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See what I did there? See what I did here:

I’ve learned to crochet in the past, but I always forget how to do it. Also, I don’t have that much patience. So when I saw that gather was holding a finger crochet class my attention span was all “can do, baby boo.” Finger crochet, especially if you use chunky yarn, is way faster than using traditional crochet tools, and less stressful on my hands.

Class was taught by the awesome Cara Corey of Mary Marie Knits, and it came with an instruction guide plus access to her online tutorial so we can review and practice later on.

The goal: begin making a lap blanket out of mega bulky yarn. Cara first demoed how to make a chain and then showed us how to stitch the first few rows of the blanket.

We learned the “basic” stitch for this project. Cara shared some tips for how to count the stitches and how to make sure we keep our blanket even on both sides. I spent a good amount of time watching my friends make theirs and wondering why mine was looking different.

Midway through class I was getting the hang of it! I’m still unsure if I’m counting the stitches correctly, but I figured if it looks ok, it’s probably ok.ย I ended up finishing my project at home that evening, and then making another for my friend who couldn’t make the class.

What do you think? I’ll have to keep practicing so I don’t forget how to do it and then I can start learning some new stitches. I’m thinking bigger blankets, too, with different yarn and tighter stitches. Crochet much? Share below!

PS Shout out to my photo session helper, Pebbles!

anniversary cake.

We own this fun cake topper that we used for our wedding day. Hubs and I decided we would use it every year on our anniversary which means we will always have some kind of cake. Winning!

Since we were in Portland for our one year anniversary I ordered a cake from the cutest local cake shop I could find: the Cakery.

The Cakery is part of the Baker & Spice family and features artisan cakes and delicate sweets.


They also sell baking tools and accessories – think cake stands, cookbooks, sugars, aprons – and celebration goods like cards, candles, and matches.

You can purchase cake by slice, ready-made cakes, or order ahead with special inscriptions. We ordered a six-inch Mocha cake. It had four layers of devil’s food cake brushed with an espresso syrup, covered with buttercream and topped with a decorative flower.

It was moist and rich and made for some fun photos. Yes, I brought a cake stand from home.

Mission celebrate with cake accomplished! Happy chocolately anniversary to my boo. ๐Ÿ™‚


For our first Portland stop we headed to Stumptown HQ for a coffee tasting which I then learned was actually a “cupping” session. Not a fan, but exciting, nonetheless.

We learned how the pro coffee bean buyers smell, taste, and experience coffee beans in a blind test. I learned the difference between fragranceย and aroma. Fancy. We also had a lesson in direct trade and fair market prices.

After smelling the freshly ground beans and the brewing coffee, we each got a spoon and a spittoon and slurped our way down the tasting line, rinsing our used spoons in warm water between each taste. The whole thing was a germaphobe’s nightmare (and I won’t go into detail), but I participated still since I wanted the full experience. (Totally monitoring myself for potential contagious diseases now.)

But back to the coffee. We tried five kinds of beans which are roasted in house at HQ. Honestly, it was really hard to focus on the fragrance, aroma, and taste when I was trying mostly to get the cupping technique down. So, I don’t really remember what any of the coffees taste like. I just knew if I liked it or not. Heh. At the end of the tasting, the various roasts were revealed.

Aside from daily coffee tastings, you can visit HQ for a fresh cup of coffee, admire old school coffee makers, shop for coffee equipment, or take a photo with a coffee plant!

And if cold brew is more your thing: a fridge of yummies!


shop feature: mischief.

My crafty biz has a new stockist: Mischief!

Mischief opened in the Laurel District of Oakland last month and it is looking all the cute. Owner Laura, and her Hubby and pup, run the shop and have curated a colorful array of locally handmade goods.

I am loving the simple layout and design of the shop; it really makes the products pop!

I made a few custom pennant and wall hanging phrases for Mischief. Spot them all in shop!

The pennants are scattered about and the wall ย hangings live on this wood board. I totally need a display like this for craft shows!

There’s a workshop space in the back and each month the store will be transformed to feature one or two artists of the month.


Have you stopped by yet? Go, go, go!


Hubs and I went on a road trip to Portland, Oregon for our one year wedding anniversary. 1500 miles round trip! On the drive north we stopped in Bend, Oregon for an overnight stay at the Mill Inn.

We had a little room issue upon arrival, but once things got sorted out we ended up in the San Francisco themed room – we felt right at home. The next morning we woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee…


I want to throw breakfast parties like this! And have a tea station!


His and Hers anniversary breakfast: frittatas, BACON, sausage, potatoes, greens, fruits, juice…

Oh, and then we had waffles! You guys!!! The Mill Inn has the best waffles I’ve ever had – a light crispy, crunchy outside with a fluffy, moist middle. I might want to go back to Bend just for waffles. They make them to order and you can order one whole, one half, or one fourth! I don’t even like cherry things (love cherries, dislike cherry things) but the sauce of the day made this waffle extra special.

And then they let us take a muffin to go (because we couldn’t eat it after waffles), and the bag came with this handwritten note. Aww…

After check out and before continuingย on our way to Portland, we visited nearby Pioneer Park for an after-breakfast stroll along the Deschutes river.

Anniversary weekend was off to an awesome start!

we be craftin’.

Local Take‘s second location turned one year old last month. To celebrate, they hosted a fun garden pop-up and crafty party for the community. They invited me to pop-up shop…


…and to host make and take station. I grabbed my felt scraps and hot glue and we made felt brooches and clips.

I had a few sample designs out, but people could make anything they wanted. Check out all the fun and creativity! Unicorns, ice cream, pet portraits…

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and got crafty with me! And a big congratulations to Local Take for one year in the books!

fat head.

When you wake up on your birthday and see a giant you. O_o

My fantastically creative Hubby decided THIS is what I needed for my birthday this year, and he was all the correct! He even made the “Happy Birthday” garland! ๐Ÿ™‚ So, I know what’s you’re thinking —ย what do you do with a giant face?ย You letย the people dance with it, of course! Throughout the course of birthmonth, as I celebrated with friends and family, the brave and the silly danced and jumped around for what turned out to be the best birthday gift ever. Turn the volume up!

โ€‹Unfortunately, my fat head got left behind at the park, but these memories will live on!!! Thank you all for celebrating my Jesus birthday with me this year!! My birthday wish is that you all take time out of your busy schedules to act a little silly and dance around. xoxo