Month: December 2022

slangin’ crowns.

I tripled my craft show participation this year from one show last year to three shows this year. Ha! I will admit, as soon as I sign up for a show now I totally regret it because of all the prep I envision, but I’ve drastically reduced my SKUs and edited what I bring to shows. I also really appreciate the ‘me time’ at events – even though I’m chatting with crafty friends and customers, I also bring projects with me and get a block of time to create in a fun environment filled with other creatives. In August I participated in Hipline’s Sunshine Shop and Social. I decided to only sell felt floral crowns, which I love love love to create. Hipline hooked it up with tables, chairs, linens, and umbrellas, so I only had to bring inventory and display items. I managed to roll up with a small luggage and a tote bag. I thoroughly enjoyed a 10-minute set up and 10-minute break down. And customers loved the crowns! I even debuted a …

lego x target

#tbt To last winter when Target launched their Lego collab and I took a long work lunch to preview the goodies at Jack London Square in Oakland. There was music, shopping, and a Spot, the Target dog (who’s actual name is Jack), meet and greet. They even had Target themed dog house Lego kits for all the kids (big kids included!), like the one here, but mini. I enjoyed the colorful textiles, … …the Lego builds, … …and giant Lego bricks! I wouldn’t say I’m complete AFOL, but I appreciate a good theme. Lego fans out there, what was your favorite piece in the collection? Mine have to be the color-blocked throw blankets! The color combos inspire me to create. Any fun and colorful pop up events happening in your area? Share below!

plants on plants on plants.

Does anyone else feel the need to move into a bigger place so you can take more plant bebes home with you from the local plant store? No? Just me? Oh. Well, here’s a round up of some plant shops you should patronize. Plants make lovely (last minute) gifts; find the one just right for everyone on your list. Living Room Plant Co, Pacifica, California Chill vibes and Royal Bee Yarn is down the street – a two in one shopping trip! Flourish, Petaluma, California So much to choose from at this plant shop including mini walis tambo (IYKYK). Aquarian Plants, Benicia, California Stop in before or after a bite at Aung MayLiKa. Paraiso Plant Studio, Berkeley, California Note: They recently opened up a flower shop across the way! Pamana Plantas, Albany, California Admire their living wall, attend one of their many monthly events, and don’t forget to look up at the hanging plant selection. The Growing Groves, Davis, California Worth the visit just to be inspired by the sitting area. Have you visited any …

ceramics with bebe.

I took Bebe ceramics painting at Brushstrokes in Berkeley. For his first piece, since he was quick with the paintbrush, we did a collab and I tried to paint the rest of the piece with his initial paint splatter as my inspiration. We left the studio with a season pass and the intent to bring Bebe regularly to get some more painting time. He ended up painting an additional four pieces – one for each grandparent (for Christmas gifts!) He painted a pair of mugs for one set of grandparents and a pair of bowls for the other. This time, Bebe painted the full pieces. We even got his handprint on a few of them. On our visits, he also enjoyed looking at all the ceramic pieces, climbing up and down the studio steps, and exploring the studio environs. I would say he is a minimalist painter with a hint of Pollock. Brushstrokes is a full service ceramics painting studio (they also have art classes and rental space) and I’ve been coming here for years. …

house of petals.

Oh hi, cute store! House of Petals is such a good find in Martinez because it’s run by cheery, welcoming staff who made me feel like I was entering their home. 🙂 This collab shop is run by two local ladies and it’s one part floral and one part home goods shop. On my visit, the shop was filled with lots of merry and great host gifts and Christmas stocking stuffer ideas. There were baskets and woven bags, pillows, kitchen goods, plant accessories. On the flower side, there was flower bar and a selection of floral decor (wreaths and garlands). I went home with a few woven trees, a ceramic berry colander, and a hot toddy drink kit. I can’t wait to visit this well-curated and highly aesthetic shop again. Share a local find below! Yay!

paper snowflakes.

There’s no secret to the paper bag snowflake DIY; it seems to be all over the internet again this year. I’m adding a few tips and tricks here, plus sharing how we used this craft at my office winter party. Materials: Instructions: Tip: To make this craft last through the years or if you need it to travel well, assemble the snowflakes without sealing the final pieces together. Instead, secure with ribbon (and well-hidden paper clips) when in use; and then store flat. My office started to meet more regularly in person for work meetings, and this is the first time we’ve had a craftivity since Hearts and Crafts 2020. Excited to introduce more crafts to my coworkers! Have you tried this craft? Share below!

cross stitch kit.

My friend Laura is such a good crafty gift finder and giver (remember the bear pouch?). This cross-stitch kit is the latest in her kit finds. It was super user-friendly and the product turned out so lovely. This kit came with everything (just add scissors) to create one of three pouch designs. The hardest part was picking which design to use! I spent a couple of leisure evenings working on this project, though you could easily finish in one sitting. The pattern was simple to follow; I also added a few improv-ed stitches. Pro-tip: Make sure you’ve got good lighting to count the holes. Tahdum! A floral pouch! For me, what’s better than a handmade gift is a gift I can make myself! 🙂 Hope you’re having a crafty holiday season!


Have you shopped Umami in Albany? The shop is filled with colorful handmade finds. There’s so much to peruse! There’s jewelry, kitchen ware, baskets (my fave!), decor, towels…. I feel like you can find something for everyone on your shopping list here. Or in my case, everything for me. 😛 I found a felted hummingbird to add to my collection of hummingbird figurines (will need to post about these sometime!), a tiny basket (because “I need more baskets”), and a salt and pepper pinch bowl (so fancy!). Side note: Here’s the mural outside the shop – I highly recommend Tay Tah Cafe for Thai iced tea slushies and banh mi, and Bua Luang for a sit down meal, too. Yay for shopping small and supporting local businesses year round! What are some of your go-to shops for gift shopping? Share below.


Here’s a handmade gift idea for all your book (or magazine) lovers, and in my case – craft book enthusiast! For this project I used two colors of 4mm cord. I cut 4 strands 4-feet long with one color and 1 strand 8 inches long in the second color. You can mix and match however you like. I used basic macrame knots for this project, starting with 4 Lark’s head knots to attach the longer cords to the shorter cord. Then a series of square knots alternating between a square knot for strands 1-4 and 5-8, and then a square knot for strands 3-6, until you have about 8 inches of cord left. Finish off with a double half hitch knot for strands 1-4 and 5-8 going diagonally down and inward, then tie the two inner most strands together to create the pointed bottom. Trim and fray as you wish. Add a cute tag for funsies. Pair with a book of choice. What’s on your reading list this winter? Me: Modern Macrame by Emily Katz.