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mealtime at kleinefreuden. 

My crafty lady crew is the fanciest, especially when we let our ceramicist friend be in charge of mealtime. Welcome to Kristin’s! She’s got classic style and throws the best mealtime parties. You can check out her lovely ceramic pieces here, too. Ooh la la!

Whether it’s a sit down meal or a casual night with friends, there is loveliness spewing from all the places. There are always homemade breads, an assortment of dishes made with the freshest ingredients, and a whole lot of love & fabulous lighting. #nofilter

Heirloom silverware. Handmade drinkware. Freshly squeezed juices. Mealtime is an event with these ladies. There’s always excellent conversation, fresh flowers, and, of course, photo opportunities.

It’s safe to say that when I come over I feel like I’m on vacation at a bed & breakfast. Thank you Kristin for always welcoming friends into your home and making us feel so cozy and loved!


How do you entertain your crafty crew? Share below. 

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