Month: August 2019

hi neighbor.

I finally made my way to Neighbor in Oakland. This shop celebrates handmade craft. They have lots of home goods, a selection of beauty products, apparel, tea, and giftables. I particularly enjoyed the baskets. Giant baskets! And all the wall art. They have a cute backyard, too, complete with bar, and you can host special events there! Where are some of your favorite neighborhood shops and gathering spaces? Share below!

robin @ comic con.

I went to Comic Con with my nephew! He’s an aspiring director so I told him I would take him if we could wear costumes. Lucky for me, he loves this stuff. We got tickets for two days so we planned two outfits. On the first day it was my nephew’s idea to dress up as Robin and Steve from Stranger Things season 3! #scoopstroop My sister made most of my nephew’s costume from thrift store finds and old clothes. I found most of my costume essentials online or in stores, and accessorized with some of my felt creations. My nephew found sailor hats at a thrift store so I cut out felt ‘AHOY’s and glued them on. I joked we could be the Filipino version if we just put HOY. I had ice cream clips in my stash of cute felt things that I made a long time ago (My friend wore them when she was dessert for a Yelp Elite dress up event). And I made felt name tags – they were comically …

comic con!

I went to Comic Con with my nephew! Does this get me extra cool aunt bonus points? 🙂 We got tickets for two days and spent our time between the expo, panels, and waiting in line. My sister dropped us off near the San Diego Convention Center to avoid traffic. While walking to the convention there were bursts of Comic Con all around, including a Bob’s Burgers carnival and robots! The convention takes over the whole convention center plus parts of the Gaslamp Quarter with extra activities in nearby hotels and businesses. Each day we sat in two panels. On our first day we went to a film school panel on preproduction (screenwriting, scheduling, location scouting, growing your crew, and accessing equipment). We also went to a panel about Filipino comic book artists. On our second day we went to the Riverdale cast Q&A session and a panel with comic book illustrators – they talked about their comic illustration process. If I ever go again, I’d like to attend more panels and learn all the …

sweet treat.

Taste test time! We gathered many treats from Japan and we brought them home for sharing and taste testing. We finally tried them all. First up: Tokyo Banana. These things were everywhere. I had to try one for myself. Opening this box was a delight. It was beautifully packaged. Branding: on point! There are eight Tokyo bananas individually wrapped. They look like Twinkies. They have a Twinkie texture, too, but there’s a legit fresh banana inside! I was surprised – how do they keep that fresh for so long? Sorcery! The banana was covered with a thin layer of sugar glaze, and then somehow placed in a fluffy yellow cake which was subtly shaped like banana. Green tea brownie. The Nagano treat box gift sets are insanely beautiful. Look at this box! The green tea brownies came in a pack of four, and each came with it’s own mini fancy box and mini spoon. The brownie was decadent and I actually enjoyed the green tea flavor on this one. Not too bitter, not too sweet. …


Every month Modern Macrame hosts a knot along; I participated in July’s Knot Along: the Circle Game. For this project I used 11 inch and 3 inch hoops and 4 mm cotton string. Modern Macrame provides the pattern for free with purchase of all the supplies. Sweet! One bundle of rope creates one 11 inch project and part of a 3 inch project. It was fun to mix the colors, too. I purchased a few extra hoops in case I wanted to make more, and I totes did. This was a simple project (easy to follow!) and it was great for practicing horizontal double half hitch knots. The cotton string fringes easily, too, with just a comb. Check all the projects from this Knot Along on Instagram with #mmknotalong4. Some people turned them into plate chargers and table decor. I’m thinking these would look nice on a circular mirror. (Gift idea!) I’ll definitely be crafting along more with Modern Macrame. I want to get my macrame game strong and work on more rope projects.


Oh me, oh my; I finally made my way to Britex Fabrics, a fabric wonderland in San Francisco. Color, pattern, and texture everywhere! I enjoyed the rainbow fabric wall. But, honestly, everything else was overwhelming. I think it would help to come here if you have a project in mind. They have a grand selection of fabrics, ribbons, buttons, and more; you’ll be sure to find the materials you need. Make sure to head upstairs, too. Cords! Buttons! Ribbons! All the fabric. I was there on a weekday, but I hear they have store tours on the last Saturday of the month. Fabric store party! Have you visited Britex? Share your shop story!


I had big dreams for our last day in Japan, but let’s face it – we were so tired from all the non-stop adventuring. Plus, we arranged to stay in a fun hotel on our last night in Tokyo and all I wanted to do was hang out there! First off, they let us check in early – yessss, more time for relaxing. This room was my favorite out of all the places we stayed in Japan. It reminded me of Basecamp in South Lake Tahoe. The bed was so comfy, and we got two pillows each – every where else gave us one tiny pillow each. The style minimalist, but way cute, and a lovely light shined in. Also, I finally got to watch some Japan TV. The best part though – the bed has a built-in night light that senses when you get up when it’s dark. It lights up at the foot of the bed and then automatically shuts off. Gimme one of those! When there is foosball, we play! I love …