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leather tasselry.

After my last leather bag workshop I had lots of extra leather to play with so I made tassels! Here’s how.

Materials: scrap leather, keyring, ruler, roller cutter, fabric scissors, self-healing mat, hot glue, bead (optional), ribbon (optional).

Cut a rectangular piece of leather, any size; then cut fringe. Leave at least a finger’s width uncut at the top of the fringe. Cut out one strip of leather; this will be the part that anchors the tassel to the keyring so make sure it’s narrow enough to fit. Insert the strip of leather onto the keyring and attach strip to itself with a drop of hot glue.

Add glue to the top of the tassel on the wrong side, and roll onto the keychain. Do this step slowly, adding glue little by little, in between rolls. Trim the anchor leather if it peeks out from the tassel. Done!

More options: Try out different sizes, use ribbon instead of leather to serve as the tassel anchor, add a bead before glueing on the tassel, just add a strip of leather cut at a diagonal.

Which one is your fave version?

It’s fun to work with leather because it doesn’t fray; also it smells nice. 😉 This is a super simple craft that will add some extra fancy to your purse or backpack, a gift, your keys, …. Happy making!

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