Month: May 2016

garland challenge part four.

April was was crazy busy. Work trips (bleh!), birthmonth (yay!), wedmonth (yay-er!), visitors (wee!), taxes (eep!)…. I got way behind in the garland game. And May may have been just as crazy. But I made it! All 61 garlands are here for your viewing pleasure! My favorite: hair buns! I rock these on the daily. What’s your favorite? Share below. And follow my garland challenge on Instagram with #ftfgarland366.

hey crafty lady!

Ooo wee! It’s workshop recap time! A few lady friends and I spent an evening at Iris Willow‘s studio to learn the art of enamel jewelry and it. was. fabulous! Iris is a super talented artist and she creates enamel and mixed metal jewelry in all the fun shapes and colors. She is new to the teaching game, but we couldn’t tell. Her workshop was super fun and easy to follow. Iris made the whole process novice friendly. The hardest part was deciding what piece to work on and what color enamel to use – we could pick up to three colors. There were over a dozen shapes and 24 colors to choose from. You do the math – that’s a lot of combinations. We started by reviewing all of the materials and tools. We got to use some really fun stuff, like a 1200 degree kiln. O_O Iris demoed each step, we sketched out our designs, and we were off to create! The process: clean, hairspray, add enamel, bake, pickle, clean, hairspray, enamel, bake. …

wedding bells.

Call me hippy dippy but I didn’t want to litter the park with confetti, biodegradable or not. Actually, I toyed with the idea of gathering fallen leaves from the park, punching them into confetti shapes, and having guests toss them at the end of the ceremony. I think we’ll save that craft for another time. Instead, we decided on lace tambourines! We love music. The Hubs plays the guitar, I love singing back up, and I could really get into a karaoke song when I’ve got one of those light up tambourines. These lace tambourines seemed quite fitting for our park celebration. The how to: Gather your craft crew, a cat, and all the supplies – embroidery hoops, fabric of choice, bells, thread, sewing needles, and scissors. Fit the fabric onto the hoop, trim, then sew on bells to your heart’s desire. Many crafty hours later: a collection of tambourines ready for ringing in the new Mr. & Mrs. Share a favorite confetti alternative below!  

craftmaster part three.

Modern Mouse invited me back to host their Sunday Crafternoon this month. Um, yes!!! So I sought out to find the ultimate DIY. Since it happened to be National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, we decided a cookie themed project would be most appropriate. These circus animal cookie plushies, inspired by Studio DIY, caught all of our eyes because…well, just look at them! Combine felt in classic circus animal cookie pink and white, needles, pins, fabric pens, thread, chopsticks, hot glue, pom poms, and stuffing… And two hours later…the cutest circus animal cookies + smiley with sunnies on the block. Picture or it didn’t happen. 😉 Thanks for coming out to Sunday Crafternoon and thank you to Modern Mouse for inviting me to guest craft! It’s always a good time at the Mouse!

minimoon adventures: basecamp.

Basecamp! This was the perfect boutique hotel to stay at during our short minimoon adventure. We arrived much later than expected (way past check-in time), but the front desk was eager to welcome us. Our room was nice and toasty! And I absolutely loved the bed backdrop. We actually got some exploration ideas from the map. The hotel also equipped us with a pocket guide filled with adventure ideas. Since most of the previous few weeks were filled with wedding prep, I hadn’t had time to plan much for our minimoon. The pocket guide was super helpful! Amenities at Basecamp are minimal, but complete. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash in clean scents, soap and lotion (the lotion was amazing in keeping my skin hydrated in the cold, dry climate). And the decor was also simple, but brilliant. During peak season, I imagine the hotel is filled and there’s a lot more mingling with your fellow vacationers. Since we were there in the off season it almost felt like a private getaway. Breakfast was included with our stay. It …

a lesson in pie. 

As part of wedweek festivities my sister and God sister planned a pie night at Pietisserie in Oakland complete with the cutest apron party favors! Welcome to Pietisserie! The ambiance – clean kitchen, warm & cozy, filled with inspirational baking tools. My God sister loves to get pies for all of her occasions from Pietisserie. Also, she knows everyone this side of the lake. Not only did she special request this class for me, but she special requested for some food to be delivered from Portal next door. All the ingredients were set up for us and Owner/Instructor/Pie Lady Extraordinaire Jaynelle walked us through each step in the pie making process. The evening’s pie menu: Triple Berry – blueberry, strawberry, and blackberry Blueberry & Pear, and Pecan We learned how to make all the fillings, and Jaynelle divulged all crust making secrets and demoed how to create fancy lattice work. Fresh out of the oven! They turned out so pretty! All that was left to do was to devour them. Yay for pie and pretty aprons! A huge thank …