Month: September 2015

workin’ it.

I’ve been doing some travel for work and I’ve been reminded of all of my traveling quirks. Upon check-in I like to empty my bags, line up my outfits (ironing as necessary), and arrange my toiletries in the bathroom. It’s a bit OCD and a little bit of not wanting to have to find things when I get ready in the morning. I take full advantage of amenities – shampoo, conditioner, face/hand soap, and towels. And if there is a robe, I will wear it! Even if it’s not the softest, it’s still glamorous. Throughout my stay, I also like to make sure I sit in every chair in the room. Just call me Goldilocks. On this trip I stayed at the Double Tree in Orange; a big part of the decision to stay here was because they give you one of their famous chocolate chip cookies upon check-in. The hotel is about three and half miles from Disneyland, too, so when I found out my room faced the happiest place on earth you bet I was parked on this chair looking …

shop feature: oh hello friend. 

I love me some shopping time, especially when it’s at a cute little shop. On a recent visit to SoCal I stopped at Oh Hello Friend in Fullerton to get my dose of oh-my-gosh-I-want-everything-but-I-will-just-look feels! From housewares to party goods, clothing to stationary, Oh Hello Friend could potential provide me with hours of entertainment. And as a maker, I was inspired by all of the display items. They also have a space for workshops which is decked out with lovely decor. There wasn’t a workshop on the day of my visit, but they had some leftover flowers from an event and I got make and take a mini floral bouquet. I left with some fun cards (I love making cards, but I love buying them, too! And PS, they have a frequent buyer card stamp program.), my mini bouquet from the floral bar, and loads of inspiration and feel goods. I will definitely find my way back here again one day. Where do you like to shop small? Share below!  

the bagel.

When I was younger, I decided that when I grew up I wanted to own a bagel slicer. It’s a bit of an odd life goal, but I really liked bagels and thought it would be a fun gadget to have. I would have perfectly sliced bagels all the time and all of the crumbs would be gathered at the bottom of the slicer. Well, growing up happened and I still don’t own one. Whoops. They taste so much better out of a fancy professional toaster oven anyhow. Plus, if topped with house-made schmear it could make for a very delightful snack. And that brings me to this bagel: The jalapeño cheddar bagel with salmon schmear from the juice bar at Whole Foods on the Alameda in San Jose. I’d like to give a shout out to this bagel. Dare I say the best bagel I’ve ever put in my mouth! A crisp, but soft bagel, not chewy. A slight heat from the jalapeño. A creamy, but light schmear. And the shmear to bagel ratio was on point. I would travel the …


Shopping for a wedding dress is an interesting activity. Lucky for me, my first dress experience was at BHLDN in Beverly Hills with my stylist, Jessica. She’s way too cool and made the appointment run smoothly, kept me focused on deciding what I like, and gave great suggestions on how to best accessorize (or not accessorize). I felt totally comfortable and have decided I love being dressed. Can someone help me put my clothes on and tie my ribbons everyday? Thanks. I can’t show you any photos of me in dresses for obvious reasons, but here are some other pretty (and silly!) things I saw. Who gets to curate this shop? And, how do I get in on that? I could spend all day in this store. Anyone else inspired to decorate your home or throw a fancy party after perusing these goods? Share your fabulousness below.