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Hubby and I took a BBQ/Pitmaster class with Ben of Sneaky’s BBQ. Ben started his BBQ business in 2008, and now partners with Southpaw in San Francisco to bring BBQ to all most days of the week. There’s Ben in the kitchen prepping for class. In this workshop we learned about different cuts of meat, meat smoking techniques, and the difference between North and South Carolina BBQ. We went over the step-by-step process of how to smoke, cut, store, and serve a 12-pound brisket. Caption this: Oh mah gaw, look at that brisket… We tried lean, medium, and fatty pieces of brisket with pickled cucumber and onions. We also tried Ben’s cornbread and house BBQ sauces — a mustard-based sauce (South Carolina) and a tomato-based sauce (North Carolina). My winning combination: medium fat brisket with the mustard sauce! We also had a lesson in dry rubs and each got to make and take home a self-designed rub. Rub Lesson #1: never use table salt for making rubs! Thank you, Ben, for sharing your BBQ and BBQ wisdom …

chocolate library.

A store that sells chocolates and salts. Hm, ok! I’m into it! At The Meadow there is a wall of chocolate, stacks and stacks of salt rocks, and, if you’re lucky, some sample bowls filled with treats. On our visit, we tried a popcorn with the Meadow’s black truffle salt ~ yowza! And Savage, a new-to-me brand of chips locally made in Portland. Delightful! If you tell me I can climb the ladder you better not be joking because I will do it! Imagine having your own chocolate library like this! I grabbed a few locally made bars that I chose based on wrapper/packaging. Yes, I judge chocolate by the cover, but also if it’s quality made and preferably 72% cacao. Also, yes, I am a self-professed chocolate snob. What are some of your favorite artisanal chocolates or chocolate shops? Share please!

shop feature: la county store.

A work trip to LA means I get to sneak in some local shopping. Behold: a visit to LA County Store in Silverlake. I love that this store exists and that it’s devoted to featuring Los Angeles County creatives. They even have map on the wall showcasing where all of the goods in the shop are made. The first thing that caught my eye was a corgi butt pillow and these tea cups by Emily Hillburg of Queen for Dinner. There are pillows, wall hangings, kitchen ware, stationary, and so much more.   I love all the local love and neighborhood pride displayed in shop.   Favorite LA neighborhood to wander, go!  

shop feature: tender loving empire.

On my “I fell in love with Portland because of this” list is local handmade shop and record label Tender Loving Empire. The first time I visited TLE was in Fall 2011, before I kick-started my Feed the Fish co line. I must have been super inspired by all the handmade awesome in shop! On my second visit to Portland, I made sure to stop in again. The shop was just as exciting as the first visit. I even modeled for them. 😉 For this most recent visit, I made a TLE a flag! #fangirlallday And, I was so excited to see my crafty friend’s plush cuteness in store. You can spot Tally Sue’s raindrops, Oregons, clouds, Voodoo doughnuts, and sunny side up eggs all over the shop. I hope I get to visit again sooner rather than later. I’m also itching to visit their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th locations throughout the city. Any must-see stops on your Portland wishlist? Share below!

stop, sticker time.

Most of you 80s and 90s kids probably remember giving or receiving a Mrs.Grossman’s sticker at some point in your childhood. I was never really a fan of the designs, but I have always been a sticker fan. So when I learned the only US-based sticker company was less than an hour away from home and they gave tours, it became my mission to visit one day. Tours are offered Monday through Thursday, and are about thirty minutes in length. The tour started with a video on the company’s history and then our tour guide walked us through the factory to see each step in action. At each station, we were rewarded with a sheet of stickers. So. Many. Stickers. (We were only allowed to take photos of the sticker wall and sticker roll storage due to confidentiality agreements with some companies they work with and print labels for.) How to make a Mrs. Grossman’s sticker: Each sticker starts with a design. Templates are made for each layer of color in the design. Sticker paper is inserted …

nearcation: san francisco.

Nearcation: San Francisco edition, because this is totally going to be a thing now. My God-sister and her hubs surprised us with a hotel gift card to spend a night on the town. We packed a backpack, jumped on BART, and played local tourist for 24 hours. We stayed at the Sir Francis Drake near Union Square where you are welcomed by a red-suited doorman and a swanky lobby bar. We were given a room with a view… We hardly come out to this area of San Francisco so we kept our adventures to any place we could get to by foot or by cable car. We had an afternoon meal at a hole in the wall Filipino street food restaurant. Then to a free craft event at Madewell with Jenny Lemons where we ran into my crafty friend Tally Sue. En route back to the hotel, we picked up boba from Boba Guys (insert Instagram worthy photo below) and veggie pizza from Uncle Vito’s. TV and chill, y’all. The next day we woke up …

ceramics in the city.

San Francisco parking can be tricky, but if you’re lucky, while you drive around searching for a spot, you’ll discover some new places you’ll want to check out or discover some places you’ve been wanting to check out are right there! On my last visit to the City I spotted Heath Ceramics and stopped in for a peek. There were shelves of dishes, stacked and color coordinated. My OCD rejoiced! I love the simplicity of Heath Ceramics, and their earthy feel. In shop they also carry other kitchen and home goods like aprons, tote bags, cutting boards, and lavender sachets. My favorite part of the showroom was the tile section. How lovely it would be to have a kitchen I could purchase tile for? Backsplash goals. 😍 What new places have you stumbled upon lately? Share below!