Author: Erin G.

weave party.

I threw a little weaving party at West Elm. I taught a Weaving Basics workshop and had a few of my weavings for sale. Plus snacks! We demoed the Anton solid wood dining table plus bench and the Ellis dining chair. Every time someone considered buying the table I said it was good crafting table. πŸ™‚ I set up my yarn rainbow. And some treats. My friends Connie and Laura were my students today. With special guest – Pebbles (she demoed the Trinket Pouf ;)). West Elm paparazzi took some candid and not so candid photos of us. Finished weavings! Thank you to Laura and Connie for spending the crafternoon weaving with me! I hope to host more of these!

make a wish.

Yay! We had another crafty lady togetherness night (remember kumihimo crafty hour?). I brought a wish bracelet craft to share and friends brought additional supplies for friendship bracelet making. Spend your summer making these with all your besties! Wish Bracelets Materials: Hemp cord Seed beads size 6/0 Ruler Scissors Clipboard or tape to hold cord in place For 6 inch wrist/bracelet you’ll need: 3 strands of cord measured to 16 inches 8 beads (you can add less/more) Line up all three cord strands. Tie an overhand knot at one end, leaving 3 inches of lose cord. Braid cords until you have ~2 inches of braid. Continue to braid, this time adding beads as you braid. String on a bead after every left cord moves to the center and “lock” the bead in place with each right cord moved to the center. (Or the reverse.) Continue this pattern until you braid on all 8 beads. Continue to braid cord without beads until you have another 2 inches of braid. Tie off this end with another overhand …

tokyo farmers market.

The Tokyo Coffee Festival we visited happened to be next to a farmers’ market, and you know how much I love farmers’ markets! This one was held at the United Nations University campus in Aoyama. There were a handful of vendors – lots of veggies and fruit, local honey, flowers and plants, and food trucks. Everything was perfectly packaged, neatly organized, and super adorable. Look at the carrots! Why are they so chubby and cartoon-like? Also spotted: wasabi! Yay, produce! Where are some of your favorite farmer’s markets? Share below!

block party.

I was invited to lead a Make & Take station at the SF Block Party hosted by Civic Center Commons in partnership with my SF Etsy team! This was the first in their series of 1st Sunday block parties for the summer, and it was a special one because the Women’s World Cup Finals were happening (and they had a watch party near City Hall). I set up shop. Bonus – event staff set up all the tents for us. Easy breezy. I brought some sports pennants for the sporty occasion, plus surprise bags, flower crowns, more pennants, and wall hangings. Today’s best sellers: flower crowns and surprise bags! And here’s the Make & Take set-up: a paper pennant DIY to celebrate the sports – and a win for Team USA. There were also street soccer matches, games, food trucks, and music. Plus the farmers market across the street. The DIY was super popular and both little kids and big kids enjoyed creating flags. And since SF Etsy curated the vendors for the event, I …

head west.

I headed west to the Head West Marketplace, a monthly marketplace by West Perro. The market was held at Hangar 1 in Alameda, but they also host events in Oakland and Berkeley. It was a beautiful day to be outside! There were makers, food and drink, music, and beautiful views! It’s so fun to be a shopper at these events. The vibe was calm, chill, and welcoming. And I appreciated the size of the event, too. It wasn’t overwhelming with the number of vendors, and I felt like I got to take my time strolling around. We had tea from the Steep Jeep – adorbs and delish! And pizza from Lucia’s. Look at the cute pizza oven on wheels! We took a peek inside the distillery, too. There’s a tasting room, bar, and retail space. What a lovely afternoon! I even picked up a free shirt at the Steep Jeep and some cards from my new crafty friend Regina of Doodles Ink. πŸ™‚ PS Great news! I’m going to be a featured maker at the …

bike | bloom

This is a simple post. It’s about Tokyo bikes and flowers. We visited in the Springtime so all the blooms were majorly beautiful, and I was fascinated by all the bikes parked outside without locks (it’s honest there). Here are a few snaps from our stroll through Taito City and Sumida City in Tokyo. Enjoy. Shoutout to the simple things in life! Do you stop to photograph flowers, too? πŸ™‚


OOoOo somebody snagged a bunch of extra plant goodies from the Plant Potions class! Thank you to Tracy for letting me take home some unused plants from the tablescape! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making smudge sticks so this was the perfect opportunity. I brought home (from left to right) sagebrush / desert sage, lavender, purple sage, and rosemary. Another friend just so happened to gift me an abalone shell, perfect for smudge stick holding because in smudge stick practice it connects you to the sea. Additional materials for smudge stick making: cotton cord, scissors, and garden shears To create: Trim plants to desired height. Create bundles. I had enough plant life to create three small bundles. Cut cord to about 6x the length of your bundles (can be more or less depending on how many times you wrap each bundle and how thick your cord is). I doubled up the cord when I wrapped since it was relatively thin. Tie a knot at the bottom, leaving enough of a tail to …