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the confetti project. 

When in New York, do a confetti photoshoot! One of the things I really enjoyed in New York was the pop-up culture. There was ‘something going on’ every day, but only for a short time! One of those things: the Confetti Project photo sessions at Artists & Fleas in SoHo.


Jelena Aleksich, visionary and photographer behind the Confetti Project, creates colorful, safe, inspirational spaces for people to celebrate and be. Before each photography session she asks about what you are celebrating in your life, and then you do you amidst the confetti – all ten pounds of it! Plus, you get a personal confetti tosser.


You are free to express any emotion as you toss or sprinkle confetti, dance or jump in confetti rain, make confetti angels…

My friend of 29 years and I took this trip together, and as we were planning our vacation I hadn’t really thought about the why, but the what. What should we eat? What should we see? But the why is always much more interesting. This trip was really about being in each other’s presence, sharing old favorite stomping grounds, enjoying each other’s conversations, and making new memories — like this one!

Things we learned:

  • Trying to keep your eyes open to smize for the camera while also trying not to get confetti in your eyes is a challenge.
  • Everyone should play in a room full of giant confetti at least once in their lives.


So now I leave you with this — what are you celebrating today? Say it out loud!
Photo credit: Jelena Aleksich. More photos from the day’s shoots and more on the Confetti Project’s Facebook page.


  1. These photos are adorable! How did you get all the confetti out of your hair? Love these, so much.

    • What you really should be asking is how I got all the confetti out of my dress! Hahaha Lots of shaking and picking. 🤣

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