Month: April 2019

bay quilts.

I recently found out about Bay Quilts and now I’m so excited because they carry so many fun fabric prints and they are close enough to my work that I can go during my lunch break! (Dangerous…) Here’s a quick peek inside. They hold classes upstairs in the workshop space. The ground floor houses fabrics and notions. The walls are decorated with sample projects and artist work. There were pretty, pretty prints everywhere. Spot the fried eggs and pandas! Bay Quilts carries quilting fabrics and on my visit I was in search of fabrics that they don’t carry (because they aren’t appropriate for quilting). But that’s no problem for me. I found everything else I wasn’t looking for…. 😂 I am in love with these fabrics, particularly the scissor print! Does anyone want to sponsor my fabric addiction? 

prickly eggs.

I’ve been traveling to Palm Springs over the last year for work and have found a love of cactus! I love looking at them, especially in the wild – even though they’re so prickly! And since Easter is just a few weeks away, here’s a fun way to bring the desert in without risk of getting stabbed: Cactus Easter Eggs! And they are so simple to make. Materials: Plastic eggs – You can pick any color egg for this. All shades of green work well; so do purples. If you don’t see plastic eggs in your colors of choice you can spray paint ones that you have. Permanent white marker Felt in bright, warm colors of your choice. Hot glue Scissors How to: Create a desert flower with felt. Start with a circular piece of felt ~ 2in in diameter. Cut a spiral, leaving a small circle in the center (this will be the sealing “flap”). Roll along the spiral, starting from the outside of the circle, and glue the flap to seal. Hot glue …

spring into mischief.

This past weekend I set up my window display at Mischief in Oakland! Over the past few months I schemed, I sketched, and then cut, glued, and made it all come to life!  Early sketches: I created five pajaki chandeliers, nine felt flower bouquets filled with over sixty blooms, five fringe garlands, and lots of flower crowns for the two-window display. Literally translated, pajaki means “spiders of straw.” Don’t Google “pajaki” on it’s own; always search for “pajaki chandeliers” – or you’ll be in for a frightening treat. You have been warned! The paper chandeliers are traditionally part of Polish Christmas celebrations, but they are so colorful and sweet, I think they should be around year-round, especially during the Spring!  You’re seeing 40+ hours of work here (maybe more, I didn’t actually keep track, but I’m on season five of Parks and Recreation now)! I’m so excited that it all came together in the windows. As I was setting up, a customer came in and said “It’s so spring-y!” – Success! Pajaki chandeliers are usually made …