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them youngins.

Earlier this week I got to teach my felt succulent garden workshop to a group of high school students as part of their intraterm program. What a fun group of youngins and a fun week filled with self reflection and art exploration.

I normally teach adult workshops; it was fun to hang out with the high school crowd (and realize how long it’s been since high school…). Not once did I hear a “I can’t do this” or “I’m not creative” which is what I sometimes hear from grown up groups. A huge reminder to just be in the moment and not fear a mess up or something not looking like what you think it should look like.

Though they were quiet, they were sooo into what they were doing, playing with different designs, manipulating the materials, and creating some awesome pieces of work. Such a creative group! I wanted to share their process and projects because I was super proud of their work!

Thank you to Rare Bird for inviting me to teach and to the students and teachers of College Prep for getting crafty with me! I’m super inspired by all of you!



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