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lake loop.

Another 24 Lake Tahoe vacay! My parents drove up for their annual Tahoe trip; Hubby and I met them over the weekend. Here’s a peek at our whirlwind adventure!

En route we stopped at Rosemary’s Farm to Fork Cafe for avocado toast, chicken and waffles, lemonade, and tea. We also stopped for treats at Mahoroba Japanese Bakery.

And when we got to Tahoe, a homecooked dinner was waiting for us! And we found snacks in the pantry. QT ensued!

We woke up early to enjoy sunrise at our Tahoe home, but whoopsies, we didn’t realize the sun would rise more to the north so we couldn’t really see it break through from our vantage point. It was still pretty.

We suited up and headed to breakfast before the crowds at The Old Post Office Cafe. I’ m a sucker for biscuits and gravy.

And then for the first time, we looped the lake in one day. We weren’t planning to, but we just kept going. 🙂

We stopped every so often for nature views…

Fancy house spotting…

A craft fair…

Rocks and trees…

A coffee and snack break at The Morning After

And a sculpture garden and art gallery.

We detoured to Carson City for an early dinner at Thai Thai and picked up some bread at Paul Schat’s Bakery.

After a rest stop at the timeshare and some Mommy and Me macrame, Hubby and I headed back on the road en route home. This was my first time visiting during the summer so I can check ‘visit Tahoe during each season’ off my Tahoe checklist. I’ve also decided that late Spring is my favorite time of year in Tahoe. How about you? Travel to Tahoe much? Share below!

everybody gets a pennant.

I was invited to lead a community group social at Square HQ! Everyone got to decorate a pennant with their community group name and extra goodies like gems and tassels.

I precut all the letters and mini Square logos, and matched them up with a coordinating pennant.

At the event, I laid out the pennants and envelopes with phrases on a welcome table. It made it feel like a fancy dinner party with name cards.

I set up each table with all the things to get crafty – hot glue, gems, felt, yarn, scissors, tassel makers, fabric markers, and safety pins.

Everything they needed to create their pennant was in the envelope, but if they were feeling extra, they could create tassels, cut out felt (some made mini flowers!), color their pennants, decorate the back, anything!

All the fun creations and all the fun people!


Thank you to Kelly of Square for inviting me and organizing the event, and to all the community group reps for getting crafty with me!

monterey munchies.

Hubby’s tennis team made it to Sectional Championships this year. They represented the East Bay Area in Monterey. All of the matches were held at Chamisal Tennis and Fitness club (like last year!). We didn’t get to explore much in between matches, but when we did, it involved food. Here’s a short guide to Monterey munchies.

Day 1.

On Day 1, Hubby’s team had back to back matches.

I’m not sure how they all survive off of protein bars and sports drinks, but here’s what we ate afterwards. Culturas Hidaldo y Oaxaca Restaurant: pinwheels, seven tacos, shrimp diablo, and cucumber lime aguas frescas. The star of the meal was the aguas frescas!

Day 2.

On Day 2 they had one morning match which meant we had a whole afternoon to explore.

We grabbed burgers at Bagel Kitchen (they ran out of bagels by the time we showed up) and headed to Lover’s Point Park for a picnic. Bagel Kitchen had already turned off the fryers, too, so we picked up fries at the beach snack shack.

Post picnic / when it started getting a little chilly, we stopped at Juice n’ Java for beverages. I had a chai latte (they make their own blend!) and Hubby had a smoothie, and we spotted TMNT in the local art.

For dinner, we found a rice bowl spot (Pacific Bowls & Rolls) and a boba spot (TZone), then met up with the tennis boys at a brewery (Fieldwork) to talk strategy for the last day of competition.

Day 3.

Rise and shine! We got up semi early to catch a little morning sun and views from our AirBnB neighborhood, and to pick up a simple breakfast at Starbucks. This was the first morning Hubby had time to eat a full breakfast. I had a fancy pink drink.

Last year, they placed 4th at Sectionals. This year, they pulled off a surprise second place! (“Surprise” because they were down three players!) They received special championship plates.

We celebrated over burgers and soba at Alvarado Street Brewery.

Three cheers for the tennis boys! And snacks!

succulent wreaths.

I debuted a new class at Rare Bird this year: felt succulent wreaths! I gotta say, this has got to be my favorite iteration of my felt succulent class. Here are some recaps from the first two workshops

Set up: each station gets a grapevine wreath, a stack of practice felt, instructions to keep, a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, and a surprise goodie envelope (it’s got a lil Feed the Fish co keychain!). Plus there’s community felt, stencils, fabric markers, and samples.

Inaugural class!

Such beautiful creations! While they made their wreaths, I made a special request miniature wreath.

In class two I had a sister trio join, and then it turned out that they knew the fourth student, too. It’s a small crafty world!

So many gorgeous succulents! In this class, while students were busy crafting, I made a sample wreath for a quicker (smaller) version of the workshop.

I’m obsessed! I’m hoping to teach this workshop again in the Fall/Winter. I’m also planning to create a few smaller wreaths to sell at my crafty shows this holiday season.

More Rare Bird felt succulent fun: felt succulent memo boards | felt succulent garden

we be stampin’.

My friend Laura B. (of laurabsewin) and I had a stamping night. We carved out stamps and hand stamped some fabric for future sewing projects. But first she whipped us up a meal from Hello Fresh. Craft energy!

Then crafts!

It had been four and half years since I picked up my block printing supplies. I really should do this more often. Carving out the stamps is super satisfying (like picking a scab!) and I enjoy seeing patterns and designs come to life.

Here’s my materials list:

First we drew designs for our stamps. I was initially thinking gingko leaf but that got hard real fast. I ended up carving out a monstera leaf and a trio of half circles – one solid, one striped, and one rainbow. Laura cut out a sea lard, a triangle, and a 3D cube. You can draw directly on the carving block, or you can draw on a piece of paper then press a carving block on the design so that the image transfers and guides your carving.

Then we mixed up some colors and got to stamping. I like creating repeating patterns, but I also like the not-so-organized look. I tried both.

I think these turned out so good! We used different kinds of scrap fabric, plus I had some tea towels. I’m hoping to make a zipper pouch with my half circle print.

The process kind of takes forever, but I love it! Have you tried fabric stamping? Do you love it, too?

folsom is hot.

Hubby’s Tennis Team went to District Championships this year (again, yay!). Their schedule was a lot better than last year’s schedule which meant there was time for a farmers market trip in Historic Folsom.

The market is held every Saturday 8-1PM, and there’s a parking structure for easy and ample parking.

The market is a good size, maybe 30-40 vendors and they had a nice mix of fresh produce, ready to eat foods, handmade items, and services like knife sharpening and chair massage.

I wanted to get all the produce, but since we were traveling I just admired all the yummies. I mean, look at these luscious tomatoes!

Hubby opted for a post-tennis match chair massage and, since it was 100 plus outside, I opted for a java chip popsicle from Tahoe Pops. Yezz.

For food, there was a vegan food truck, Filipino food stand, lemonade, tamales, and coffee. I picked up a chicken tamal and a chile relleno tamal, plus a 24oz iced chai. Yezz, again. Gotta keep cool in the heat.

For handmade goodies there were wooden toys, tie dyed goods, clothing, jewelry, soap, and my favorite – baskets! I totally snagged a new basket from Prisco Clothing, handmade by the vendor’s mom! Plus I got soap because I can’t resist goat milk oatmeal soap.

Do you farmer’s market on vacay? Share your favorites. Here’s another: Tokyo Farmers Market.