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lake loop.

Another 24 Lake Tahoe vacay! My parents drove up for their annual Tahoe trip; Hubby and I met them over the weekend. Here’s a peek at our whirlwind adventure! En route we stopped at Rosemary’s Farm to Fork Cafe for avocado toast, chicken and waffles, lemonade, and tea. We also stopped for treats at Mahoroba Japanese Bakery. And when we got to Tahoe, a homecooked dinner was waiting for us! And we found snacks in the pantry. QT ensued! We woke up early to enjoy sunrise at our Tahoe home, but whoopsies, we didn’t realize the sun would rise more to the north so we couldn’t really see it break through from our vantage point. It was still pretty. We suited up and headed to breakfast before the crowds at The Old Post Office Cafe. I’ m a sucker for biscuits and gravy. And then for the first time, we looped the lake in one day. We weren’t planning to, but we just kept going. 🙂 We stopped every so often for nature views… Fancy …

monterey munchies.

Hubby’s tennis team made it to Sectional Championships this year. They represented the East Bay Area in Monterey. All of the matches were held at Chamisal Tennis and Fitness club (like last year!). We didn’t get to explore much in between matches, but when we did, it involved food. Here’s a short guide to Monterey munchies. Day 1. On Day 1, Hubby’s team had back to back matches. I’m not sure how they all survive off of protein bars and sports drinks, but here’s what we ate afterwards. Culturas Hidaldo y Oaxaca Restaurant: pinwheels, seven tacos, shrimp diablo, and cucumber lime aguas frescas. The star of the meal was the aguas frescas! Day 2. On Day 2 they had one morning match which meant we had a whole afternoon to explore. We grabbed burgers at Bagel Kitchen (they ran out of bagels by the time we showed up) and headed to Lover’s Point Park for a picnic. Bagel Kitchen had already turned off the fryers, too, so we picked up fries at the beach snack …


I went a on a Chuao factory tour! Chuao is a disc to bar chocolate company; they use Guittard chocolates for all their chocolate bars. I’ll admit I wasn’t as impressed because I’m a fan of bean to bar companies where they actually process the cacao, but, I was told the owner believes “white chocolate isn’t real chocolate” so I’m a fan! Also their churro chocolate bar is amazing. To start the tour, our tour guide provided us with a Chuao history lesson and we tasted a bunch of samples. Then, a walk through of the factory (no phones/photos allowed). It’s an active factory so we got to see product being made and packaged. We even got some sneak peeks of seasonal chocolates, but I can’t tell you about them because it’s a secret. What I can tell you is that on our visit they were making Lego-shaped chocolates for Legoland and we got to taste them. How fun! Fun fact: All the samples they pass out during tours are rejects (with slight imperfections that …

hi neighbor.

I finally made my way to Neighbor in Oakland. This shop celebrates handmade craft. They have lots of home goods, a selection of beauty products, apparel, tea, and giftables. I particularly enjoyed the baskets. Giant baskets! And all the wall art. They have a cute backyard, too, complete with bar, and you can host special events there! Where are some of your favorite neighborhood shops and gathering spaces? Share below!


Oh me, oh my; I finally made my way to Britex Fabrics, a fabric wonderland in San Francisco. Color, pattern, and texture everywhere! I enjoyed the rainbow fabric wall. But, honestly, everything else was overwhelming. I think it would help to come here if you have a project in mind. They have a grand selection of fabrics, ribbons, buttons, and more; you’ll be sure to find the materials you need. Make sure to head upstairs, too. Cords! Buttons! Ribbons! All the fabric. I was there on a weekday, but I hear they have store tours on the last Saturday of the month. Fabric store party! Have you visited Britex? Share your shop story!

head west.

I headed west to the Head West Marketplace, a monthly marketplace by West Perro. The market was held at Hangar 1 in Alameda, but they also host events in Oakland and Berkeley. It was a beautiful day to be outside! There were makers, food and drink, music, and beautiful views! It’s so fun to be a shopper at these events. The vibe was calm, chill, and welcoming. And I appreciated the size of the event, too. It wasn’t overwhelming with the number of vendors, and I felt like I got to take my time strolling around. We had tea from the Steep Jeep – adorbs and delish! And pizza from Lucia’s. Look at the cute pizza oven on wheels! We took a peek inside the distillery, too. There’s a tasting room, bar, and retail space. What a lovely afternoon! I even picked up a free shirt at the Steep Jeep and some cards from my new crafty friend Regina of Doodles Ink. 🙂 PS Great news! I’m going to be a featured maker at the …

red, white, and mew.

Not quite an Independence Day post, but…kittens! KitTea is a cat cafe in San Francisco. There’s a small shop with cat related goodies, a cafe that serves small bites and teas, and the kitten hang out area. There were two spots left when my friend and I arrived – lucky us! There are 15+ kitties at this venue. You can pet them and hug them, and play with them if they’re awake. Most were sleeping during the hour we were there. Ah, cat life. I wanted to take a nap after this visit, too. Here’s what my Instagram feed would look like if I had a cat. Yay kittens! And yay independence! Hope you and your furry friends stay safe tonight!