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Earlier this week I popped up at the Museum of Craft and Design with my SF Etsy teammates as part of National Craft Month and the museum’s inaugural after-hours event “Make.”

My booth above: I kept my display minimal for this show because there was a high chance of rain and I didn’t want to lug around too much stuff. To my surprise I got everything to fit in one carry-on luggage and a small tote bag. Winning! Fastest set up and clean up ever. Winning some more! My teammates’ booths below (left to right): Coffee n Cream Press by Leah Jachimowicz, Oodlebadoodle by Rebecca Saylor, and Matilda’s House & co by Anna Engstrom.

Throughout the evening visitors could try their hand at the crafting stations including finger crochet, button and magnet collage making, and silk screening. There was even a make your own bitters station and a free photobooth. Plus, everyone got to enjoy the current exhibit.

My booth was right next to the photobooth so a handful of folks got creative and asked if they could use some of my wares in their photo session – um, yes!

People of all ages came to the museum. The music kept the energy up and the activities kept interest piqued. I even got to join the crochet jam and ended up making this basket/tray out of fabric scraps. Now I’m obsessed!

It’s always a fun time at the museum! What crafty things have you gotten yourself into lately? Share below.

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the office.

When your coworker comments on how much he loves The Office you throw him a The Office-themed birthday. Ovbi. Here’s what we used for inspiration…

Photos of old people (from Michael Scott’s lecture on ageism), an acrostic using the celebrant’s name (like in Dwight’s performance review), and a PC birthday sign and sad balloons (like Kelly – or was it Kelley?had for her birthday).


This was not our typical celebratory decor so my team of decorators questioned my every decision, especially when I would say stuff like “You’re making it look too nice.” Also, do you know how hard it is to find brown balloons? (The answer is very.) As we were blowing up the balloons just slightly, one of the brown balloons popped. Right after I thought oh no, I immediate thought this is perfect! 


A close of up of the photos of old things, including our celebrant!


Kyle’s acrostic:


And the icing on the cake (quite literally) – we wrote Lyle instead of Kyle because that seemed like something that would happen in the show.


What do you think? Maybe for an April Fool’s birthday celebration, too? 😉


Step right in to Tinsel in Berkeley! I frequently pass by this shop thinking I must go in someday. Someday was last Saturday, finally!

Tinsel is known for their vintage trim so I was expecting to see lots of ribbons, tassels, and fun things for decorating. I was correct, but oh, there was so much to look at and my brain went into overdrive as I started to think about all the projects I could make with everything in the store.


What an amazing collection of things on spools – fabric ribbons, metal ribbons…


They had bottle brush trees (I love these things!) for every occasion.


This handy passementerie (art of making elaborate trimmings or edgings) guide needs to be an art print.


A wall of passements… If I was a master seamstress I would be ALL OVER these trims. Everything looked so elaborate, detailed, well-made.


There were bins of vintage appliques, beads, charms…


Spools in all the sizes…


My family’s cigar company ;)…plus golden scissors…


These flower middles reminded me of my childhood and I would love to own all of these, but my practical brain told me I didn’t need any.


Boxes and boxes of florals…


More threads in all the colors…


These decorative pieces. I can’t even understand how someone makes these. They are amazing.


No, thank YOU, Tinsel.


Everything in the shop is fancy and I feel like I’d need to have a very specific and very special project in mind to use any of the items in the shop. I would be scared of messing up and wasting such high-class materials. I did end up purchasing some filigree-like die-cut pieces. I’ll share what I end up making once I get brave enough to use them in a project.

Have you explored the world of Tinsel? Share your fancy finds below!

beautiful bowls – part two.

All weather is soup weather for this girl! It’s been a while since my last soup post, but you can bet I’ve been on a mission to find some tried and true soup spots that are mouthwatering, reliable (i.e., they taste just like your remember them to taste from last time), and well worth the price.

Boat NoodlesLarb Thai Tapas in El Cerrito is one of my favorite places for quick, not fussy Thai food that makes you feel like you’re at a cafe in Bangkok. Get the boat noodle soup with the thick noodles (my fave!). The broth is rich and the meat is hearty. It’s got fried pork rinds, and liver upon request (though I haven’t requested this yet). Ask for the assortment of spices to please your palette and enhance the flavors of the soup. The marinated jalapeños will add heat and a vinegary punch. It’s the perfect lunch on a rainy day type of meal, and then you won’t be able to wait until you’re hungry again to eat the leftovers (if there are any).

Tom Kha with NoodlesBanana Leaf Thai, you’ve won my heart/stomach (same same!). Some Thai places won’t add noodles to their Tom Kha; Banana Leaf Thai will let you! Tucked away in a mini mall in Richmond, Banana Leaf Thai has all the delights my appetite yearns for. I ask for, yup, you guessed it, thick rice noodles in my soup. The warm coconut broth, the fresh cilantro, and fried tofu give you all the textures and flavors that make for a perfect bowl of tom kha. Try it with chicken, too.

Spicy Beef Soup I’ve been to Mint Leaf many times over now, and I used to always get the wonton noodle soup and never turned back. But one day I decided I’d mix it up! There’s a new favorite in town. I’d had the spicy beef noodle soup in the past, but recently tried it again with the rice noodles you get in pho. That’s where it’s at, y’all! I get the spice, I get my beef, I get my noodles.

Sate Beef Noodle Soup or Lemongrass Tofu Noodle SoupFor a quick food stop: Kim’s Cafe & Sandwiches. The protein you pick makes the dish – I alternate between the sate beef and the lemongrass tofu. Both are packed with flavor. The soup is served with lots of greenery so it makes the soup both comforting and refreshing. Kim’s Cafe is only a couple of doors down from my dentist, but it took me while to discover it was there. Literally, a hole in the wall discovery. Now I’m here at least every six months. 🙂

Happy soup day to you!

them youngins.

Earlier this week I got to teach my felt succulent garden workshop to a group of high school students as part of their intraterm program. What a fun group of youngins and a fun week filled with self reflection and art exploration.

I normally teach adult workshops; it was fun to hang out with the high school crowd (and realize how long it’s been since high school…). Not once did I hear a “I can’t do this” or “I’m not creative” which is what I sometimes hear from grown up groups. A huge reminder to just be in the moment and not fear a mess up or something not looking like what you think it should look like.

Though they were quiet, they were sooo into what they were doing, playing with different designs, manipulating the materials, and creating some awesome pieces of work. Such a creative group! I wanted to share their process and projects because I was super proud of their work!

Thank you to Rare Bird for inviting me to teach and to the students and teachers of College Prep for getting crafty with me! I’m super inspired by all of you!


mississippi mud pie.

My 2018 goal: bake a new-to-me recipe at least once a month. January’s bake wasn’t good enough to share (I made pomelo bars, and though they looked nice and had good textures, they turned out super bitter. :P), but February’s bake was soooo good. My friend and I made Mississippi Mud Pie! Look. At. This.


Our favorite pie is chocolate mousse and I’m all about a chocolate cookie crust. So my friend found a Cook’s Country recipe for Mississippi Mud Pie for us to try. The recipe came annotated with technique tips and recommendations for specific products to use. So good.

This recipe was a recipe of firsts. It called for Nabisco’s Famous Chocolate Wafers which are like thinner, wider, and less sweet Oreos without the filling. I had never heard of them and now I am a fan. We used them to make the crust (left) and the cookie crumble (right).

While the crust baked, we prepped the next layer – a fudgy brownie. I had never made brownies form scratch before (Ghirardelli double chocolate brownie mix forever!), but they are actually really simple to make. Bittersweet chocolate, butter, Dutch process cocoa powder, eggs, salt, vanilla, and dark brown sugar – boom.

After a quick bake, the pies had to cool for one hour, then chill in the refrigerator for at least one more hour. The crumble also cooled while the pies cooled.

While we waited we grabbed lunch and went shopping. 🙂 Then, we made the chocolate whipped topping. I’ve made my share of whipped cream, but I hadn’t ever made a chocolate whipped cream. Next level whip!

We melted milk chocolate, and dissolved cocoa powder into heavy whipping cream. Then used the stand mixer to whip up the cocoa powder/cream mixture, more heavy whipping cream, confectioner’s sugar, and vanilla into a fluffy cloud.

This is when we got science-y with a candy thermometer. When the temperature of the melted chocolate was just right we mixed in the whipped topping. Then topped the pie with it’s third layer.

The final layer: the wafer crumble. Then into the fridge for 3+ hours to set and chill.

This pie! I recommend assembling this pie in a springform pan so you to see all the decadent layers before you dive in. The verdict: I could probably eat the whole pie and I wouldn’t feel bad about it (and then I’d pass out into a chocolate stupor). You can also share this pie with at least 11 friends. Adding this to my dessert repertoire!

What have you baked lately? Share your sweet treat bakes below!

good goods.

Small batch artisan goods?! I’m on it! My friend brought me to the Epicurian Trader because she thought I’d appreciate it. Beautifully packaged goods all sorted nicely…dreamy. She knows me so well!

This is a great place for finding a special gift (the stuff is basically already gift wrapped!). Chocolates, spirits, wines, cheese, baked goods, snacks, hot sauces! They had it all. Who is the curator? I must meet them.

Also, I want a whiskey wall.


Market hop much? Share your fave boutique markets below!