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kitchen things.

Stumbled upon dejumo in Old Oakland. Nearly died. I mean, look!

Bamboo, olive wood, recycled glass, …

stoneware, marble, …

seashell, horn, …

teak, mango wood, acacia…

gold things!

OMG! This is what my kitchen dreams are made of. Can I giveaway everything in my kitchen and replace them with this store? I’m super-mega heart eyeing. Is this your cup of tea? Shall we take a trip to Oakland together to touch all the goodies? 

this is how we fiesta.

Everyone loves a taco party! Dinner al fresco lives on in my God-sister’s backyard to celebrate her birthday!

We set the table with legit plates, napkin rings (cause we fancy), and desserts…lots of desserts.

For our centerpieces we put together tiny vases of chamomile flowers, faux candles, and mini piรฑatas filled with more sweet treats.

For our taco bar we picked up meat from Mi Tierra in Berkeley, and grilled up some vegetables. We had homemade salsas, guacamole, and aguas frescas, and all the taco fixin’s.

And it wouldn’t be a fiesta without some honeycombs and photoprops.


Group selfie with giant taco!

Happy Birthday, my sister from another mister! How do you backyard bash? Share your party secrets below.

aurelia style.

My friend Aurelia of Aurelia Style hosted her first crafty workshop last week and I had to get in on all the fun! Headdresses for all!


Aurelia had sample headdresses out for inspiration. Each one had a story. It got me thinking that I should have been thinking about a theme for my piece. Ha! Instead, I perused the bounty of supplies for inspiration.


There were beads, flowers, buttons, tulle, felt, feathers, chain, …so many colorful supplies! I decided on neutrals and flowers…lots of them!

Aurelia shared her pro tips for composing a headdress, like how to create height and volume, and helped us whenever our projects didn’t ‘look right.’ Here’s my finished piece!

What I love about workshops is the chance to explore a new craft and use materials I would have never thought to buy or put together. Lace, beads, flowers, and feathers? Yes! Also, there’s a foam visor under there holding the structure together! Genius!


Here’s the headdress crew in all our headdress glory. Thanks, Aurelia, for a relaxing and crafty workshop! Now, can someone throw a party so I can wear my gravity defying piece? Please and thank you.

Where should I sport my headdress? Share your crazy thoughts below.ย 

cute farm!

I’m an air plant gardener now. ๐Ÿ™‚ My friends at Cute Farms popped up with me at Urban Air Market in Oakland last weekend. They hosted a build your own air plant terrarium workshop. It was so cute.

First you pick your vessel. They had many variations to choose from: a tall glass vase, a round ‘spaceman helmet,’ a teardrop…. Then, you fill it with moss, lichen, and vermiculite. All the filler is preserved so you don’t need to worry about keeping it alive, too. Winning!

Some cross promotion action with OMG pennants, color coordinated with the fillers, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pick an air plant, pick a dinosaur…

And viola! My new tiny habitat. Have you ever seen an air plant which such vibrant colors? ๐Ÿ˜

The craftermath was a table full of colorful mossfetti!

I could make these terrariums all day. Air plants are officially on my favorites list of “things I have a good chance of keeping alive” and “ideas for gift giving.” Are you down with tillandsia? Share air plant stories below! 

find your center(piece).

As part of golden anniversary decor, my parents requested that I incorporate their party favors into the centerpiece arrangements. Challenge accepted!


My parents have an awesome garden. Not only is it filled with a bounty of fruits and vegetables, they’ve got a pretty great succulent collection as well. They decided they wanted to give succulent planters away as their party favors. My Dad made a mix of soil, perlite, and rocks, and they planted a succulent snipping for each of their guests. They cared for the baby succulents for two months prior to the party so the plants could grow into their new pots.

I ordered business cards from Moo and used them as favor tags. Like our desert plant love pun? “I will never desert you.” (Yea, you like it.) The tags shimmered with gold foil, as did the twine.

There were eight tables to be decorated. My sister, niece, and I brainstormed for weeks and we finally decided on using round mirrors to bring all the centerpiece elements together.

We stacked smaller mirrors and plant pot saucers spray painted gold to add height/levels to the centerpiece.

We used votives with a distressed gold paint look with battery operated candles, and sprinkled the centerpiece with gold and white ‘marbles.’


Lastly, each table had a table number. We used escort card holders to hold the table numbers up.

I own all kinds of party decor now. Maybe I should start a party decor rental company. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or, perhaps you will see some repurposing projects sometime instead.

liquid gold.

A table number how-to! I used these for my parent’s golden anniversary celebration. Now I want to put liquid gold on everything!

1. Cut paper to size. I used watercolor paper because I like the weight and texture, and cut sheets into 3in by 4in pieces using a paper trimmer.

2. Paint on liquid gold. In a well-ventilated area (seriously, this stuff smells like spray paint), brush on liquid gold to your hearts desire. It’s best to keep the liquid gold away from area you want to write on — the pen ink will fade into the gold a bit. Allow to dry for a few minutes and paint the other side. The paint dries quickly, but I would let these air out overnight or longer.

3. Write table numbers. Black permanent marker works nicely, but be careful not to apply too many layers because it may bleed through. Smooth out the edges of your numbers with a thin black marker.

4. Display. For my parent’s party, I used escort card holders as table number holders. For a larger party or for a party with taller centerpieces, consider taller holders so guests can locate their tables with ease.ย 

What else can I decorate with liquid gold?! Taking suggestions below.

golden anniversary.

My parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! To commemorate this milestone occasion, we threw a little party. Per unspoken protocol I was in charge of some of the details! Here’s a look at the welcome table.

Framed Photos
We printed and framed a few ‘through the years’ photos to display. Guests loved these. Here’s a snap of one of my all time favorite photos of my parents circa 1965 when they were still in the ‘courting’ phase of their relationship.

We knew we wanted to have a guestbook for friends and family to sign. My sister found this accordion journal in her crafty stash. We thought it’d be perfect for multiple people to sign at once. The guestbook sign read: “Please write us a note about what LOVE means to YOU.” I was hoping that guests would subliminally read “LOVE YOU.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Plus we had pens in all the colors so guests could write and draw in all the colors of love.

Escort Cards
For escort cards, I used watercolor paper cut to 3in by 4in folded in half, added some liquid gold, and hand wrote guest names. I found wooden trays at Target (I always win at Target!) and filled them with rice.

My helpers (my niece and my nephews) made designs in the rice after the guests took their escort cards. It was a nice touch.

Card Box
In lieu of gifts, my parents encouraged guests to instead donate to SHARE – Support for the Handicapped and their Rehabilitation through Education. It’s a program near and dear to their hearts and they have been supporting SHARE for many years now. I found this golden card holder and an acrylic ‘Cards’ sign to collect donations.

โ€‹These two. I love them to pieces. Happy 50th Years to my silly, lovable, awesome parents!