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las vegas: food scene.

The Las Vegas food scene is clearly a tasty one. Here’s what we inhaled.

Day 1.

We arrived late in the evening, but lucky for us many Las Vegas food establishments on the strip are open until the wee hours of the morning. Our hotel also had some options to cater to our “we too lazy to go outside right now” feels. We had an almost midnight snack at Gordon Ramsey Burgers.

My burger had roasted jalapeños, avocado, and grilled tomato. Tip: Get you burger medium. (I ordered medium well and it was a tad dry.) Sweet potato fries are served with a dusting of powdered sugar – a first for me and quite delightful!

Day 2.

Rise and shine with a smoothie from The Juice Standard. The berry smoothies were not too sweet – a perfectly refreshing way to energize the morning.

You know what else energizes the morning? Bacon. We tried the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich at Egg Slut – salt and runny egg perfection. And because FOMO, we grabbed cookies for later from Sprinkles.

For lunch we found a hand-pulled noodle place: Shang Artisan Noodles. And I am so happy we went off the strip to experience the magic. Shang prepares all their noodles made-to-order. I must go back and try all the things we didn’t try on this visit.

Then, it was boba next door at Sweet Boba. I got a mint coffee (very similar to Peet’s mint mojito), with my favorite kind of ice.

Late night after concert meal: Secret Pizza AND Milkbar. Cereal milk soft serve with crack pie. Hello! I got more cookies here for later, too.

Day 3.

We enjoyed breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi. I ordered the bananas foster waffles – they don’t say it on the menu, but the waffles are mini and the most adorable thing ever. We also had the corned beef hash and a cinnamon apple skinny crepe pancake. 

And our last Vegas meal before jetting back home: Lardo. Pork, kimchee, fried rosemary and sage, pickled peppers! Yes!

There are definitely some favorites to be consumed again one day. I’d return just for mini waffles and noodles. Mmm. What are some of your favorite Las Vegas food spots? Share below!


Also in Vegas, I dragged my friend to the Neon Museum! Why this outdoor museum featuring old and mostly non-functioning neon signs intrigued me so much beats me, but it was awesome!

I knew the signs had to be huge to light up the night sky and attract visitors but whoa, they are gigantic!!

The museum is smallish and you can do a loop rather quickly, but it’s nice to stroll through and search for signs buried behind other signs. It’s also fun to stumble upon a tour to learn some sign history (If I ever go again I’d want to pay extra for the tour.)

You get a pamphlet to guide you through some of the featured neon signs and there are docents throughout if you have any questions. There is so much history in the museum.

It was sunny out and all the signs looked lovely against blue sky (#nofilter). There’s also a night tour and light show, but the signs didn’t have to be illuminated to appreciate the beauty of their design.

My favorite sign was the old Stardust sign because of the colorful “twinkles.”

I took photos of individual letters, too, so I could spell my name.

So much colorful fun! Closing remarks: I’ve added “learn all about typography” to my life goals list. Pop into the gift shop, too, for a dose of retro goodies.

just a girl.

The real reason we were in Las Vegas: Gwen Stefani‘s Just A Girl residency at Planet Hollywood! We bought our tickets nearly a year ago!

The entrance was almost like a Gwen history museum. Old costumes from past music videos and events were on display.

We were in the VIP section (I had forgotten we purchased VIP tickets so I was super impressed by past me!) which means we were shown to our seats, and there was drink service.

Per usual, Gwen was amazing and looked the same as last time (as the rest of us age), and her dancers were incredible. I want to learn all the choreography.

The set was colorful, and there was confetti and lots of amazing costumes. My favorite was the one with a big blue furry pom on one of the dancer’s heads. She reminded me a Sky Dancer. There were a few nods to Vegas show girls, too – lots of feathers!

The show was an hour and half (sadly, no encore). Gwen always brings the dance party and makes the show personal and interactive. This time the people she brought on stage were either celebrating birthdays or looked like Tony Kanal circa 1996. My friend Lenn is dreaming up the perfect sign for whenever it is we brave the pit / snag front row tickets and Gwen can actually read the sign from the stage.

We always say we want to wear something fun for her concerts, too, but can never get our act together. So now I’m on the lookout for a sequined jacket for the next one! We did, however, manage to get some bright red lipstick on to channel our inner Gwen (and we might have gone to the make up store right before the concert and tried on the test lipstick because neither of us actually own red lipstick…).

OMG, Gwen! Here’s the set list:

  1. Hollaback Girl
  2. Bathwater
  3. Baby Don’t Lie
  4. It’s My Life
  5. Spiderwebs
  6. Sunday Morning
  7. Underneath it All
  8. The Tide is High (Blondie)
  9. Ex-girlfriend
  10. Hella Good
  11. Wind it Up
  12. Rich Girl
  13. Cool
  14. Luxurious
  15. Umbrella (Rihanna)
  16. What You Waiting For?
  17. Used to Love You
  18. Misery
  19. Don’t Speak
  20. Make Me Like You
  21. Hey Baby
  22. Just A Girl
  23. Sweet Escape


las vegas: art and design.

This year’s girls trip brought me and my friend to Las Vegas. I used to visit a lot as a kid (my grandma liked celebrating birthdays here). I never really understood why people liked to come back, but now I realize it’s because you can’t possibly see the whole thing in one weekend. It’s like Disneyland. On this trip I was really fascinated by all the newer casino designs and attention to detail, and all the art! Here’s my Las Vegas Art and Design Lookbook!

Our Hotel (Planet Hollywood)

Even the tub tile was art.


We spent a lot of time in the Cosmopolitan because they had all the food we were interested in consuming. But I’d stay for the chandeliers!

Hotel Lounges

The Cosmopolitan also had this cute Alice in Wonderland themed lounge. We spent two meal times here. My favorite detail: the cat on the ceiling.

Ceilings, Walls, and Floors

Make sure to look up, down, and all over for design inspo.


This is by far my favorite H&M. There was a DJ. It’s basically a dance club (so basically we were day clubbing). Loving the golden disco balls and geometric everything.

Indoor and Street Art

Elvis sighting (but look closely!), the Bellagio’s Lunar New Year display, and so many paintings.

Art You Can Sit On

Channeling Game of Thrones vibes, and oh look, an E.

Las Vegas Architecture and Engineering (of course!)

I mean, just imagine how much planning and work went into each detail. Plus, water dancing set to music!


We experienced the YayoI Kusama exhibit at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. It was dreamy…. I want to experience the infinity room again / have an infinity room in my home. You only get 45 seconds in the infinity room. Protip: Take it all in! But if you’re into photo-documenting, wear all black and use a black camera case so it doesn’t show up in photos.

Where are your favorite art scenes? Share below.

international women.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. To celebrate, I participated in Zynga’s International Women’s Day festivities at their headquarters in San Francisco.

They hosted a maker pop-up with women-owned businesses. Shout out to my friend Mimi of Hello Shiso for suggesting my business for the event! Here’s a before and after of my booth space.

I brought all the flowers, pennants, and of course, Boss Lady wall hangings.

We set up in the communal / cafeteria area, and Zynga provided all the tables and linens – made my crafty life so easy!

Bonus: we got to partake in all the Zynga goodies! Bevvies, foods, and snacks! Mmm.

But the stars of the event: these movers and shakers! I met so many wonderful ladies who make and curate wonderful goodies!

Featured biz ladies: Gal Collective / Colorfuls / Bash and Sash / Loloyum / Part & Parcel / Prezetlina / Palm and Perkins / The Loose Rooster Ranch / Fish Wife Sweets / Merora / Hello Shiso / Andi’s Succulents

How did you celebrate International Women’s Day? Share below!

glitter party.

Glitter. Bad. Glitter glue. Good.


My friend Angel gifted me a jar of Pixie Paste. The glitter doesn’t get all over the place. Win! You can make things sparkly. Also win! And it comes with it’s own brush! What, no clean up? Triple win!

I took it for a test drive and made some gift tags. I painted wooden tags with acrylic paint and added the glitter glue after the paint dried.


This stuff is pretty great. There’s no weird glue smell but it takes a while to dry, especially thicker layers. Let this sit overnight.


And guess what, it comes in four other glitter combos! Pixie Paste glitter off, anyone?

What sparkly new projects have you been working on? Share below!

jenny lemons.

Huzzah! I finally got to visit Jenny Lemons, the shop!

Shop owner and maker Jennie moved from her workshop/studio to this cute store front (her workshop and studio are in the back) in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco.

It’s way too much fun in here. There’s a wall of art supplies and treasures.

A section with tiny things for tiny people (some of you may call them babies or toddlers).

Lots of body goods and fun nail colors.


Whimsical jewelry and a smattering of plants.

And of course, Jennie’s line of clothing!

Come in and stay a while. Take a workshop, too! And then grab some tacos down the street! I’d say that’s a day well-spent.