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I spent a little time in Highland Park last week and stumbled upon some cute, cute, cute shops! Today I’m sharing my Topo adventure!

I was enjoying my lunch at Kitchen Mouse (mmm, chilaquiles) and admiring all the decor (plants! weavings!), when I spotted a doorway (It was like a little mouse hole in the wall that you see in cartoons.) into what looked like an adorable market place. After lunch I wandered through…

Turns out it was Topo (which means mouse in Italian), the Kitchen Mouse marketplace and to-go counter. I didn’t know they had a shop so I was pleasantly surprised. There were cards, bags, kid’s books and toys, housewares – all kinds of fun stuff. I ended up getting a super cute Kitchen Mouse / Highland Park screen printed tote bag (tote bag addiction and proud of it!).

At the to-go counter there were treats as well as a handful of savory/meal selections and drinks.

Much like the restaurant, I loved all the bright colors and warm hospitality at Topo. Check it out (and Kitchen Mouse, too!) if you’re in the area! Or, go be in the area so you can check it out! 🙂


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