Month: March 2019

glitter party.

Glitter. Bad. Glitter glue. Good. My friend Angel gifted me a jar of Pixie Paste. The glitter doesn’t get all over the place. Win! You can make things sparkly. Also win! And it comes with it’s own brush! What, no clean up? Triple win! I took it for a test drive and made some gift tags. I painted wooden tags with acrylic paint and added the glitter glue after the paint dried. This stuff is pretty great. There’s no weird glue smell but it takes a while to dry, especially thicker layers. Let this sit overnight. And guess what, it comes in four other glitter combos! Pixie Paste glitter off, anyone? What sparkly new projects have you been working on? Share below!

jenny lemons.

Huzzah! I finally got to visit Jenny Lemons, the shop! Shop owner and maker Jennie moved from her workshop/studio to this cute store front (her workshop and studio are in the back) in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. It’s way too much fun in here. There’s a wall of art supplies and treasures. A section with tiny things for tiny people (some of you may call them babies or toddlers). Lots of body goods and fun nail colors. Whimsical jewelry and a smattering of plants. And of course, Jennie’s line of clothing! Come in and stay a while. Take a workshop, too! And then grab some tacos down the street! I’d say that’s a day well-spent.


Crafty announcement today! I’m launching my line of weaving looms! We’ll call it a soft launch since they are currently only available to my workshop students (find me at Mischief on March 24!). I collaborated with my friend Laura to create a Crafterateur brand loom. Version 1.0 was dreamt up last year. Now we’ve (hehe, weave) finalized the shape, features, and colors! And now it’s here! Dare I call this a craftera-tool? (Yup!) The starter pack comes with the loom, a long needle, and a comb. The booster pack comes with two short needles, a shed stick, and a shuttle. I also have hanging sticks, and each piece is Crafterateur branded and approved. All looms and tools come in peach, pink, and jade, and the looms can be used in either portrait or landscape for varied weaving sizes. What do you think? Who wants one? 🙂