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re:make 2016 / the company.

These ladies. We were so glad we paid for all day parking because we ended up staying the entire seven hours of Re:Make. I know; I couldn’t believe it either. We were exhausted by the end of it. Here’s a recap of went went down. A day at Re:Make. Let’s go!

10:15am: We arrive and it’s straight to flower crowns + vinyl iron-on tote bags. There were more fun hands-on activities throughout the venue, including leather stamping and card writing.

11:30am ish: Remeber that epic wall entrance from a previous post? We had our share of wall photos as we made our temporary exit to the food trucks. Johnny doughnuts + cold brew + potential craft celebrity sightings were upon us.

12:15pm: We made it through vendor aisle one of three and got in on all the photobooth action. Can you believe there was no line for this booth? Everyone was busy crafting!

2pm: Brit sighting and mini concert!

3pm: We made it though the remaining vendor aisles and decided it was time for a late lunch. Ebbett’s sandwiches are so tasty!

3:30pm: We participated in the watercolor workshop. I forgot to pick up my dried painting afterwards so I’m glad I got a quick snap in before running off to our next class.

4pm: Hand lettering! Bonus: We were in the last lettering workshop for the day so we got to take home the leftover paper and pens.

4:40pm: We ventured on one last round of perusing and last minute purchases.

5:15pm: We did it! Oh, and we bought too many donuts in the AM so we had a snack after the craftiness overload.

And that’s a wrap! I’m chatting about the Re:Make makers in my next post. Stay tuned!

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