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Also in Vegas, I dragged my friend to the Neon Museum! Why this outdoor museum featuring old and mostly non-functioning neon signs intrigued me so much beats me, but it was awesome! I knew the signs had to be huge to light up the night sky and attract visitors but whoa, they are gigantic!! The museum is smallish and you can do a loop rather quickly, but it’s nice to stroll through and search for signs buried behind other signs. It’s also fun to stumble upon a tour to learn some sign history (If I ever go again I’d want to pay extra for the tour.) You get a pamphlet to guide you through some of the featured neon signs and there are docents throughout if you have any questions. There is so much history in the museum. It was sunny out and all the signs looked lovely against blue sky (#nofilter). There’s also a night tour and light show, but the signs didn’t have to be illuminated to appreciate the beauty of their design. …

jenny lemons.

Huzzah! I finally got to visit Jenny Lemons, the shop! Shop owner and maker Jennie moved from her workshop/studio to this cute store front (her workshop and studio are in the back) in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. It’s way too much fun in here. There’s a wall of art supplies and treasures. A section with tiny things for tiny people (some of you may call them babies or toddlers). Lots of body goods and fun nail colors. Whimsical jewelry and a smattering of plants. And of course, Jennie’s line of clothing! Come in and stay a while. Take a workshop, too! And then grab some tacos down the street! I’d say that’s a day well-spent.


Paper goods and plant babies??? Dream store! On a recent work trip I found myself in Orange County so I scouted out some fun places to go frolicking. On my list for this visit: M.Lovewell. I strolled in fresh from the airport, luggage in tow. All the paper things. All the writing things. All the plants. I’ll take one of everything! I spotted some pins from my friend Angel of Design and Happiness. M. Lovewell has a workshop space in the back, too. Lots of calligraphy, macrame, and other pretty crafting happens there. I found a notebook for travel journaling, plus a few pens (of course!). In the area? You gots to visit!

good morning, lakeshore.

I love being a local tourist! Here’s a quick Saturday morning guide to the Lakeshore neighborhood in Oakland as explored by me and my crafty friend Angel and her littles! There are a number of food places in the area, but we brunched at Shakewell for some Mediterranean cuisine. They’ve got fun things on their menu like fried chicken and churros, chilaquiles, and shakshuka. Just a short trot south is the Grand Lake Farmers Market, where there is a bounty of fresh produce, prepared foods, music and dance, and knife sharpening services! And what maker friend weekend hangs would be complete without a trip to a shop that carries locally-made items? We visited Bay-Made which is filled with lots of plants, art, and home and body goods. We even spotted some of our maker friends’ goods in the shop. There’s lots more to see and eat in the area; you can discover and enjoy a lot of fun finds in just a couple of hours!


Yay! I finally made my way to Sunnylands! I had never heard of Sunnylands until my colleague who lives and works nearby told me about it. I was super intrigued. It’s free to visit the grounds. If you’re feeling extra, you can also go on a guided tour of the garden and house. There’s a cafe, and a gift shop with the cutest desert mod birdhouses. But I was there to get my cactus fix! Seriously, why are groups of cacti so amazing to look at? Sunnylands is perfectly manicured and they’ve got plenty of desert plants to enjoy. On my visit it was a perfect 75 degrees (ok fine, that was really hot for me, but the shade was lovely!). I had a snack with my friends, we strolled, and I watercolored. Even though there were people around, it was a tranquil place. It just felt so peaceful and welcoming. This was my last visit to the Coachella Valley for work (for now!) but if I’m ever back in the area I definitely want …

knits & knots.

Here’s the yarn store I mentioned in my last post! Knits and Knots is filled with all the things! I’m not a knitter or crocheter, but I do love me some locally dyed yarns for special tassels and weaving work. When I stumble upon a yarn shop while on vacation I always ask where to find the special yarn. Shops usually carry one or two local brands. Here, they carry Storyteller yarn. I’m always inspired by the projects on display. Sometimes I wish I had this kind of craft patience. The shop also carries giftable items ~ cards, DIY kits…. PS And they are located behind Wildwood so you can get a double dose of shopping small! Do pretty yarns make you swoon, too? Share yarn tales below!

neighborhood christmas.

This Christmas season Hubby and I discovered a couple of neighborhood Christmas time traditions. In El Cerrito (where we currently reside), the Shadi Holiday Display depicts a Bethlehem scene complete with the Angel of the Lord, the three wise men, and sheep. Mr. Shadi started the display in 1949 as a gift for his neighbors and over the years made more and more of the display items with upcycled materials. Talk about mega crafting! Now, the tradition continues via volunteers who put the display together each year for the neighborhood. It was really sweet to overhear older residents saying they used to come visit as children and are now bringing their own grandchildren to see the display. And in Chula Vista (where Hubby grew up), Christmas Circle has been a yearly tradition since 1957. Most of the residents on the circle decorate their front yards with a Christmas display and spectators can walk or drive through. It’s a short loop to walk; plus, going by foot means you get to admire all of the displays up …