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Crafty announcement today! I’m launching my line of weaving looms! We’ll call it a soft launch since they are currently only available to my workshop students (find me at Mischief on March 24!). I collaborated with my friend Laura to create a Crafterateur brand loom. Version 1.0 was dreamt up last year. Now we’ve (hehe, weave) finalized the shape, features, and colors! And now it’s here! Dare I call this a craftera-tool? (Yup!) The starter pack comes with the loom, a long needle, and a comb. The booster pack comes with two short needles, a shed stick, and a shuttle. I also have hanging sticks, and each piece is Crafterateur branded and approved. All looms and tools come in peach, pink, and jade, and the looms can be used in either portrait or landscape for varied weaving sizes. What do you think? Who wants one? 🙂

mystery cups.

I had been wanting to paint these lil cups for a while now, but it took me a while to figure out where to buy them. (I finally found them via Darby Smart.) Also, I didn’t know what they were called for the longest time. (They are called “bell cups.”) And now the next mystery — What are these things anyway? What are they made out of? The internets can’t seem to explain them. My friends think they are made of dried citrus fruit; I’m going to go with that. Now, let’s craft! Here’s what they look like blank. You can also purchase them with stems on. That makes me think that they are a dried flower pod of some sort. I grabbed some bright acrylics and started with painting the bottom half of each bell cup with a foam brush. I painted on two layers, drying in between. Next, with a regular flat paintbrush, I painted on some simple dots, sprinkles, and a line. Let the paint dry completely. That’s it! I’ve seen these bell cups used for …