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anniversary adventures.

My fiancé and I celebrated our 8th love anniversary a few weekends ago by adventuring to the Sutro District and Land’s End in San Francisco. It was our first time, and it was spectacular.


We felt like big kids playing in a (somewhat dangerous) playground.  Our first stop was the Sutro Baths which used to be an indoor saltwater swimming pool complex pre-1967, but is now an historic site, popular amongst both locals and tourists.


I for one, was extremely stressed out climbing on the ruins for fear of falling and hitting my head on something hard. But it was a must! The views are lovely.

listen to the water.

We continued our adventures through the cave and heart spotting. Can you spot the hearts below?


And then it was onwards towards Land’s End. This is a wonderful place to hike, explore, and spend time outdoors. Best part – you can’t get lost because most of the trails are loops, and there are plenty of signs and maps around.


There are many places to stop for photos and enjoy the crashing ocean waters. We spent some time here on the rocky side because the waves sounded so fierce as they hit the giant rocks. Also, I found an awesome stick!


We continued our trek northbound for a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

golden gate bridge.

We spotted the rock circle maze, and we dared not try to walk this one. (The last time we tried a rock circle maze we got so dizzy!)

rock maze.

We journeyed back as the sun was beginning to set. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon.


Where have you outdoor adventured lately? Share below!


  1. Janice says

    Oh snap! That’s the rock maze Jay was telling me about. Anne and I need to find that

    • Wish I could tell you how to get there but really just follow all the trails! 😎

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