Author: Erin G.


Next up in my San Diego tour guide is Pigment, a shop located in North Park – really close to Artelxia (OMG, go to both!). Everything at Pigment is beautifully made and merchandised; you could say there was too much too look at, but the tones were inviting and organized by color palette (You know how much I love when things are organized by color!) so it was easy on the eyes. Look around and spot housewares, accessories, shoes… …candles, so many plants and pots, … …cards, pillows, clothes and toys for baby and kid, and party goods. They have a succulent wall where you can build your own terrarium. Genius. And a living wall backdrop / in-house photo booth. Hi! I love, love, love the modern boho vibes with quirky colorful feels. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see everything because there was so much in the shop. It really felt more like an experience than a store; I could hang out in this corner and people watch on their cool chairs all day (until I …

liberty station.

I’m sharing some San Diego trip inspo this week. First up, Liberty Station in the Point Loma neighborhood. I had been here once before (remember my yarn store stumble?), and I wanted to come back and visit the Public Market. The Public Market is mostly food, and all fun! There are specialty food shops and handmade vendor stalls. Plus, it was October when we visited so it was decked out in pumpkins! Since we arrived closer to closing all the handmade vendors were already gone for the evening (womp womp), but the food choices abound. We tried chowder fries, and picked up empanadas and baked goods for late night snackage and breakfast the next day. So good. Liberty Station is quiet large, and to a newbie like me, a little hard to navigate, especially at night. But that just led us to stumble upon more fun places, like Moniker General! OMG, I want to live here. Moniker General is a coffee shop, a bar, and a retail store all in one space. On a Monday night the …

ho’ike: behind the seams.

Aloha! Earlier, I shared some behind the scenes Ho’ike memories; now it’s time to share some behind the seams Ho’ike costume prep funs! 😛 Leading up to Ho’ike, my Kumu hosted a few costume workshops at the studio where all the dancers could come learn how to make each of the costumes (that we weren’t buying). Veteran dance moms and grandmoms came with sewing machines and snacks. Once I learned some basics I was able to help others with their costumes, too. I learned how to make hula tops, a wood and bamboo beaded skirt, and a headband. My friend Cat and I traded costume crafts, too. She worked on the rest of my beaded skirt and I sewed some of her pieces. Teamwork! I have so many new dance pieces now. If I keep this up I will need a dedicated costume closet. Also, a sewing machine. Maybe I should get one anyway. Seams like something I should have… 😉 See me in all my costume glory – Ho’ike.

sad animals.

I met Brooke Barker of Sad Animal Facts during her book tour stop at Pegasus Books in Downtown Berkeley. She was on tour for her new book: Sad Animal Babies. If you don’t know her work already, OMG check it out! At the meet & greet Brooke shared stories – three stories to be exact. In the first, she compared human babies to animal babies, the next story was about her whale watching trip in Washington, and the last was about her fanny pack discovery in Japan (spot it on the chair)…. All were a little silly, and all were true! After story time (Brooke is a great story teller by the way!), she answered audience Qs. I enjoyed hearing about her creative process and animal encounter stories. My favorite question from the audience though was “Would you ever write a book about happy animal babies?” Answer: neverrrrr. And then she signed books and drew an animal for each of us. I asked for a hummingbird; Hubby asked for a panda. I asked her if she gets self …

fairy hair!

In celebration of everyday dress up day, I got my hair did – my fairy hair! Fairy Manda put colorful strands in my hair this time last year. I loved them so much I decided I wanted to do it again.     Not only did it add extra sparkle to my day (and for many months to come!), I also received aroma and vibration healing that left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. It really was a fairy spa!     It was lovely to reconnect with Fairy Manda, too. And to show her the two sparkle strands that were still attached since my last visit! Plus, fairy blessings!     In true fairy spa fashion we had a hair shoot afterwards. Presenting my now annual fairy hair slow-mo video! (I didn’t know what to do with my face. 😝)     Hope your Halloween is as sparkly as you, and as magical as fairy hair!

only treats.

Hey, Boo. It’s treat bag time! Here are a couple of ways to dress up your treat bags for Halloween. Materials: Bags (found these at Target) Twine (also Target) Envelopes (found at a Japanese ‘dollar’ store) Card stock (I shop at Scrapbook Expo!) Food picks (found at Daiso) Washi tape (from my stash…) Create a tassel on the bag. Loop the twine at least six times, cut the loops, then place the cut loops around one of the bag handles. Cut another piece of twine and tie the cut loops together to form a tassel. Trim as needed. Style a Halloween note. For the Halloween note, I cut card stock to fit the envelopes. A simple “Boo!” seemed appropriate. Then, I decorated with pumpkin, cat, and ghost food picks and assorted washi tape. Fill with delights! I filled my treat bags with the note, confetti, and chocolates. Really, anything goes. Fill your treat bags with seasonal fruit – like baby apples! Or with some tricks – plastic spiders, anyone? Ready for gifting! Happy almost Halloween! …

crafty hour.

My crafty lady friends and I met up for a crafty lady crafty hour. We met up at Casa Latina, one of my preferred nacho places because they get the chip to topping ratio right all the time. 😉 First we ate foods; then we did the crafts. My friend brought pom pom trim guides / kumihimo cord makers by our friends at the Loome. We made kumihimo cord keychains. Materials are simple: yarn, key ring + clasp, scissors, and optional beads and needle. Tahdums! Check out the kumihimo cord tutorial we followed on the Loome. Finally, a crafty lady crafty hour in the books! It’s so nice to hang out with my crafty ladies not at a craft show – even tho that’s fun, too! We’ll have to make this a regular thing.