yarn and fabric crafts, this is a must visit!

shop feature: pippa & co.

This is what craft heaven looks like. You walk into the store and you think you’ve crashed the most epically cute party ever. :::Trumpet noise::: Pippa & co! The store is filled with color and sparkle. Everywhere you look there’s something that makes you go “I should throw a party so I can buy this.” I could easily spend a few hours looking at each item in the shop and imagining all the fun events I could decorate. They’ve the best collection of honeycomb decor I’ve seen. And if you love pastels and shimmer, they’ve got all the things for you. The balloon bar is pretty exciting, too. Regular sized balloons, giant round balloons, balloon phrases…Pippa & co has you covered. More pretties for your parties: Bonus, they’ve got a sweet staff to match! I can’t wait to visit again! 🙂

craftmaster part four.

Technically it’s still summer so here’s one more summery craft: driftwood sailboats! I was super excited when Modern Mouse invited me back to host their August Sunday Crafternoon. They already had this craft in mind and it was fun to play with materials I don’t usually craft with, and to also craft with a drill! The stations were set up with how-to guides and tools, and the safety-first crew made sure nobody tripped on cables. Behold this awesome driftwood selection harvested by Mr. Kuro-Same himself – Matt! He also pre-drilled them for all our crafternooners. And this awesome fabric collection was provided by Head Mouse Eleen. Loving all the patterns and colors! Let’s get to crafting! After an hour or so of cutting, glueing, and hammering, our team of crafters made an amazing fleet! All together now! What are you waiting for? Head to the beach and grab some nature supplies. These sailboats are too cute to pass up! 🙂

craftmaster part one.

This summer I was a guest Craftmaster at Modern Mouse’s Sunday Crafternoon series. What an honor! Modern Mouse is a gift shop on the island of Alameda and is a super fun place to purchase locally made awesomeness for friends, family, or for yourself! They carry some of my felt creations in store and every time I drop goods off I spend a lot of time browsing their newest products and admiring all of the talent housed in their space. For the Sunday Crafternoon sessions Modern Mouse fans get to vote on what project they want to work on. In July we made rock cacti with coordinating pots, and in August watercolor bubble art. I love showing samples of a craft and then seeing other people’s renditions. In part one of this two-part post we’ll  take a look back at those rock cacti creations. Every station was set up with all the necessary craft supplies including a fan to (1) help dry paint and (2) inform you of upcoming Feed the Fish co events! I …