Month: October 2016

new kid on the block.

Handcraft Studio School moved to my ‘hood! Owner Marie is the sweetest and she invited the whole community to fill the space with laughter, friendship, and tacos (which is pretty much the best combination of things you can bring together ūüėČ ) for opening night. The space fills with light and there are many spaces for creating. There’s a kitchen, a backyard area, and a walk-in food fridge turned office space for Marie. Come and check it out for yourself! Many blessings and fun times in El Cerrito, Handcraft Studio School!

re:make 2016 / the makers.

I met so many fabulous makers at¬†re:make this year. I was super impressed and inspired by all the talent and creativity housed¬†under one roof. I wanted to take all the things home with me. Here’s a little peek into all the handmade awesomeness. Commence fangirling! Can’t wait until next year’s festival! For more on my re:make experience check out the decor and the company. And check out these lovely makers: the Loome¬†/¬†Dear Indigo¬†/¬†I Loot Paperie¬†/¬†Haejco¬†/¬†Shades of Sugar Bakeshop¬†/¬†Concrete Geometric¬†¬†/¬†Lady Alamo¬†/¬†Spunky Punker¬†¬†/¬†Marlie & Alfie¬†/¬†An Astrid Endeavor¬†/¬†Oh Happy Day¬†/¬†The Great Lakes Goods

sticker pumpkins!

Decorating pumpkins with stickers is a less mess, more color, less spooky, more cute kind of Halloween craft. All you need are stickers and pumpkins. Select pumpkins in any shape and size but note that pumpkins with some flat surfaces may work better with stickers. I love using these enamel dot and rhinestone stickers. The¬†enamel dots¬†come in an assortment of colors, often already in a fun color palette! Place stickers however you like! Make patterns or make it random.¬†Mix and match and spread the mini pumpkins all over! Pumpkin decorating versus pumpkin carving. What’s your preference? Share below!¬†

re:make 2016 / the company.

These ladies. We were so glad we paid for all day parking because we ended up staying the entire seven hours of Re:Make. I know; I couldn’t believe it either. We were exhausted by the end of it. Here’s a recap of went went down. A day at Re:Make. Let’s go! 10:15am: We arrive and it’s straight to flower crowns + vinyl iron-on tote bags. There were more fun hands-on activities throughout the venue, including leather stamping and card writing. 11:30am ish: Remeber that epic wall entrance from a previous post? We had our share of wall photos as we made our temporary exit to the food trucks. Johnny doughnuts + cold brew +¬†potential craft celebrity sightings were upon us. 12:15pm: We made it through vendor aisle one of three and got in on all the photobooth action. Can you believe there was no line for this booth? Everyone was busy crafting! 2pm: Brit sighting and mini concert! 3pm: We made it though the remaining vendor aisles and decided it was time for a late …

tricks and treats! 

I found these cute paper treat cups¬†at Target. They are great on their own, but I decided to give them a Halloween make over. For this craft I picked out orange and green felt and cut out pumpkin shapes to fit one side of the treat cups. Attach the stems onto the back side of the pumpkin with hot glue. Apply hot glue to the back of the pumpkin and attach to the treat¬†cup. Tahdah! You can also try candy shapes, ghosts, bats, … or add some jack-o-lantern qualities to your pumpkins.¬†Don’t forget to add your favorite tricks or treats, too! The countdown to Halloween has begun! What other tricks do you have up your sleeves? Share below!

re:make 2016 / the decor. 

I attended¬†Re:Make¬†for the¬†first time last weekend¬†and I have to say, it was pretty epic.¬†So epic, in fact, that I have to write a three-part blog post. Mmkay? In this post, I’m talking d√©cor! Before even walking in, I could¬†just feel the color, patterns, textures, design, and creativity about to explode. And then you are greeted by a wall of felt fringe! How can something be so simple, yet so fun? This is a pretty grand entrance that doubled as a mega sized photo backdrop. And then you look up and there is a swarm of lifesavers! Again, so simple, yet probably the most photographed/Instagrammed spot¬†at the festival. Color was everywhere, including at the¬†craft bar. I don’t think you will find a cuter bar anywhere else. Throughout the festival space there were walls with inspirational quotes and interactive art installations. I also really like the centerpieces. Not because of the golden geometric shapes (though, I do love these), but because¬†white paint strokes on a basic plastic pot = a sweet planter upgrade. More felt wall please. …

shop feature: station one farmhouse. 

A lovely shop tucked away in Point Richmond, Station One Farmhouse boasts an array of repurposed and handmade items. On my visit, shop gal Christine was busy painting furniture to be sold in store.¬†They finish a lot of the pieces in shop – talk about locally made! They’ve got¬†soaps, candles, housewares, and decor items. Hubs and I picked up a jar of Jack Rabbit Farms’ roasted tomatoes and bell peppers. Yum! You’ll find a lot of unique finds at Station One. I’m excited to visit again to see new furniture and painting projects! Where have you shopped local lately? Share below!