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ice ice baby.

My friend Rebecca of Oodlebadoodle released ice dye kits last month. Remember when I ice dyed with Rebecca at Craftcation 2019? So magical!

I bought a few kits to try with my fam, and we scheduled a Mom’s Day virtual hangout. My Sister chose the Mushroom in the Mist color palette: sapphire blue, glacial blue, shiitake mushroom, tangerine, and mist grey. I picked out the the Playful in Palm Springs pack for my Mom (scarlet, rust brown, palomino gold, terra cotta, and moss green) and Snorkel in San Juan for myself (Caribbean blue, coral pink, emerald green, powder pink, and ecru). Each color palette is carefully curated by Rebecca. Here’s my kit:

The ice dye kit comes with step by step instructions and links to ice dye project inspiration. It also comes with a fabric swatch so you can get an idea of what your final projects might look like, and a notebook and pen so you can keep track of your ice dye experiments.

I set up my dye station on my patio, and I had two cameras so my fam could see my face and my hand actions. In addition to the kit, you will need ice, water, a table cover, a 2-5 gallon bucket (or larger), a 32oz microwavable jar, grids, and pans/containers to catch the melted ice, plus any additional fabric. I also like to have extra gloves on hand and a rag to wipe up any spills. (Pro tip: prep your rag to be dyed, too, and see how the dye takes!)

Here’s what I decided to dye: a dress (which I discovered later was not a natural fiber so it didn’t take the dye, sad face), a set of pouches, a mask (sewn by Rebecca!), a bandana (which comes with the kit), a napkin (used this as my ‘rag’), and a previously naturally dyed scarf that I thought needed more color.

Time to dye! First, soak fabric in the soda ash solution. Then, fold, scrunch, and manipulate the fabric. Add ice. Then dye sprinkles! A little goes a long way with the powder dye and I have a good amount left over for more projects. There’s actually enough dye in the kits to color a king-sized bed sheet set!

After dye sprinkles, my fam and I signed off of our virtual conference, because the next part was to wait for 24 hours to let the ice melt and allow the dye to settle into the fabric. 🙂

After 24 hours, we rinsed our pieces in cold water until the water ran clear and allowed the fabric to dry. And the big reveal! I love how each piece turned out. Do they remind you of snorkeling in San Juan? 🙂 I’ve never done that, but these do look very oceany.

I’m very excited to do this again, and with the kit, it’s so easy! You can purchase your own kit on Oodlebadoodle and get in on the ice dye fun!

virtual pop up.

As part of Craft + Work’s second anniversary, I participated in their virtual pop up! Craft + Work is a maker and workshop space in Pacifica, California. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to teach my felt and fiber workshops in their space over the last year, and though I’ve never actually gone to the beach in Pacifica, I always enjoy every visit to the studio! 🙂

At last year’s celebration there were seven vendors. This year, 20! And 10%+ of sales in our shops over the weekend were donated to two local organizations: Pacifica Resource Center & Pacifica Community in Action. In total we collectively raised and donated $800. Thank you to our supporters for shopping handmade and local!

I set up my craft booth in my apartment! As part of the virtual pop up many of us hosted virtual shopping events or interactive crafty sessions – like my felt flower craft along! There was also a demo on how to make cold process soap with Starblast Co. Ooh, I also made lots of special Mom’s Day felt flower bouquets for my shop, too.

And though I totally miss vendor trades (if you know, you know), I did still get to support some amazing makers and score some awesome fun treats. A tote from Rennie (she even sent me a waxed canvas cleaner) and soaps from Starblast Co. (omgah they smell so good!).

Congratulations on two years, Craft + Work!

PS: I’m also excited to report that Craft + Work is starting to host virtual crafty workshops and selling DIY kits! Check them out – you might see a familiar craft or face (it me!).

felt flower bouquets.

My last crafty event that was cancelled was my felt flower bouquet workshop at the Alameda Free Library, so I hosted a free online class instead! Like my online weaving workshop, I sold kits for those who needed materials. This was the perfect craft for spring, and also the perfect craft to host right before Mom’s Day!

Per usual, I set up my craft desk on top of my bed. 🙂 It’s the best lighting in the apartment so it’s ideal for photographing product or shooting a video.

I created a mini bouquet and answered questions live.

Here are all the bouquets made during the demo as shared on Instagram. Thank you to those who joined me and shared their work. Yay, flowers to last all shelter in place!

It’s funny because 2020 was the first year in my crafty biz existence where I felt so organized – I had six months of crafty programming lined up since January. Events are slowly being cancelled or rescheduled as online events as we work through this new normal – for good reason though. Let’s all stay safe and healthy and keep each other safe and healthy, too! I hope to host more of these! Craft on (at home)!


My East Bay Yelp Elite crew held their first virtual event: a pizza making demo with Homage, another gem in Martinez, California (remember States, too?!).

The day before the event we picked up pizza kits in person in the restaurant with option to either go inside the restaurant or have your pizza walked to your car. I wanted to go inside so I could see the restaurant and take photos, duh (#yelpelitestatus). It’s airy and bright in the restaurant, there’s a small pantry/market shelf, and it smelled so good inside. Mmm, I couldn’t wait for our pizza demo!

We chose the pepperoni pizza kit. It came with enough ingredients for four personal pies. The dough and sauce are made in house with their sourdough starter and San Marzano tomatoes, respectively. The pepperoni is sourced from a local Richmond meat spot. The kit even comes with chocolate chip cookie dough! Also, we all got some new Yelp goodies: a tote, mug, and ahh, coveted hand sanitizer.

On event night, owners Rachel and Erik hosted from their home kitchen and demoed how to use the kits both in a regular oven and a pizza oven. (Add get a pizza oven to your backyard dreams list. It cooks pizza so fast!) They also shared the Homage origin story, answered all of our pizza making questions, and shared lots of pizza making secrets/tips to get us pumped to create our own pies. Here we go!

Photos by Hubby: Flour the dough and stretch it out. Add sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. Place in the oven at the highest temperature (this is when I learned our oven goes to 500F!) for 10-15 minutes.

I totes skipped a step and didn’t stretch my dough enough so I baked pizza mountains – they got so fluffy/airy. Still tasted good! Simple ingredients and bold flavors all the way, and the smell was fantastic.

This was seriously so fun and so easy to do. Homage has other pizza kits, too, plus roasted veggie kits and ready-made meals. And if you’re lucky (live within a 20-mile radius of their restaurant), they also deliver.

Thank you to Yelp East Bay and Homage for hosting this fun, at-home event! It was so nice to see everyone on the Zoom chat, but I hope we’ll get to reunite in person soon!

pennant party!

I hosted another interwebs event for my crafty biz: live pennant cutting! Sometimes for in-person events, if there is electricity and space available at my booth, I’ll create pennants on demand. I had never done one live on the interwebs before. There’s a first for everything during shelter in place!

I took preorders and took suggestions from the audience, too. I showed some samples, prepared a few blank pennants, and had a box of scraps and my scissors ready to go.

First up was a duo of 2020 pennants for a high school and college grad. And a plant lady pennant for, well, a fellow plant lady!

I created a shop tiny pennant for the SF Etsy first ever virtual show (I co-hosted! You can watch the recording online.) and some pandemic-inspired pennants: good vibes, let’s stay in, and it’s ok. I also cut out a love and a yay pennant, two of my best sellers.

But the request of all requests were these yay pennants complete with 3D toilet paper roll.

Super fun! And creating on demand keeps me on my creative toes.

I’m always taking custom requests; message me! And bonus, I’m hosting a CINCO SALE in my online store. All pennants (including some of the ones pictured in this post) and select ‘last of’ items are only $5 today only. 🙂

cactus fiesta.

Just because we’re on SIP doesn’t mean we can’t have a fiesta at home! Let’s make a cactus piñata!

Materials: corrugated cardboard, box cutter, scissors, masking tape, crepe paper streamers, glue stick

Cut two of the same shape for the front and back of your piñata. Cut 1.5-2in wide strips of cardboard for the perimeter; make sure the corrugation allows you to bend your strips along the length (corrugation should run parallel to the bottom). Decide where you want to place the piñata opening and start wrapping one of the shapes with the cardboard strips at the base of the opening. Use masking tape to attach strips to shapes. I prefer attaching the strips to the outside border of the shapes (versus in line with the shape perimeter); this makes it easier to bend the strips to conform to the shape. End with a flap that is not attached with tape. You may leave a slight overlap. Attach the second shape to the opposite side. For this step, you could add all the tape to the shape and carefully adhere. Add more tape as necessary for reinforcement.

Cut lots and lots of fringe. To begin covering your piñata, work one side at a time. First, add a non-fringed piece to the bottom. Add two layers if you can still see through to the cardboard. Begin adding fringe, one layer at a time. You can overlap as you see fit and change colors whenever you like. Once you finish one side, trim the overhang, then repeat the process on the opposite side. Do the same for the strips and the flap opening. For any spot that is level / parallel to the base, you may consider only adding non-fringed paper since it will lay flat. You can do the same for any hard to reach areas.

Optional: Add a tissue paper flower. See my tissue paper flower tutorial for a companion post. And for more piñata inspo: burrosheartspineapples.

You can fill these with treats or display as decor. Ether way, it’s fiesta time!

more felt goodies.

I’ve been keeping busy making a few custom felt goodies!

Floral Clip

This design was greatly inspired by my hula days and all of the colorful floral clips I got to wear during my performances. My friend Tiffany ordered a custom clip for her lil one. I hadn’t made these in a while so it was nice to revisit this design. And, fun news – I’m planning to turn this into a DIY kit so you can make your own anytime, anywhere! Stay tuned.

Better Late Than Ugly

Another crafty lady friend, Sarah, ordered a custom wall hanging to add to her Feed the Fish co collection. Keke, this is perfect for any vanity! I like receiving requests for custom wall hangings. There’s a lot more room on the wall hangings versus the pennants so people get super creative!

Sister District Marin Felt Suite

One of my repeat customers works for a local democratic political organization and she wanted some Feed the Fish co flair for her group gatherings. She ordered a garland for use in group photos or to hang at their events, and a quartet of pennants to place at tables while they work on postcards for voters. Pennants and garlands work for all occasions!


I was invited by my friend Genevieve of Le Petit Elefant to create some pieces for a BTS Art and Dance Party that she was curating with SJ Made and the SF Bay Area BTS Army. Since this was a large piece, I started with a sketch and then did my usual rectangle technique to space out the letters. The phrases I used are lyrics in popular BTS songs.

The event was cancelled to comply with pandemic precautions, but when it’s hopefully rescheduled these pieces will be displayed and up for sale!

Yay! Let’s keep the felt fun going! I’m hosting a live pennant cutting event on Instagram on Sunday, April 19 from 1-3PM. You’re invited to watch me do one of my favorite things: cut felt! 🙂

weave along.

This past weekend I hosted my first workshop on the interwebs (on Instagram!), and it was so cool because people actually joined me and crafted along! It was a free class, but I sold weaving kits complete with Crafterateur loom and assorted yarn for those who needed materials.

Class was two and a half hours. I demonstrated a weaving from start (setting up the loom) to finish (adding a stick and hanging), and shared tips and tricks along the way. I also took questions as much as I could, but it was definitely a different experience not being able to see my students during class. Here’s the piece I worked on, plus some of the weaving stitches and techniques I shared.

And here are some of the in-progress and finished works from makers across the state and nation! Tap through for weaving/photo credits; I’ve tagged all the makers’ Instagram handles.

Thank you to everyone who joined my first online workshop! As a bonus I’ve recorded a few low-budget videos so you can craft along, too. Happy creating!


I created this macrame piece for Craftcation 2020; my friend Rebecca and I were going to host a community weaving project and use this as the base for the weaving. But Craftcation was cancelled, so I continued the weaving on my own.

For the macrame base I used a 3 foot dowel and 48 strands of 12-foot rope, plus more for hanging. From top to bottom, I included Lark’s head knots, square knots, double half hitch knots, ‘loops,’ and finishing knots.

Check out my fiber arts station – it’s a bike rack. 🙂

For the weaving I stuck with using roving and super thick yarn so it would fill in the gaps nicely. First mustard, then some white, then lots of earthy colors leftover from my soap felting project. And then I filled in the rest with white. I used variations on tabby stitches and soumak weave.

Since this project was quite large and I wasn’t working in straight lines, I found it best to work in sections. Also, the roving is delicate and passing through the rope too much often resulted in it coming apart, so I found it helpful to work with shorter strips in smaller sections.

I love how fluffy this looks, and how some of the rope peeks through.

Look; it’s giant! This was my first macraweaving piece and I definitely want to create more. So. Fun.

birthday hoops.

It’s my birthday tomorrow! Also, Trolls World Tour comes out tomorrow on demand and I’m totally going to watch it because I’m turning 4 (x9)! I made some colorful hoops for the occasion (birthday/Trolls watch party). You can make some, too.


  • Streamers (you can also use ribbons or yarn)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Embroidery (or other) hoop (I used the inner hoop for this project)
  • Scissors
  • String (for hanging)

Cut strips of streamer paper however long you wish. You’ll use about 1 inch of each strip to wrap around the hoop.

Attach crepe paper strips with double-sided tape. I placed tape on the edge of the paper strip, wrapped around the hoop, and taped onto the paper, versus taping onto the hoop. This was a personal preference, so I could shift the paper strips around as I put the hoop together.

Add paper strips until the whole hoop is covered.

Add four ties equidistant around the hoop. Then, tie the four strands together to form a loop for hanging.

Hang and celebrate!

Can you imagine a whole room full of these? Would be so pretty. Happy making! And let me know if you’re watching Trolls tomorrow, too!