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sparkle clips.

I found these festive vintage floral and star patches on my last visit to Tinsel. They spoke to me.

I knew I had to create something special with these pieces. Look at the detail!

I had some fabric swatches in my stash (remember my fabric swatch garland post?). I picked out the velvetty ones. I wish you could feel these!

And I decided to make clips! For this project I used:

  • Patches
  • Fabric swatches
  • Felt or fabric (for backing)
  • Metal clips
  • Fabric scissors
  • Hot glue

First, some color and texture pairings…

Then, to cutting!

I went with different shapes. To get a layered look, I used the patch as the template and first cut the top layer, then used the top layer as a template to cut a second layer. I assembled with hot glue.

For each clip I cut out a matching back. Cut two small slits in the backing for the clip, then hot glue onto the back of your piece.

I really liked how these turned out. These would be perfect for wearing, obvi, but also for gift toppers or even clipped onto string for some fun wall or mantle decor.

Have you scored any vintage finds lately? Share below!

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