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Next up in my San Diego tour guide is Pigment, a shop located in North Park – really close to Artelxia (OMG, go to both!). Everything at Pigment is beautifully made and merchandised; you could say there was too much too look at, but the tones were inviting and organized by color palette (You know how much I love when things are organized by color!) so it was easy on the eyes. Look around and spot housewares, accessories, shoes… …candles, so many plants and pots, … …cards, pillows, clothes and toys for baby and kid, and party goods. They have a succulent wall where you can build your own terrarium. Genius. And a living wall backdrop / in-house photo booth. Hi! I love, love, love the modern boho vibes with quirky colorful feels. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see everything because there was so much in the shop. It really felt more like an experience than a store; I could hang out in this corner and people watch on their cool chairs all day (until I …

liberty station.

I’m sharing some San Diego trip inspo this week. First up, Liberty Station in the Point Loma neighborhood. I had been here once before (remember my yarn store stumble?), and I wanted to come back and visit the Public Market. The Public Market is mostly food, and all fun! There are specialty food shops and handmade vendor stalls. Plus, it was October when we visited so it was decked out in pumpkins! Since we arrived closer to closing all the handmade vendors were already gone for the evening (womp womp), but the food choices abound. We tried chowder fries, and picked up empanadas and baked goods for late night snackage and breakfast the next day. So good. Liberty Station is quiet large, and to a newbie like me, a little hard to navigate, especially at night. But that just led us to stumble upon more fun places, like Moniker General! OMG, I want to live here. Moniker General is a coffee shop, a bar, and a retail store all in one space. On a Monday night the …


¡Hola! I visited Artelexia and it was amazing! You are welcomed in by this gorgeous mural! Elexia of Artelexia curates the most colorful items from Mexico. It’s like Coco come to life! 😍 Hats, pom pom garlands, cards, pillows, stickers, books… …chocolate, gift wrap, bags, embroidered clothing, piñatas, … …papel picado, jewelry, art, candles…in all the bright colors! And all the Fridas! This may be overboard eye exhausting for some, but I loved it!! My fave items: everything with conchas! Artelexia also sells popsicles, has a fun paper flower backdrop, and hosts crafty workshops and Mexico tours! Oowee, this place is magic. This is a must-visit the next time you’re in the North Park area of San Diego! So jealous I’m missing out on all their fun Dia de los Muertos events!

gouda day to you.

My last work trip to Palm Springs was a quick one, but I did manage to squeeze in one touristy visit disguised as a lunch run – a local market! The staff at On the Mark are super welcoming, and they kept offering me samples of yummy things. Also, they didn’t think it was weird that I was taking photos (or they were good at hiding the fact that they thought it was weird 😂). They have a deli filled with all kinds of meats and cheeses. I ended up ordering a veggie sandwich (because fig jam!) with a side potato salad (both delicious and I would come back for more!). As I waited for my lunch I perused. They carry a wide variety of wines, chocolates, sauces, crackers, jams, all the things. A lot of stuff is imported from around the world, as well as from around the US. But you know me, I love looking for some locally made goodies so off I went flipping every package to see where it was made. …

get some color.

I’m on a project at work that sends me quarterly to the Coachella Valley. I stay at different hotels depending on where my meeting will be and this time I was able to book a night at the famous Saguaro ~ where Instagram dreams come true. 🤗 I wasn’t really sure what to expect on my visit, but I knew I wanted to see the colorful doors for myself. It was definitely off season during my stay, which is much more to my liking – it was quiet and not crowded. Look, no people in my photo! 🙃 The vibe was like 70s motel (on purpose) and desert mod; my room was orange and yellow with purple carpets. Color everywhere! The old school camera was a nice accent, but I felt like I was being watched. 😝  The black and white photography – nice contrast. With all this color, you know I brought some Feed the Fish co goodies to photograph! (And yes, also specially made for the occasion.) The lobby had neon signs, ping pong, …


Hubby and I headed to 4th Street in Berkeley for Bouquet Market. It was our “wherever we want to go” date day and I picked an outdoor market for obvious reasons, but also because it would let us enjoy the fresh air and walk a bit after lunch. Bouquet was held in the north parking lot, which is usually where I park when visiting 4th Street so I was only a little upset I actually had to look for street parking. Ha! In any case, the market had a mix of handmade and vintage finds. There was mostly clothing, jewelry, and home goods. I enjoyed seeing all the textile prints and colorful displays. I saw my friend Roxanne of Roxanne Roxanne Designs, but everyone else was a new-to-me vendor. There was music and a food truck, and we went home with a pumpkin & almond candle by Tule Fog. Yay, shopping small!


I strolled along Solano Avenue last weekend for the Solano Stroll! This annual festival is held every September and this year was it’s 44th year! It’s part street fair, part handmade craft fair, and part community block party. There are food vendors, local bands and dance troupes, raffles, and carnival rides all along one mile of street. Hubby and I started on the West end with breakfast at La Crema, then made our way East. It was a perfect day for a stroll. We stopped every time we saw or heard something that sparked our attention, like these tennis ball gumballs and photo op at Flowerland. Or this 50th High School Reunion booth. Adorbs. We visited with some maker friends, too – An Li of Slow Moon Rise, Min of Bottle of Clouds, and Amanda of Shimmer Jewels. There was Balinese dance, jazz bands… Bubbles, rides and games, food… So much! And we only walked maybe halfway in. So imagine all of this times two! Give a shoutout to your favorite neighborhood festival below. 🙂